Define and Design 2016, Week Thirty-three

There is a sacredness in tears. They are not the mark of weakness, but of power. They speak more eloquently than ten thousand tongues. They are the messengers of overwhelming grief, of deep contrition, and of unspeakable love. ~Washington Irving


August 12

Creativity: Mosaic tutorials, kids art class

Gratitude: hot herbal tea, candles, essential oils, phone call with my brother, outside time

Joy: My children’s sense of humor. The hubby, Oldest, and myself were in the car on the way to dinner. Youngest texted my phone. My phone is connected via Bluetooth to my car. What I didn’t know was that anyone in the car can answer the text and it appears as if it is from me. (My kids have for years sent one another off the wall crazy texts to one another using my phone…you know the kind of texts one would not expect to get from mom and ones that would make them question my sanity!) Anyway, text from Youngest is just shooting the breeze.

Oldest texts (as if from me): I’m running late.

Youngest: What for?

Oldest: Do you need anything?

Oldest: I’m stuck in traffic. Do you need anything?

Youngest: Yeah sure. I’ll take a dozen tacos, a bag of ice, three twinkies, and a water buffalo.

In the meantime as I am writing a text I see all of the texts appearing and I tell him it’s his brother not me.

Youngest replies: So no tacos?

My sons crack me up. And they fill my heart with joy.

Awareness: Even when your children are grown and live far away you continue to carry them close…the heart knows no distance.

August 13

Creativity: stained glass design and soldering (completed consignments for an angel and a fairy), practiced cutting with both mosaic tile nippers and wheeled glass nippers. I must say it looked simpler on video. Not to say I didn’t get any decent cuts, but glass did fly across my studio…to be found at a later date with my bare feet I am sure!

Gratitude: Errands done early to allow for an afternoon of creativity and reading, Yardwork done by hubby and Oldest, carved out time to watch a movie

Joy: Started my day with a (long time ago) picture in a text from my nephew! While I wasn’t happy I had to cancel my mosaic classes due to conflicts in schedule, I am thrilled I was able to get store credit for my payment…I bought new glass for projects, yay! The idea is to teach myself to mosaic, and if I don’t get it I will take the next available class.

Awareness: The “zone” is a great creative place to be…time soars and much gets accomplished.

August 14

Creativity: Stained glass: design, pattern cutting, and glass cutting.

Gratitude: opportunity to sleep in, a day of creativity, time for reading

Joy: I created a dancing fairy stained glass design; I know it should be under creativity, but I am overjoyed with the results. Creating fills me with joy…and that is an awareness as well!

Awareness: A day of total creativity exhausts both mind and body, but what a pleasant kind of tiredness!

August 15

Creativity: Stained glass cutting, writing

Gratitude: Time for reading, another book I had started and not finished managed to catch my attention for a second attempt…this time with better results than the last time. I just love how things return when you are ready to learn them.

Joy: In two different creative venues I encountered challenges. I discovered tools in my artistry arsenal to help me out in both instances.

Awareness: Two sparrows are eating from the bird feeder. A female cardinal hangs from the pole and shakes; the pole wobbles, her feathers flutter, and the sparrows fly away. Promptly, the cardinal hops onto the feeder and begins to eat. Within seconds the sparrows join in. The cardinal takes off, guess she wants to dine alone today.

August 16

Creativity: Writing, photography

Gratitude: A request for permission to use some of my photos for a magazine. I usually always grant permission for books, magazines, and one to be placed on a mall wall. However, there was that one time my photo was requested and I said no: they wanted to photoshop out people and put their staff in to appear they were there for a retreat…and they wanted to change the clouds in the sky and a rock…I think they should have climbed the mountain themselves and taken their own photo, ha!

Joy: I needed to find an important paper. I thought I’d recently seen it. I thought of two places where I must have spotted it. On route to place #1 I remembered where I had it which wasn’t there or place #2. What a thrill it was not to search the house over for it…and yay memory was good to me today!

