Define and Design 2016, Week Thirty-two

“There are no facts, only interpretations.” ~Friedrich Nietzsche

Both photos are of the same scene but with a different focus. Life is all about perspective.


In this photo I focused on the Queen Anne’s lace, and the back ground is a blur.


In this photo I focused on the fog rising from the mountains, and the wildflowers are a blur.

August 5

Creativity: Taught myself to mind map using Excel…yay me! Stained glass design

Gratitude: a light and shortened work day. At the end of the day, I accidentally locked myself out of the house…a dear friend kept me company on the phone until the hubby was able to get home to let me inside.

Joy: Mountain weekend!

Awareness:  Remembering things don’t always happen in my timing…I am not in control…if they are meant to be they happen when the time is right…things I’d let go of are happening. Surrender can be a good thing. There is a difference between surrendering and giving up. I’m a full believer in letting things be though I sometimes don’t follow my own advice, ha!

August 6

Creativity: Writing, Photography

Gratitude: Not getting bitten by a snake! Roadside Black-eyed Susans, garden fresh tomatoes

Joy: family, gravel roads that lead to nowhere, rain showers (even though it created havoc with my hair!) Standing in fields of wildflowers watching the fog rise over the mountains.

Awareness: The rain-soaked cedar glistens in the early morning sun; raindrops morph into stars. Wind sweeps through the maples and oaks, overturning leaves of water…the trickle of drops tinkle from leaf to leaf. The creek sings a lullaby in the background while nature’s song (crickets and frogs) sends shrills into the morning air. A dog barks in the distance. A yellow finch, flycatchers, and sparrows dart and chirp about in their pursuit of breakfast. The broad hands of the walnut tree gently wave her hands; peridot jeweled fingers rise and fall to the tune of morning. Scents of cedar, rain, grass, and wildflower…wood and earth fill my lungs. White tufts of Queen Anne’s lace reach for the cloudy sky. Light and shadow dance across the meadow. Raindrops rumple across the tin roof. Cup of coffee in hand, DirtMan and I pause and take in this meditation, a balm to our souls. I open my mouth to breath, and I taste life. How sweet it is.

August 7

Creativity: Photography

Gratitude: Butterflies, birds, babbling brook, wildflowers, fresh spring water (running from the mountain not from a bottle!), grapes from vine to mouth, (natural) jack rocks, a visit with my 89 year old twin aunts at the nursing home

Joy: ATV riding with DirtMan…sun on my back and wind in my face, time with my sister and mom

Awareness: On the back of an ATV, soaring downhill so fast I can barely catch my breath yet I can smell wild mint with a mix of floral and spicy tones…butterflies of all colors (Monarch, Swallowtail, Painted Lady, Cabbage White) flutter and dance across the meadow of wildflowers (Queen Anne’s lace, wild sunflowers, Black-eyed Susans, Cardinal flowers, and yellow, blue, purple and pink nameless (to me) wildflowers.

August 8

Creativity: Writing

Gratitude: purchased a day planner I like a lot

Joy: Book Club, great discussion!

Awareness: When I listen to other’s perspectives I catch a glimpse of things I cannot see alone…this one thing can change my attitude or my course of action. If nothing else, it simply enables me to understand the situation at hand.

August 9

Creativity: Writing

Gratitude: Slept in an hour later than usual. Slipping back into the comforts of daily routine.

Joy: DirtMan and I finished the lovely bottle of wine we purchased at Ruth’s Chris over a week ago.

Awareness: Sometimes the tension in my body is of my own doing; focusing on the wrong things and other times a lack of focus in general.

August 10

Creativity: Stained glass design, photography

Gratitude: DirtMan fixed my photo “thingy” (see how technical I am?) on my laptop and also installed/updated programs

Joy: Completed my fall/winter business schedule, and finally chose a week to take vacation.

Awareness: We tend to think we choose purpose, but purpose chooses us. Purpose is bigger and stronger than a body. It might feel relatively simple and perhaps not something you selected, rather something you were led to.  Regardless, the urge continues and pieces of the puzzle continue to fall into place. If one spreads wings with purpose it can grow into something not as simple or as small as first imagined…dare to dream big!

August 11

Creativity: Stained glass design

Gratitude: Catching up with my week; it’s about time since it’s almost over! Remembering to do two things today that I’d meant to do for the past three days!

Joy: Talked to two of my sisters and my mom today.

Awareness: As the sun is slipping from view, a golden light trickles in and out pine boughs dancing in the wind. The sky behind the treetops drifts to white as the gold travels down the tree trunks. Then the white drifts into grey and the gold is gone for another day.

