Let Go and Move On

Let go of old belief systems. You know, the things ingrained in your brain that hold you back or pin you down. You know what I’m talking about. It might be a family superstition, a religious dogma, an expectation or opinion of you, or a statement made against you. This could be a past humiliation, something that binds you in shame or guilt or causes you a lack of confidence. Many of these boulders of principle date back to our childhoods. Yes, I call them boulders because they weigh so much on our emotional bodies that we are unable to move our physical and intellectual bodies to start the work we need to do. When you can move this block in your mind you enter the wonderful world of emotional and spiritual freedom.

Honor what is true. How do you know what is right? First of all, the ego lies. When we choose to do the right thing it usually resonates in either our heart or gut, sometimes both. The guidance of prayer or meditation helps pave the way, not what someone else tells you is best for you. The answers will come, but you must be willing to listen to spirit.

Clip those wings and fly!

5 thoughts on “Let Go and Move On

  1. Life is full of challenges and obstacles. Some are boulders and others are mere pebbles on the path, easily kicked aside once we NOTICE them.

    And, as you note, we can often transform boulders into pebbles if we shift our perspective from Ego to Heart.

  2. Some old belief systems ( sociologist Peter Berger called them our plausibility structures) I have held on to, some I have refined and others I no longer hold on to. I think we should not change for the mere sake of changing but should have and retain the open mindedness to listen to challenges, study new evidence and refine understanding if obviously necessary. Viewpoints seem to change as the decades wear on for some reason too.

    • You’re right, Carl. Viewpoints do change. My perspective has shifted in various stages of my life. It’s a growth process. Thank you so much for your sharing your thoughts.

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