Holding Space


Breath. Yours. Mine. Collectively, ours. It may be the first for one and the last for another. In between we hold space. We breathe for someone who cannot. We support the life as it becomes all it was meant to be, and when it ceases we remember. Always breathe; if not for yourself, for someone else…because in some moments breath is all there is.

We need not understand or agree to hold space, only to love, accept, and forgive in some instances. Life is not comprised of precision. While mistakes are the lessons of living, breathing is the essence of life. What we take in with each inhale and let go with each exhale is the art. I call this creative living at the heart of existence.

It has been my honor to hold space for others. Thank you for holding space for me.

****I have not blogged for over eight months. In fact, I have written very little. The end of 2016 and beginning of 2017 were months of various physical ailments. Fortunately, most issues are resolved and not as serious as originally imagined. I closed my business and took charge of my health. I apologize to those who sent messages and I didn’t respond as I didn’t blog during this time. This has energized and focused me. I have resurfaced into the public (big gasp for those of you who know how much I like solitude!) and realize I enjoy being with people as much as I enjoy being alone or in nature. I make no promises to an online presence though I plan to make appearances. For now I am loving, living, and listening to where I am being called…blessings to each of you.