The Gift

Embrace your knowing. Do not doubt its validity. This wisdom is a blessing. Messages of the deep ride the rhythms of your soul and settle in your heart. Feel the movement. Listen to how it resonates. It is the compass of your spirit guiding you on your journey. Yes, you are supported, guided, loved. But you already know all these things. Wrap it around you like a shawl and walk deep into the night.

8 thoughts on “The Gift

  1. It’s harder to be yourself than to be anything else.
    It’s good to read your words again. I didn’t write for two years, but no one noticed, but that’s life x

    • It is difficult to be yourself when you allow other people’s ecpectations of you get in the way of your authenticity. It’s a difficult but rewarding journey in finding yourself. I also did not write for well over two years. It was a time of well needed introspection, but also came with the cost of slipping out of alignment. Writing is a much needed spiritual as well as artistic outlet for me. Writing must foremost be for yourself. If others are positively influenced as well it’s a win-win. I wish you many blessings.

      • Your short, but packed essay – The Gift – spoke to me as it seems to have spoken to Beverly; however, we heard it differently.
        Your answer for her is perfect.

      • Thank you, Anita. On our paths of life, most of us give what we can, take what we need, and disregard the rest. The beautiful thing is when we look in the right places we find what we need and get where we’re supposed to be going.

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