Define and Design 2016, Week Thirty-seven


Passion is one great force that unleashes creativity, because if you’re passionate about something, then you’re more willing to take risks.  ~Yo-Yo Ma

September 9

Creativity: Stained glass design (an angel, a fairy, and a mermaid)

Gratitude: Started rereading Julia Cameron’s “Walking in This World, The Practical Art of Creativity”. I hadn’t thought about this in years and wasn’t even sure if I still had it as I’d unloaded all of The Artist Way books on a friend. Sure enough, it was on my shelf. Take out sushi. Erasers.

Joy: Phone call from my goddaughter. A short surprise visit from a friend. I am delighted this is not a travel weekend for us because my body told me it really needs to rest. Chamomile tea and hot bath with chamomile essential oil.

Awareness: Though I’ve been in a productive stage of creativity, my energy is still scattered. Noises have really had me on edge for the past few days…zooming planes practicing for air show, nearby drums of the high school band, vibration of the AC, shrieking screams and whines…things I don’t usually pay much attention to while inside have me feeling dizzy, my neck tense, headache, and slightly shaking. Not sure if I’m getting sick or if I’m sensitive to the Mercury Retrograde. I just know that for a few weeks I have felt off though some days have been fairly normal.

September 10

Creativity: Stained glass

Gratitude: A trip to my favorite glass store, and they had exactly what I needed. Added bonus is I left my list at home, and I still remembered everything.

Joy: phone call from my goddaughter. After running errands I spent the rest of the day in my studio.

Awareness: So, do you think the universe is trying to tell you something if it throws you together with two complete strangers and in six weeks you find yourself at the same place three times? We remembered one another because we struck up a conversation. Originally, I met them in the glass section of a local hobby store. In conversation we realized we had taken glass classes at the same shop but at different times. A few weeks later when I went to the glass shop they came in while I was there, and we laughed because we’d met up shopping for glass just a few weeks prior. While I was shopping for glass this time I heard someone say, “No way, it can’t be her.” We got a good laugh, and when I left I told them I guess I’d see them next time I need glass. It is ironic we have a lot in common other than glass, and they happen to have the same retirement plans as DirtMan and I have…opening up some sort of creativity studio! And none of us want to retire where we currently live.

September 11

Creativity: Writing, stained glass

Gratitude: Spent the entire day absorbed in creative endeavors. Even got in a little reading time.

Joy: Getting my studio back in order after having everything out of place while working/playing. A hot bath, cup of hot tea, sandalwood candle…a quiet evening.

Awareness: There are times I set unrealistic goals for myself. Rather than beating myself up for what I don’t accomplish I am going to start being appreciative of the objectives I achieved.

September 12

Creativity: Stained glass

Gratitude: Time to browse through the bookstore, and talk with a few people before the book club started.

Joy: Book club, always great discussion and laughter, stumbled upon an excellent book and purchased “Wild Creative” by Tami Lynn Kent.

Awareness: What we need always find its way to us, especially things we don’t know we need.

September 13

Creativity: Stained glass

Gratitude: DirtMan always supports my creative meanderings.

Joy: Surprise breakfast with DirtMan, phone call from Youngest

Awareness: I’ve always considered my husband to be analytical while I am more of an artsy or free spirited soul, even though he has the heart of a poet and is creatively dabbling in photography and woodwork. I’d never before though his engineering career to be creative…what was I thinking? He builds highways and bridges, of course he’s creative. I guess I considered my first career (hairdressing) to be creative because it had flair…point is engineering and hairdressing, start with a set of plans and you build from there. I realize that was sort of a ramble, but the realization we both have creative careers and hobbies has been on my mind today.

September 14

Creativity: Stained glass

Gratitude: Sitting on the back yard swing as night tiptoes across my yard. Frogs and cicadas blend in the darkness but their songs are an invitation to play hide and seek. A lifelong friendship.

Joy: A lovely sunset while eating dinner with DirtMan at a neighborhood pub.

Awareness: Those who are demanding often push others away rather than pull them in…I can only be pushed so far before my energy resources are depleted.

