Virginia Is For Lovers

I think Virginia is one of the most beautiful places in the world. Of course, I haven’t been all over the world…but WHY would I when I live in this lovely place? This page is a directory to help you find some of the lovely natural areas of Virginia that we have hiked and explored. While Virginia does offer many cultural experiences, if I am given a choice between culture and nature, nature almost always wins with me.

Life on the Peak Pinnacle Rock Montebello, Virginia

Rocky Run Massies Mill, Virginia

James River State Park Gladstone, Virginia

James River State Park, Take Two Gladstone, Virginia

What Do You Mean There Is No Mountain? Schuyler (Walton’s Mountain), Virginia

On Top Of The World In The Center Of The Universe Spy Rock Montebello, Virginia

Falling Into Autumn Virginia Beach & Norfolk, Virginia

Peace Of The Lotus In The Midst Of The Storm Virginia Beach, VA, Back Bay Wild Life Refuge

Upon An Orchard Twilight Roseland, Virginia (Seaman’s Orchard)

Fall In Love With The Tones Of Tidewater’s Autumn  Chesapeake, Virginia

Saint Mary’s Wilderness Vesuvius, Virginia (George Washington National Forest)

Saint Mary’s Wilderness, Take Two Vesuvius, Virginia (George Washington National Forest)

Tribute To The Inspiring Oak Tree At Oak Ridge  Arrington, Virginia

Sandy Bottom Nature Park     Hampton, Virginia

Historical Jamestown  Jamestown, Virginia

Jamestown Hike  Jamestown, Virginia

Kiptopeke State Park  Eastern Shore, Cape Charles, Virginia

Can I Zee Your Papers Pleez?!  False Cape State Park Virginia Beach, Virginia

Over The River And Through The Woods   Northwest River Park/Chesapeake, Virginia

Biking First Landing     First Landing State Park/Virginia Beach, Virginia

First Landing In The Fall   First Landing State Park/Virginia Beach, Virginia

All The Way Up Mill Creek And A Slice Of The Appalachian Trail  Montebello, Virginia

Raindrops In The Tree Tops    West Neck Creek Natural Area/Virginia Beach, Virginia

Biking Back Bay   Back Bay Wildlife Refuge/Virginia Beach, Virginia

Hiking With A Migraine In My Big Toe    Chesapeake Arboretum, Oak Grove Lake Park/ Chesapeake, Virginia

The Great Outdoors Of Virginia    various locations in Virginia

These Feet Were Made For Hiking. Not!   First Landing State Park/Virginia Beach, Virginia

Chincoteague And Assateague Islands   Chincoteague and Assateague,( Eastern Shore)Virginia

Kicking It Up In A Kayak  Tangier Island (Eastern Shore), Virginia

Tangier People, Places, And Food   Tangier Island (Eastern Shore), Virginia

Off To Tangier Island    Tangier Island (Eastern Shore), Virginia

Climbing Crabtree Falls    Nelson County, Virginia

Soapstone, Rock Or Treasure   Schuyler, Virginia

Spy Rock     Montebello, Virginia

Bridges of Nelson County    Nelson County, Virginia

Northwest River Park In Autumn   Chesapeake, Virginia

A Sprained Ankle, Mud, And Bear Poop! The Great Dismal Swamp, Virginia

Taking Time Out  First Landing State Park/Virginia Beach, Virginia

Grandview Nature Preserve Hampton, Virginia

Windsor Castle Park Smithfield, Virginia

Reflecting The Waters Of My Life Schuyler, Virginia

A Cloud Performance Cavalier Wildlife Management Area,  Chesapeake, Virginia

Rappahannock River Reveries Fredericksburg and Tappahannock, Virginia

Another Trip To Crabtree Falls Nelson County, Virginia

Hiking Humpback Rock border of Neslon and Augusta Counties, Virginia

Just A Tease, Only A Tease Neslon County, Virginia

Norfolk Botanical Gardens Norfolk, Virginia

Fort Monroe, Formidable Fortress To Public Park Phoebus (Hampton), Virginia

The Boardwalk And Beyond Virginia Beach, Virginia

Battleship USS Wisconsin Norfolk, Virginia

20 thoughts on “Virginia Is For Lovers

  1. YOu live in West VA? See….I have a task to collect postcards from all 50 states, completed and sent to me…would you consider sending me one, filled out by you (I have VA, but need WV) and I can send you some goodies?

  2. We lived in Virginia for about a year and a half… just last year. It was a very beautiful place. We didn’t get to see nearly enough of it. The one thing I couldn’t bear was the humidity, though! Made it hard to enjoy nature on the warm days!

  3. I was born in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia and had a wonderful childhood because of it. I moved to Nashville TN four years ago but my husband and I are planning on moving back in a couple of years because I want to raise my children there. You’ve made me a little home sick and brought some tears to my eyes, but I still thank you for sharing the loveliness of this great state. ~ Gina
    Oh, what part of Virginia are you from?

    • Awesome. I grew up in Central Virginia (mountains) and now live in Virginia Beach. I love that in a matter of hours I can travel from mountains to the sea with beauty all around me. What part of Northern Virginia are you from. My brother lived in Falls Church for many years and then in Fredericksburg.

  4. Great page and resource Suzi. You’ve certainly explored your home. I grew up in McLean, VA but didn’t explore VA much until my trip around the country visiting National Parks, starting in the Shenandoah Mountains.

  5. The state parks are really nice as well as the Appalachian Trail. We hike a lot of trails that are less traveled as well. Unfortunately we haven’t gotten out to canoe much the past two years or bike. Hopefully, that will change this spring. I don’t enjoy doing as much in the winter though we push ourselves out the door on occasion anyway!

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