Define and Design 2016, Week Forty-one


The frailty of wearing thin awakens us to the strength and beauty within.

October 7

Creativity: Photography

Gratitude: Visiting with family

Joy: Seeing Wylie after being away from her all week!

Awareness: Though I’ve thoroughly enjoyed our adventures, a week of wilderness hiking has worn me down…you can hear my knees and hips creaking a block away!

October 8

Creativity: Photography

Gratitude: Home

Joy: My own bed!

Awareness: Though disappointed when the weather cancels plans sometimes it works out for the better.

October 9

Creativity: Writing, Photography

Gratitude: Made it through last night’s storm with only a very short time of power outages, no damage from the flooding and only minor damages of fallen tree limbs.

Joy: We all made it home safely after being out and having to travel through flooded streets to get home.

Awareness: Though the storm was said not to be remnants of Hurricane Matthew, the wind and rain seemed stronger than Isabelle which kind of beat us up in 2003.

October 10

Creativity: Read a book about creativity

Gratitude: Got some of the debris (Limbs, sticks, pinecones, and leaves) picked up from the hurricane. Both of my nearby grocery stores were closed but B.J.s was open and running with generators so I was able to pick up a few needed supplies.

Joy: Oldest and his friend cooked lunch for me. Watched a movie during scheduled book club time as it was cancelled (my local Barnes and Noble is closed until further notice; I’m guessing they received damages from the Hurricane)

Awareness: A day balanced with work and pleasure is sometimes just what one needs.

October 11

Creativity: Read a book about creativity

Gratitude: First day back at work after vacation was a good one, some business issues resolved

Joy: Phone call with Youngest…his birthday is today. We celebrated while he was here a few weeks ago.

Awareness: Being a witness of words spoken with love and compassion is a beautiful moment.October 12

Creativity: Writing

Gratitude: Made dinner ahead of time, so only had to reheat later.

Joy: A surprise visit from some friends!

Awareness: No matter how much things change some things remain the same and usually it is due to someone being stuck in their ways; this can be positive or negative and is definitely something I’ll be thinking about…there are times watching/listening to other people makes me reflect on my own life.

October 13

Creativity: Designing, photography

Gratitude: My headache went away before bedtime, was able to throw together a decent dinner with the staples in my cabinets and freezer, yay me!

Joy: A little visit with a friend, started my book club book for the month

Awareness: My energy level and creativity ebb and flow accordingly.

13 thoughts on “Define and Design 2016, Week Forty-one

  1. Glad you’re all safe after the hurricane. Hope your son had a lovely b-day. Sounds like you had another interesting week — you’re so right that “A day balanced with work and pleasure is sometimes just what one needs.” It’s reaching that balance that’s often tricky!

    • We were just as happy as Wylie. She just showed her excitement a little more! Matthew didn’t ruin my week, but yesterday was spent cleaning up debris and never even made it to the backyard!

    • Wild Creative by Tami Lynn Kent – the best book I’ve read on creativity in a long time. I still haven’t finished it as I’m savoring it. Rereading Walking in this World by Julia Cameron, and going through the Fire Starter Sessions by Danielle Laporte.

  2. So pleased Suzi that you weathered the Storms… and I can offer you sincere sympathies about the knees and creaks etc.. My knees seem to crack each time I stand and turn these days… We forget here in England how those storms wipe out your electricity supplies so easily,
    Yes I have much to be grateful for..
    Glad you had a wonderful week Hiking Suzi.. And pleased you got some Leisure time in along with fitting in some reading too..
    I started a knitting project a glitter-wool cardigan for my granddaughter so she can wear when she goes to dancing class..
    Sending LOVE and warm (( Hugs )) x ❤

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