September 15

Creativity: Stained glass

Gratitude: I am eternally grateful for the prolific creative phase I am experiencing. My stained glass designing and creating has been on an unbelievable roll this week. I’ve created fourteen designs, and am in various stages of creating these pieces. Most of these even fit into a feminine theme. I’ve focused mainly on angels, fairies, and mermaids, and used inspiration from my feminine ancestry and women who inspire me. Most surprising to me is I haven’t had any desire to write, only to create with glass. I can honestly say when I started this “Define and Design” theme this year I had no idea this would be the direction I’d be headed. Life is full of surprises!

Joy: Able to steal a few minutes tonight with my husband. His job has been taking a lot of his time these days as they are winding down on a huge project…been working nights (and parts of days, extremely long hours at times) for a month now…and so much to look forward to – one week and Youngest will arrive for family wedding…another week and vacation, yay!

Awareness: I am sitting outside. The air is a bit chilly, cool drips of moisture settling on my arms. Robins bomb dive from the tall pines across my yard. I haven’t seen this many Robins since early spring. Fall is in the air. I witness death around me: dead heads on the coneflowers and black-eyed Susan, Sedums lifting a final wig to this year’s fashion show, pines are shedding their needles, the huge Oak is dropping leaves of varying degrees of change…and yet this excites me because autumn is my favorite time of year.

16 thoughts on “Define and Design 2016, Week Thirty-seven

  1. “So, do you think the universe is trying to tell you something if it throws you together with two complete strangers and in six weeks you find yourself at the same place three times?” ~> Yes.

    “What we need always find its way to us, especially things we don’t know we need.”

    Glad you’re enjoying your new designs. sounds like a wonderful week.

    • Now, just to figure out what it’s trying to tell me, ha! Im sure the universe will arrange another meeting and eventually lead us to why we are supposed to know each other.Guess next time we meet up we may as well exchange phone numbers.
      It’s funny how I’ve always wanted to learn stained glass but thought it would just be another passing fancy, did not imagine I would actually start designing and enjoy it as much as I do. It really was an exceptional week in the creativity department.

  2. Those small signs of fall: the sun coming up over the hills after I get up, not before; coloring foliage; a bite to the morning air; and yes, pine needles browning and beginning to fall.

  3. I’ve had the universe throw people in my path a few times and the funny thing is, when you don’t listen, the universe will keep throwing them at you until you pay attention. Some of those people have changed my life!

  4. I guess I’d better plan on seeing them again and again until we figure it out, ha!
    It is funny how that happens. I’ve had things I’ve refused come again and again until I accept and wow, what a game changer when I surrender!

  5. A great post Suzicate and just what I needed today. Over the past few months my life has been almost at a standstill, apart from the rehabilitation process of course. Now I have to reconnect with my creativity. We do need to listen to the Universe. Sometimes we are so busy being busy that we miss the signs. And I am sure that “What we need always find its way to us, especially things we don’t know we need.”

  6. I’m a BIG fan of autumn, too — something about the cooler temps is invigorating. Love that you’re in an especially prolific creative phase — take advantage of it! Doesn’t have to be writing, as you know, as long as you’re doing something “artsy.” Love the image of night tiptoeing across your yard!!

  7. Your weekly summaries continue to be a source of inspiration…even though I’m reading them on the fly! I also love seeing the FB pics of your mermaids and other whimsical stained glass creations. Although the calendar says it’s close to Autumn, the temps still say it’s summer here. But, my heart is being tugged by those cozy feelings of fire pits on chilly nights and the riot of color I know will come soon. As always, lovely photos and words. xo

  8. I often think those chance meetings are never by chance.. And would not be surprised if you do not meet them again either it seems the Universe is throwing you together for some purpose 😉
    Funny how you said about being noise sensitive.. I was in the allotment the other day and got very riled within my self as another allotment holder who has the allotment at our side started to play the radio while he was weeding..
    I found it very intrusive and it appeared very loud.. When I spoke to my Hubby he said it was only on low and could hardly hear it..
    Maybe it was because I just like the sounds of nature.. As I seem to tune into every bird song and bee buzz while in the garden..
    Hope your own sensitivity to sound eases..

    And love nothing better of an evening too to sit on our joint swing with a glass of wine winding down ..
    Lovely read..
    Enjoy your weekend Suzi.. xxx Hugs Sue

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