Return of the Water Witch’s Daughter

The Water Witch’s Daughter is returning after an extended hiatus. I’ve experienced a time of learning and personal growth. As with growth there is change. My interests have always varied, but now even more so. My values remain though my content may slightly differ.  Be assured the voice is mine…it is the same heart and soul.

My world has been one of living and loving in the midst of water. Not unlike life, water is both a smooth and turbulent traveler. A mountain spring trickles underground, nourishing from top to basin.  Rivers and creeks scream, sing, and hum along their journey to the sea. Oh, what lessons the tides and currents of life teach us. “One must balance the waters of life. With little one is parched.  None, one dies of thirst. Too much, one drowns. We must learn how to tread, float, and drink. Water has the power to give or take life. We have the power to fight against it or flow with it.”  (from one of my current WIPs)

The riverbed of my body has become a medium of ancestral messages rising from marrow, trickling through blood, and bubbling like a spring to surface through voice. I have learned emotions and thoughts articulated into words, spoken or written, are my water. When I deny my own truth I become not only powerless but a woman I no longer recognize. I claim my voice. I wear my heart on my sleeve, for which I no longer apologize.  I walk in the spirit of love. I welcome you to walk with me.

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