27 thoughts on “Define and Design 2016, Week Thirty-two

  1. Wonderful awakening. Thank you for your first pictures. Both perspectives are beautiful. The thing that caught my attention was the fact that the flower is considered a weed by others in my home and I thought they were Queen Anne’s Lace, but doubted myself. You have made me very happy knowing I was right.
    Rain ruins my hair as well, but it is necessary for the flowers that make the world more beautiful.

  2. Love the awareness of purpose on August 10th. Purpose DOES find us and niggles and tugs and tickles us unless we pay attention. The pieces falling into place? Yes! Life gets curiouser and curiouser as observed in Alice in Wonderland.

    • It’s funny how I’m came into the small business I run. I had someone once ask me to take over her business. I said no, never in a million years did I want to get into childcare; besides I loved my career. Then I quit working to be home with my children and started watching a friend’s baby…and the rest is history. Every few years I say I’m going back to work outside the house, and I just can’t stand to leave the little ones. I’ve been offered teaching positions, but I love what I do. I honestly think I’m pulled to it because my childhood babysitter made a huge impact on my own life. And whenever I start to feel small, a gentle tug at my heart strings reminds me of what an honor it is to do what I do every day. If and when my purpose changes I will recognize the urges and synchronicity that point the way. And I fully believe we each have many purposes….that’s why we’re so busy!

  3. “I’m a full believer and letting things be though I sometimes don’t follow my own advice, ha!” Me too, Suzie. 🙂
    How wonderful that you have twin 89 year-old aunts. I have one aunt who’s 89, I talk to her every day on the phone…I’d love to have two! Have a great weekend. I love your photos.

  4. My aunts are a treasure. In their younger years they were identical. Leading very different lives (one was a big time sun tanner without children and the other had children and owned a farm) has paved their appearances uniquely though both are still beautiful and look alike just not identical any more. Of course, they have vastly different personalities as well. I am truly blessed to still have them. I love that you talk to your aunt every day! have a fabulous weekend.

    • Yes, that would not have been good! Years back I ran out of the door to give something to my hubby who was talking to some people working on the house (thankfully he had not left for work yet) and one little munchkin locked the door and laughed at me through the window. It took me ten minutes to coax her to open the door…at least hubby was there to open it if she didn’t comply. I’ve gotten into the habit to carry a key when I walk out the door. The day I locked myself out I was going to the bank and put my purse down to endorse a check…as soon as I walked out and heard click (force of habit locking door when I go somewhere) I knew exactly what I’d done! Fortunately, the hubby was just leaving work so I only had to wait about 25 minutes!

  5. I love the difference your focus makes in the two photos! And your awareness description of Aug 6 really put me there in my mind. Beautifully worded. I will always be grateful for fresh cherry tomatoes, warmed by the sun, plucked off the vine and eaten like the sweetest candy!

  6. Suzi, those two photos are amazing — how fascinating to focus on one “piece of the puzzle,” then change our view to another piece! And I love your “dare to dream big” on Aug. 10! Glad you didn’t lock yourself out of the house on a miserable day…without your phone!!

  7. Thank you,
    Yeah, right? So glad it happened on a non stormy day, and had my phone in my hand. It was close to a hundred degrees, but at least I didn’t have to wait long!

  8. I began making my own knitting patterns and this week i have found out how to create fair isle patterns using Excel – I have impressed myself this time :). I am loving my new camera, playing with shots and seeing what comes out.

  9. Awesome, you go! Isn’t it fun making your own designs? Post processing photos is interesting. But time consuming, which is why I seldom do it. though looking at my hubby and friend’s photos it is worth the time and effort. I’m just lazy, ha! There is a program (though I have no idea how to use it) that will take my photos and turn them into machine embroidery patterns. The hubby has offered to show me how, but we just haven’t seemed to have the time to prioritize it into an entire weekend, maybe some day…

  10. I love the contrast between the two photographs. It’s wise to be mindful about the big picture, but also have a awareness about the fine details. I am also a firm believer in surrendering.

  11. I love the dew drop in the first photo and the bouncing clouds (fog) in the second. Your awareness on Aug. 6 was beautiful. You took the time to see and hear everything around you, to enjoy the world and let it affect you. Then you wrote it down and shared it with us. What a lovely weekend in the mountains!

  12. I love the photos. Same picture, two different perspectives. I also like what you said about your book club.”When I listen to other’s perspectives I catch a glimpse of things I cannot see alone.” That’s one of the things I like about the book club I belong to. Seeing things in a way i never considered before is always enlightening. Great post!

  13. Yes, I love book club. Seeing perspective of the reader is especially important to a writer. It helps me understand what makes books enjoyable for others, not always the same thing I enjoy.

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