Define and Design 2016, Week Forty-four

“Happiness is not a matter of intensity but of balance, order, rhythm and harmony.” ~Thomas Merton

October 28

Creativity: Writing, reading about writing

Gratitude: Some quiet time alone at the end of the day, finding my way around a roadblock and a detour I didn’t want to use, ability to have prepared food delivered to my door

Joy: Communication in all its various forms…I love getting texts from friends or family that cracks me up or a phone call that lifts me just when I need it.

Awareness: Having faith in myself destroys obstacles and fills me with renewed inspiration.

October 29

Creativity: Stained glass

Gratitude: Getting in and out of the post office on a Saturday in a record time of five minutes! A sale at the glass store!

Joy: I purchased a glass saw today, and I am so excited. It will make some of the curves of the angels, fairies, and mermaids so much easier to cut. I can also cut various materials (metal, plastic, stone) using different blades. My son has given me a collection of soapstone so I can’t wait to get a mega blade and cut some shapes from them!

Awareness: Having faith in others lessens my concerns (which I shouldn’t allow myself in the first place) and also makes them feel good knowing they are supported.

October 30

Creativity: Stained glass, writing

Gratitude: a laid back day, learned how to work my Taurus 3 Ring Saw, slow cooked dinner so I could do other things.

Joy: Designed and completed another stained glass mermaid

Awareness: The more I study a craft the easier it is for me to alter processes to achieve the same goal or envision changes I’d like to see in the finished product and figure out how to achieve it….it’s all about practice. I am definitely a hands on learner.

October 31

Creativity: Stained glass

Gratitude: Watching the sun rise, filling the gaps between the tree branches with yellow, orange, and pink layers. First shipment of new daycare toys arrived today and the little ones were so excited! phone call from my brother

Joy: 129 adorable and polite little trick or treaters, what a delight!

Awareness: I appreciate people who share their expertise with others or take the time to mentor. Anyone who has been a recipient of this usually will take the time to do the same.

November 1

Creativity: Photography, writing

Gratitude: My sister had another post-op cancer check and received another glowing report; all numbers are good and still no sign of cancer…YAY! Of course, this is also a joy!

Joy: a gorgeous sunrise; a beautiful swirl of pink and blue.

Awareness: When people insist how other people should feel about a subject it clarifies the insecurities of the person imposing his views.

November 2

Creativity: Writing, stained glass

Gratitude: Another pretty sunrise, getting some errands done after work and a homemade dinner made even though it was a bit later than usual. Though I was on the phone for over two hours I was finally able to get the price of my health insurance down…I took a higher deductible and less coverage and the price is still astronomical but it’s better than it was. (It’s really sad when health insurance for one person is as high as the mortgage, yet I realize I am one of the fortunate ones who is able to obtain insurance.)

Joy: a sweet phone video sent to me of a toddler telling me she loves me

Awareness: A small stress line can destroy a masterpiece; imagine what it can do to the physical body.

November 3

Creativity: Writing, stained glass

Gratitude: Big hugs from little people, people with vision (as in goals) and passion, an abundance of scurrying squirrels in the yard today. A glimpse of a glorious sunset as I was driving.

Joy: My friend surprised me by showing up at my house with lunch for me! Someone called me an artist today! Vanilla cappuccino, DirtMan’s photography

Awareness: Thinking outside the box is often where solutions reside…I need to make it a habit to visit this place more often.


12 thoughts on “Define and Design 2016, Week Forty-four

  1. What great news about your sister! Often, we don’t realize the stress we feel over the illnesses and problems those we love are experiencing. And congrats on the new saw — be careful with that thing, Suzi!!

    • Yes, we never know what someone else is going through.
      It’s a diamond band saw so it won’t cut flesh…however, it will saw my fingernails right off if I get to close to the blade. I do that anyway with the grinder, ha!

  2. I like Thomas Merton. Good quote.

    Your excitement over your new glass saw reminded me of my dad. He was a carpenter who loved getting a new saw or drill. My mom called his shop full of tools his toys.

    I’m glad your sister had a good post-op cancer report.

  3. Suzi your week sounded to have been filled with colour illuminated by the beautiful sunrises..
    I am ever grateful i do not have to negotiate insurances deals for my health.. I live in gratitude for our National Health Service. Even though at the moment it is stretching and cracking it is still a great blessing..

    Enjoy your glass making dear Suzi.. We need more prisms of Light to reflect in the world my lovely friend ❤

  4. Paying as much for health insurance as a mortgage is beyond ridiculous. Our health insurance program has become a horror for most Americans, even many who could not afford it still cannot. Granted it needed fixing, but the solution ended up being more problematic than the actual problem.
    And yes, we currently need all the beautiful, positive, loving light we can get.

  5. So glad to hear your sister is doing well.
    I like what you say about practice. Sometimes it’s hard for me to appreciate the process, but your words remind me about the importance of persistence. Working on our craft (even if it is a tiny contribution) every single day is essential to maintain the integrity of our pursuits.

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