Awareness: How a cup of hot chamomile tea and a hot bath with chamomile essential oil relaxes a sore and tired body.

August 17

Creativity: Writing, stained glass design

Gratitude: Oldest brought dinner home for us. Creative inspiration. Sunshine. Water. Wind. The internet finally came back on this evening. (I kept attempting to research for my writing. I sometimes take conveniences for granted. I can’t even imagine if I had to go to the library every time I wanted information not at my fingertips!)

Joy: Writers Group, much enjoyed!

Awareness: That moment when you’re in the midst of writing and a new idea changes everything you’ve done thus far, but it solidifies the story…the Muse takes its job seriously though not always timely.

August 18

Creativity: Writing, stained glass design

Gratitude: I have discovered my worst childhood flaw (according to others) has become my strength.

Sensitivity. Yes, I embrace it. It enables me to scratch beneath the surface. It allows me compassion in situations where the need is not obvious. And my Yogi teabag affirmation was “Live in your strength.”

Joy: Booking a plane ticket for Youngest to attend a family wedding. Love times the family gets together, especially in the name of love!

Awareness: “I don’t have answers to much of life’s mysteries, and not knowing gives me comfort…Yes, I just admitted that.” I wrote these words in my journal this morning. In the afternoon I was listening to a live internet class on joy and the facilitator said the same thing. Synchronicity!

19 thoughts on “Define and Design 2016, Week Thirty-three

  1. Your fairy design in stained glass sounds wonderful.. And your boys have a great sense of humour.. 🙂 Good job Mum does too 😀

    Oh and I so know the joys of finding something misplaced.. We had the bureau desk upside down and inside out looking for my cheque book on Wednesday .. As I had my Acupuncture treatment.. I eventually found it wedged between the top of the bureau and the little slots that hold papers in.. It was exactly where I usually put it but out of eye sight.. 🙂

    I loved the synchronicity in your last paragraph too.. And wishing you all a happy family time at the wedding gathering..
    Love Sue xxx ❤

    • My kids have never failed entertaining me or making me laugh. Their sense of humor cracks me up.
      So glad you found it. It’s especially annoying to me when I know where I put something and can’t “see” it and then find it later right where I looked.
      Yes, I love when synchronicity is at play.
      Thank you. The wedding is a month away, but better to book flights early.
      Hope your weekend is blessed.

    • I live my life as always, but at the end of the day I rewind and think of my creative activities, what I was grateful for, and what brought me joy, The awareness part helps me pay attention to the moment several times a day. sometimes I stop to write it down, and other times I just go with whatever tends to stick out. I’ve debated whether to continue posting this online or not. I think I will post it here until the end of the year, and then I might just put it i my journal. However, if I do that I might decide to give up my blog. I’m going to see how the year pans out with some other things I have going on.

  2. Love this thought, Suzi — The “zone” is a great creative place to be…time soars and much gets accomplished. Yes, indeed!!
    Sounds as if you’ve had another productive, wonderful week. I think you’d better be careful of that glass on the floor, though, because a trip to the hospital would totally spoil such fun!

  3. Ah, synchronicity – isn’t it always an ah-hah moment when it happens? I smile at your awareness that something looked easier in the video – this is a universal truth in my experience. And I literally, physically touched my heart at your words, “the heart knows no distance.” No, it doesn’t. Especially where our children are concerned.

    • Synchronicity helps me to know I’m on the right path…I love the reminders.
      Yes, everything is always easier on Youtube!
      Yes, we parents hold our children close no matter where they travel ot how old they are.

  4. Sounds like you’ve been busy! Lots of good things, too. You should mail Youngest a taco! 😉 I broke a glass as I put it in the dishwasher. I thought all the broken pieces went inside, but no, I stepped on a tiny piece on the other side of the kitchen a couple days later.

  5. What an enriching week, Susan.
    I can’t believe that individual wanted to photoshop your picture in such a startling way – it was the right call to say no.

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