And Then There are Words…

Words or action? Action isn’t necessarily words, but words are always action, written or spoken.  There are times we hold them back, choke on them. The timing might be wrong, or things are better left unsaid. Words hold consequences. Words hurt and heal hearts. Words impact the world. Words are powerful. Listen to what is being said, feel them. Speak what needs to be said. Let go of what isn’t beneficial. Write what is desired and fruitful. Be grateful for the ability to communicate. When we write or speak we are giving of ourselves. When we read or listen we are accepting of others. You can be a positive influence or a negative force. Only you can decide.  Remember your words are your power, use them wisely.

9 thoughts on “And Then There are Words…

    • Thank you! I didn’t know you read my blog…I just started posting again recently. Good to hear from you. Always hoping I’ll run into you when I visit the county.

  1. Well said.. Words, and our thoughts are our Power… And we all need that awarenss of how we manifest into being that which we pour our intent into.. ❤ That's when the old addage comes into being as to being careful what we wish for.. 🙂 ❤
    Much love and thank you for this excellent reminder.

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