The Sacred Self

While life is a physical journey, it is foremost a spiritual one. We are each in search of our own true nature. We long to feel the divinity within and around us, yet we tend to get caught up in the pressures of the world. We allow the weight of everyday living to steal our joy. I’ve often gotten so caught up in the search for purpose I’ve forgotten my true nature. I’ve learned purpose is in the living. It is peace of soul. It is the joy one feels. It is the light given and received. Our purpose is within every breath we take. Perhaps, if we walk a little lighter, laugh a little more, and live moments in essence we will recognize not only the blessings surrounding us but the gifts within us. You are a sacred vessel. You are life, love, and laughter. You are silence, and you are song. You, my friend, are a gift. Step into your beauty.