Flight of a Gentle Soul

We are the ones who walk softly. We are on a journey to peace. We are searching for an inner calmness and harmonious relationships with others. We don’t ruffle feathers. We’ve learned when to walk away and when to allow others into our space.

We quietly lead by example. We make no demands. We just are. And when we are noticed we experience a bit of discomfort. We downplay compliments. We might find it difficult to stand up for ourselves.

Many of us have been accused of being too sensitive or overemotional, often resulting in shame of our own authenticity. While we take what others say to heart, we also see things from all perspectives. This very thing we struggle to come to terms with is our power. This journey of self-acceptance is the flight of the gentle soul.

Speaking your soul truth is difficult for someone who wishes to hide in the shadows. Claiming your voice is necessary for growth. When you stand your ground you validate your spirit. Everything changes when you learn to fly.

There is a saying that a comfort zone is a beautiful place where nothing grows. My soul dwelled in that comfortable nest for way too long. I had no idea the freedom and bliss which comes with being authentic without apology.  As I continue to come into me, it is my hope these words will lift your wings as you come into yours. May we all soar.

Speak your soul. Live your spirit. Love your life.

9 thoughts on “Flight of a Gentle Soul

  1. I just got my new home, it is far, far away from my old home….
    I came here to grow my wings….

    This was in my inbox when I arrived.
    It was just what I needed to hear.

  2. Hello SuziCate! It’s been a while since I’ve made the blog reading rounds. I’m glad to see that you are still here!
    By the way, I’m Anita, and I used to blog at Just Curious. Maybe you remember? 🙂 My new obsession is book promoting… long story.
    Anyway, after reading your post and those of others during the last week, I realize the tranquility it brings me. Everything has gotten so rapid fire these days. It’s nice to read the various thoughts that inspire or that just simply communicate the ordinary occurrences of our lives.
    I hope all is well with you and your family.

    • Yes, I remember you well! Good to hear from you. I hadn’t blog for a few years, but am now posting here and there. I took an early retirement and seem to stay busier than I did while working, ha! All is good here. Hope you are well. And if I ever get one of those novels finished I can ask you about book promoting! I hope to see you around here and there! If I’m correct, I think you’re in Northern Va…we almost moved there a few months back but my husband decided not to take the job offer. Take care!

      • You’re close… I’m in central Virginia.
        I’m glad you remember me, and yes, get one of those novels published! My current post on my new blog is by another Virginia writer who had multiple manuscripts and now has one of them published… and by a large publisher! She said she’s been working on it for years and said that it’s never too late. If you click over to the website, you’ll see her postcard and mini-bio – T. Marie Vandelly.
        However, your writing is so beautiful and if it gives you pleasure, that’s good enough. 🙂

  3. Suzi, you say this so beautifully my friend and I agree with your words here.. Each of our Wings are flexing ready for flight.. And we are each listening to that guidance from within.. Thank you..
    Love and Blessings ❤

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