Define and Design 2016, Week Thirty-five

Keep close to Nature’s heart… and break clear away, once in awhile, and climb a mountain or spend a week in the woods. Wash your spirit clean.  ~John Muir


August 26

Creativity: Writing

Gratitude: Words. Weekend trip with DirtMan…able to avoid Lockn’ traffic on route to mountains

Joy: The workweek is over and the weekend is on!  Listening to some old time rock and roll on our road trip, got ice cream at a gas station, unexpected rain shower

Awareness: Traveling into a rain shower and you can actually see it clear on both sides…only where you are momentarily is being watered; life is life that. I’m not talking about the poured on soaking rain (though that happens as well) but the nourishing soul watering; not everyone gets it at the same time.

August 27

Creativity: Photography

Gratitude: Time with family, Orchard peaches and apples, homegrown tomatoes, fresh air, a pink cap the hubby bought me, a beer at the hometown brewery. Sharing a profound poem I came across with DirtMan and how the words touched each of us.

Joy: DirtMan and I were exploring country roads and stumbled upon quite a gem, Staton Falls. This gave us not only a photo op but a bit of a hike as well. Cloud watching with the hubby while we were at the brewery. Friendliness of people in the country, waves everywhere and easy conversation.

Awareness: Sitting at the base between upper and lower falls, watching the many butterflies feast on giant milkweed and the water flowing and splattering onto the rocks. Listening to the combined songs of the upper and lower falls. I know I am in the midst of a Holy place. ..a tiny stream carved its way through the mountain; water shaped the mountain. Can you even imagine the power it that? If God has given a trickle of a stream that power, can you even imagine the magnitude of what he has equipped humans. We can change the world in wonderful ways…we are changing the world. We may never know the impact of our presence; our very presence is a present to the world.




August 28

Creativity: Photography

Gratitude: a short hike to the family cemetery with my sister and Wylie (the dog is always up for a walk outside)

Joy: porch sitting with my mom and sister on a beautiful day filled with sunshine, breezes, birds, and a few lizards, spotting a cardinal flower by the creek, lightening bugs

Awareness: A day of nothingness is good for the soul…also good for the mind for when it empties it fills again but with fresh ideas.

August 29

Creativity: Writing

Gratitude: My body, mind, and spirit: Though I might complain at times I am truly grateful my physical capabilities, my mind’s perception, and the essence is which I carry out the daily tasks required of me. I am blessed. Happiness.

Joy: Phone call from my sister. A glass of wine

Awareness: Sometimes judgment clouds my vision and I have to step back, clear my mind and heart, and start over; mainly, there are times I need not think. All I need to do is be.

August 30

Creativity: Prepping for kids art projects

Gratitude: the cold smoothness of a polished stone (red jasper is my pick today)

Joy: Phone calls with my children

Awareness: Sometimes people are so concerned with what others are doing they begin to stunt their own growth.  My mantra today, “Be considerate of your fellow travelers but focus on your own journey.”

August 31

Creativity: Writing

Gratitude: Kid’s naptime, a pair of cardinals flying past my window this morning

Joy: Opening my email to find an inspiration I need to hear. An added bonus was sharing it and having someone tell me it was exactly what they needed this morning.

Awareness: Every once in a while there is a day of stress that only a hot bath with essential oils and cup of herbal tea can heal.

September 1

Creativity: Writing

Gratitude: A message from someone thanking me for something I did for her a few years ago. Some books I purchased on my Kindle a while ago came back into focus. I never got around to reading them…today I almost purchased one of them; glad Kindle lets you know when you’ve already purchased something!

Joy: Synchronicity at play!

Awareness: Surrendering to Spirit is peace to the soul. Simple moments are often the greatest blessings in life.


22 thoughts on “Define and Design 2016, Week Thirty-five

  1. Lovely photos. I would love to join you on the level between the two falls. And Amazon has saved me money more than once by reminding me gently that I purchased that book last year.

    • It is certainly wonderful. Amazon teased me today with “get it tomorrow” and then after the order is placed it says it will arrive Wednesday! DirtMan took a lovely video of the falls, I will try to remember to include it in next week’s post.

    • Since we hadn’t planned on this, we had no food or water, but a picnic would have been divine. After we enjoyed the scenery, took photo, and climbed back up the mountain we headed to the hometown brewery for a cold one!

  2. And I really wanted to post the video DirtMan took of the falls…the scenery and sounds divine! I was unable to get to it this week, but if I remember I will post it next week; it is a beautiful meditation.

  3. Suzi, these photos are delightful! Just looking at them, I can feel the stresses melting away. I imagine you’re aware that red jasper is the stone of endurance, stimulating chi (life force). How fortunate you were able to hold one and let it calm you! Love the first quote, too!

    • It certainly soothed the soul. I recently purchased the red jasper at a friend’s store. It is polished and shaped into a heart. I keep it on my desk by my computer…when I’m not holding it in my hand, just love the feel of it.

  4. Now i don’t work i don’t seem to have a weekend anything, maybe i should reinstate my weekends and try and do something different with them??? The other thought i had was how quick the year seems to be going.

    • If you want to differentiate the weekdays from the weekend you could plan something special for those days.Yes, the year has flown by…can’t believe autumn is right around the corner. The summer has been endurable (I’m not fond of hot weather), but I am so looking forward to my favorite time of year!

  5. I found a book on my kindle recently and started reading it, only to discover there was something wrong with the file and it kept making my kindle crash. I had gotten far enough in the book I was more bummed about being left hanging on a Friday night without a book, but thankfully, I found an e-copy from the library and am able to just pick back up where I left off. Hooray for being able to borrow e-books from the library!

  6. It stinks when something crashes on your kindle, had that happen a few months back. The books I just discovered I’d forgotten about ended up coming with another bummer. It was an author I liked (nonfiction, spiritual material) and I’d ordered two books…started on the second one and it sure sounded familiar. I compared the books and it was the exact same book! One book she focused on the term “spirit”, and the second, the term was changed to “intuition”. Even as she quoted clients comments and she changed them to her current term. Ended up one was a revised version of the first book though it didn’t specify that in its description. I wonder if others felt as jilted as I did, It was not so much the money I spent (though if a lot of people purchased both she made out screwing us over) it was I felt I was tricked by an author I trusted. Make sense? Anyway, I am currently put off and don’t want to read anything by her right now. I’m sure I will be over it in no time and buy something else of hers.

  7. ” We can change the world in wonderful ways…we are changing the world. We may never know the impact of our presence; our very presence is a present to the world.” Your words here Suzi a powerful reminder of how within those thoughtful peaceful interludes we can all help contribute to natures garden through harmony and peace.
    Loved your description of watching the butterflies drinking from milkweed.. While the falls were cascading.
    Such beautiful pictures
    Thank you for sharing these precious moments.. Yes we are truly blessed
    Love and Hugs my friend
    Sue ❤

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