Define and Design 2016, Week Forty-five

“As much as we need a prosperous economy, we also need a prosperity of kindness and decency.” ~ Caroline Kennedy


November 4

Creativity: Writing

Gratitude: Safe trip to the mountains

Joy: A bright sliver of a moon that seemed to follow us in the darkness.

Awareness: Stressors seem to dissipate as we slip out of the city and into a starlit night.

November 5

Creativity: Stacking wood…yep, there’s an art to it; that’s my story and I’m sticking to it!

Gratitude: Things accomplished for my mom, time with her and my MIL, grateful for a relative who is a neighbor who checked my mother’s property. She had a prowler while we were visiting with my MIL.  It’s always good to know there is someone who can be there in less than two minutes if needed. Fabulous fall weather and colors in the mountains.

Joy: Spending the day with hubby and Oldest, message from my niece telling me how much she is enjoying her stained glass classes

Awareness: Never underestimate how much your presence can lift someone’s spirits.

November 6

Creativity: Photography

Gratitude: Hubby and Oldest got a few other things done for my mom and I had visiting time with her. Fabulous fall weather and colors in the mountains.

Joy: Talking to Youngest on the phone, a new book on my kindle…yay for reading time!

Awareness: In business you will come across people who will do anything to avoid working and then you will meet those who go the extra mile to make sure your needs are met.

November 7

Creativity: Research for a project

Gratitude: Headache is now gone! My aunt was able to fill in some blanks in a story where I couldn’t remember what my dad told me…write those stories down while you remember them!

Joy: A super happy cat that I am home! Went to book club to find out it’s next week, bwahaha. Well, it opened up my night for reading, so I’m happy!

Awareness: Judgments are often made from the outside looking in and are quite often inaccurate. Most of us know this as we have been on both sides, and yet we continue to do so.

November 8

Creativity: Studying stained glass, reading about writing

Gratitude: the right to vote, freedom

Joy:  a night to read and enjoy a glass of wine

Awareness: No matter which way the election goes, at least it’s over. It’s time to move on, repair relations, lead with love. Be the example you want to see.

November 9

Creativity: Stained glass, writing

Gratitude: a light workday, reading time, dinner, quiet evening at home, early bedtime,

Joy: hot shower, cup of hot tea, talking with a friend who makes me laugh

Awareness: When you focus on the moon you neglect to see the beauty and power of the stars and vice versa. Open your eyes and take in the celestial masterpiece. I must remember focusing on one thing prevents me from seeing the whole picture.

November 10

Creativity: Writing

Gratitude: friends, family, people with character and class (a bit disappointed with those who’ve jumped to social media spreading vitriol, especially saddened to see this done by people who are self-proclaimed light workers)

Joy: People who spread the light

Awareness: Temper tantrums don’t change outcomes; positive actions better humanity and the world.

15 thoughts on “Define and Design 2016, Week Forty-five

  1. Sounds like another lovely week, Suzi. Glad your mom has somebody to check on her — prowlers can be scary! I, too, am glad the election is over, and I hope we can put aside the bitterness of the campaign, roll up our sleeves, and get to work, patching up the frazzled emotions and tackling the problems that need solving. These protestors and social media complainers are adding to the problems, rather than working toward peace and unity.

    • Peaceful protesting is one thing, but when roadways are blocked, monuments defaced, property destroyed, people hurt…that is wrong on so many levels. I have no respect for people who do that or those who condone such behavior. If we could only each remember and act on “peace starts with me”.

  2. Your attitude about the election mirrors my own. As soon as someone launches into a diatribe about how BAD things are going to get . . . I tune them out. Curiosity, not fear, is the attitude I want to embrace.

    Enjoyed the rest of your post. Glad you had a chance to visit with your mom and fill in the blanks of your dad’s story.

  3. I am so pleased a neighbour is looking out for your MIL.. its reassuring to know that there is some one there doing that. The neighbours here are all great apart from one very elderly lady, who leads a lonely grumpy life, who when our children were small here with other children on the avenue would come out to tell them off for playing near her home.. She confiscate their balls if one accidently went on her lawn.. We’ve since found out she even fell out with her Son and he no longer comes to see her.. Her grandchildren never came.. As she fell out with her Daughter in law.. She now doesn’t speak to any of us.. Yet other neighbours put her bin out every week and take it back for her.. And I take in post when needed, but she is a very ungrateful lady.. I send her love often, for that is what she lacks..
    I love your top Quote.. Yes it costs us nothing to be kind and decent to one another.. Yet still so many are wrapped up within their own clouded world..
    The photo is beautiful Suzi.. Here too the colours of Autumn have been rich this year..
    I agree about judgments.. We are all guilty of this at times..
    Glad you got to spend quality time with all of your family..
    Sending Much love your way Suzi..
    Love and Blessings
    Sue xx

    • How sad is your neighbor’s situation! We had a similar neighbor once. She complained about everything and everyone, but still when there was hurricane cleanup to be done we always did her yard before our own. About five years back she had some sort of a spell on Halloween and she sent the trick or treaters to our house to help her which my husband called an ambulance and took care of what she needed, including finding relatives she had cast off. However, we understood her bitterness as many years in the past she had lost her husband and all of her children in an accident; I can’t imagine anyone going through so much personal loss at once. After learning her story from another neighbor it was easier to excuse her behavior.

      • Yes I always try to look for a persons story for the behaviors too.. And that story would be enough to change anyone.. And wonderful what your hubby did..

        Sadly I wish I could find a reason for her attitude but its never changes in over 34 yrs we have lived here.. Even a neighbour forewarned us of her attitude when we first move in.. As we had our young children then .. I can see why her Sons moved out so young.. And they hardly ever came to visit.. The one she has contact with comes rarely and at Christmas time and sometimes in the Summer.. Yet he only lives 20 miles away.. Yes people are..
        I do send her thoughts of Love often for she cannot have much of it in her lonely life.. xx

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  5. The celestial masterpiece – yes! A different piece of advice and realization as not seeing the forest for the trees. In any analogy – stepping back and taking in the whole picture helps. With people too, right? Like seeing their backstory instead of only their behavior. Love the quote – BTW.

  6. I love the opening quote by Caroline Kennedy. Your observations are about the moon are so spot-on. It is true that when we let one image overpower us, we tend to neglect the periphery.

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