Define and Design 2016, Week Thirty-six

“The capacity to be alone is the capacity to love. It may look paradoxical to you, but it’s not. It is an existential truth: only those people who are capable of being alone are capable of love, of sharing, of going into the deepest core of another person–without possessing the other, without becoming dependent on the other, without reducing the other to a thing, and without becoming addicted to the other. They allow the other absolute freedom, because they know that if the other leaves, they will be as happy as they are now. Their happiness cannot be taken by the other, because it is not given by the other.” ~Osho


September 2

Creativity: Writing

Gratitude: Got hurricane preparation completed, grabbed a quick dinner with DirtMan

Joy: DirtMan bought some pumpkin beer for me…I haven’t had any yet, but it’s the thought that counts, especially since he doesn’t even like it but knows it’s my thing! A letter from my mom with a picture of her father as a little boy. Texts and phone calls with family. Have been wanting a deep red (wine/ruby) colored purse and shoes; upcoming family wedding is an excuse to buy them, so I found what I like and purchased…sometimes it feels good to treat yourself. Ticket purchased for Youngest to visit at the end of the month.

Awareness: Siting on the porch swing…a cool breeze whipping through the air and against my skin, birds are active at all the feeders, the rustle of leaves and wings; all pure joy to my soul. (Not exactly stillness, but still the calm before the storm.)

September 3

Creativity: Writing, reading about writing, designed a sewing project and a mosaic one

Gratitude: Electricity outage early in the morning. DirtMan suggested we go out to get coffee and donuts and see if he could pinpoint where the electricity was downed. And then I discovered Chick Fil A had electricity and was open so I suggested we stop there as well. We ended up well fed for sure! Lots of time for reading, and movies after the power returned.

Joy: Funny texts with a friend during the Hurricane/tropical depression…thought I was going to delete my battery power before the current returned. Only out of electricity for slightly over seven hours.

Awareness: Build your brand. Reinvent yourself. These terms don’t mesh with “Be authentic” unless the reinvention of yourself or your business is the real you. Of course, we change and reshape constantly until we are sometimes no longer the person we once were. This kind of change doesn’t require a “reinvention” of self and “branding” generally refers to careers. This kind of change is gradual, a living and learning experience of “being”.

September 4

Creativity: Writing, stained glass (foiling)

Gratitude: After a slow start to my day due to back pain, my back improved enough to accomplish some yard clean up; always a mess after a big storm.

Joy: Sandalwood candle, a pumpkin beer, family

Awareness: There are times I put off difficult tasks to only find they’re not nearly as difficult as I’d imagined.

September 5

Creativity: Photography

Gratitude: Today was Dirtman and my 34th wedding anniversary…sometimes he might roll his eyes at some of the things I come up with but he lets me be ME, and that is a gift.

Joy: DirtMan and I started our day off at our favorite neighborhood pub for brunch. Then we headed off to the Eastern Shore. We brought essentials: cameras, water, wine, cheese, crackers, and fruit for a little daytime fiesta. We hiked a wildlife reserve which is ideal for bird watchers. We heard many familiar calls and some not so familiar, and a few sightings. We explored a bit more of the Eastern Shore and ended up at Mallards for dinner. We dined outside by the water and viewed a spectacular sunset and were provided live music for entertainment. It was a beautiful day all the way around.

Awareness: Everyday Everybody Matters (graffiti seen on building on Eastern Shore) Powerful words to contemplate on…in other words be kind to everyone.

September 6

Creativity: Writing, Painting, Stained glass (soldering)

Gratitude: Not having to leave my house all day! Made a phone call after I didn’t get a response to two emails on an Otterbox warranty. My customer service representative was excessively happy and helpful…don’t think I’ve ever encountered such an enthusiastic service person…I even felt guilty for steering her back to my problem a few times. Perhaps she just needed to talk about life in general, so I allowed it after I got my problem attended. Or perhaps the people in Colorado are just super nice!

Joy: Completed the glass projects of my Dancing Fairy and 57 Chevy stained glass designs!

Awareness: It’s a small world…finding mutual connections with people you’ve known for many years. Funny how things suddenly come up in conversations and it’s like someone has opened the window and a gush of fresh air enters.

September 7

Creativity: Writing, painting, Stained glass design (three mermaids)

Gratitude: A visit, though brief, with a longtime friend I hadn’t seen in a while.

Joy: I sold some stained glass pieces and received several more orders. My ruby purse and shoes arrived…I absolutely love them, makes me think of my goddaughter as she loves “ruby slippers”.

Awareness: I find my creative focus shifting more and more from writing and sewing to stained glass. I’m thinking I’m better off not trying to fit myself into a mold but to allow my spirit to mold me  and reshape me as I find my own places of purpose and pleasure.

September 8

Creativity: Writing, painting, Stained glass design

Gratitude: When small children exhibit compassion. I had a headache today and was resting on the sofa. A little girl (two and a half) brought her favorite blanket over and tucked it around my neck, rested her beloved stuffed giraffe on my chest, and leaned over and kissed my cheek. Just melts your heart, doesn’t it?

Joy: A quiet house, a cup of herbal tea, a hot bath with essential oils, a bowl of caramel ice cream

Awareness: Intuition is an innate gift many of us shed due to ego or societal pressures.


15 thoughts on “Define and Design 2016, Week Thirty-six

  1. I’m a close friend to putting chores that seem they’d be difficult off, then, when I finally get started on them, discovering it wasn’t a big deal after all.

  2. Happy Anniversary to you and DM!

    When I think of “reinventing myself” . . . it is always with the purpose of becoming more “me” and less “them.” Along the lines of what you said here: “I find my creative focus shifting more and more from writing and sewing to stained glass. I’m thinking I’m better off not trying to fit myself into a mold but to allow my spirit to mold me and reshape me as I find my own places of purpose and pleasure.”

    • Thank you!
      I feel a bit guilty for not having as much of an interest in a writing project, but I know if it’s meant to be I will have a renewed interest. And sewing will still be there if I feel like picking it up. However, I am currently experiencing much joy with stained glass, more so from creating the patterns though I do love to see the product finished in shiny glass.

  3. How I LOVE that quote…simply perfect in its truth!! Happy Anniversary to both of you — and many more! Sounds like a delightful week. I wouldn’t stress over the change in your creative focus. It might be temporary; it might be permanent. Regardless, you’re STILL being creative and true to yourself!

  4. First congratulations to you both on your Wedding Anniversary Wonderful. And I have never tasted Pumpkin beer that is a new one on me here.. 🙂 But I do like a cold beer every now and again 😉

    “I’m thinking I’m better off not trying to fit myself into a mold but to allow my spirit to mold me and reshape me as I find my own places of purpose and pleasure.”…. So pleased you are going with the flow of your creative skills Suzi and wonderful that you sold some products and have more orders too.. Wonderful

    And that hike you and your hubby took of
    the Eastern Shore sounded idyllic 🙂
    Keep going with the flow and sewing will pop in again when it is needed. I am wanting to paint, yet at the moment I am needed more helping in the garden. There will be plenty of days I know where I will have the time..

    Always lovely to spend time here Suzi, I so enjoy reading what your weeks have been like..

    Love and Hugs my friend and thank you for your lovely comments ❤ I so appreciate you spending time reading my posts xxx Hugs Sue x<3

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