Define and Design 2006, Week Thirty-one



“Gratitude bestows reverence, allowing us to encounter everyday epiphanies, those transcendent moments of awe that change forever how we experience life and the world.” ~John Milton

July 29

Creativity: Writing

Gratitude: a fun day and a relaxing night

Joy: The contentment of being home and not traveling this weekend

Awareness: Reading each other’s minds: DirtMan got home from work a little early so the house was still reverberating with childish chatter and squeals. When the last one left, we settled on the sofa with a beer.  I asked him to listen. We both took a deep breath and he said “silence”. Something neither of us had heard (or not heard, ha!) all day.

July 30

Creativity: Writing

Gratitude: a rainy day to read and cat who snuggled with me all day

Joy: Hubby treated me to a dinner a Ruth’s Chris Steak House

Awareness: How validating it is to hear a total stranger speak words you’ve thought but never shared, and how affirming it is to be inspired by those of like minds.

July 31

Creativity: Writing, stained glass (foiling)

Gratitude: the scent of homemade spaghetti sauce permeating through the house, reading (finished “House Rules” by Jodi Picoult and started “H is for Hawk” by Helen MacDonald)

Joy: Phone call from Youngest

Awareness:  How comforting the tinkle of rain and the low grumble of thunder can be on the soul…and equally how disturbing the simple thwack of a pinecone on the roof can be in the midst of the calm.

August 1

Creativity: I’m claiming crafts with the kiddos today! (It’s a M-F art class, but only claim the creativity when I got nothing else!)

Gratitude: When things fall into place, messages I hear when I actually listen with more than my ears, essential oils (today’s picks are lavender and chamomile)

Joy: Picking up and understanding a book I once put down once because I just didn’t get it…timing is everything, sometimes growth must occur before digestion is possible. DirtMan and I watched the birds through the backdoor window.

Awareness: Sometimes I wonder if I have the intellect, discipline, organization (or some other needed tool) to accomplish some of the things I dream of doing…and then I remember some of the miraculous things God has equipped me to do, and realize if those things are possible these are possible as well. The human body is an amazing thing, and once someone uses the tools equipped within it, wow, talk about possibilities!

August 2

Creativity: Writing

Gratitude: successful morning meditation, Himalayan salt lamps, herbal tea

Joy: Confirmation from my sister’s doctor that she will not need chemo or radiation! DirtMan and I hit the sack early…he was watching a movie and I was reading a book…in a matter of minutes he was out. Still, just having him sleeping while I was reading was comforting.

Awareness:  The rain pounds the roof and slides sideways across the yard. Water falls from the neighbor’s roof in thick sheets, appearing as if someone is sweeping snow through the air. The street floods. The sky rumbles, and occasional streaks of lightening pierce the rain. As I am enjoying nature’s show I realize there are many mail carriers and other many others who are in the midst of this and probably not enjoying it. It’s all a matter of perspective, or in this case possibly position (whether one is inside or outside).

August 3

Creativity: Writing, Created a sacred space/an altar using items which tug at my heart strings: angels and frogs gifted to me, prayer/meditation beads, an essential oil burner carved of soapstone, petrified wood, driftwood, purple (amethyst) geode, an Indian bowl (soapstone carved hundreds of years ago by Monacan Indians and found by DirtMan in the creek running through the family property, this bowl is filled with rocks and fossils I have collected or ones found and gifted by my sons.) This altar overflows with textures, colors, and history that move me and hold me in this sacred space of life.

Gratitude: I have discovered my studio is set up for all my creative endeavors which include writing. However, with the things cluttered on my desk it makes it unappealing to work on the project I should be. My intention for today was to declutter and make my desk inviting for inspiration. I not only did it but I also did another corner of the house I claim, yay me!

Joy: Early morning solitude and meditation time…Miss Kit Kat joined me. Candles. An online class. Wind. Texting with a friend I hadn’t heard from for a while. A surprise check in the mail! I know, that never happens, right? Well you see, I have some of my items placed in a museum store in my hometown. A while back I removed some of them and one was missing according to my records. They thought I miscounted so I let it go. The item sold and I received the check…so hmmmm, guess my count was correct after all.

Awareness:  Food for Thought: Blame shifting negates the power and sincerity of an apology. We are each personally responsible for our actions and or reactions. What I think is a choice…remembering that is liberation of sorts.

August 4

Creativity: Writing

Gratitude: Rituals: They are not always done as a religious ceremony, but in the order of things, the sequences of life, ways to keep us organized, comfortable, and sane. I find daily habits are to shake; while I am not confined or defined by them, they are a large part of who I am. Wind makes the heat of the day tolerable…and tonight it feels cool, almost autumn-like.

Joy: Being a mother to sons. I had a most incredible conversation with Youngest and a good chuckle with Oldest. I’ve enjoyed all the ages and stages (perhaps minus a few of the adolescent stubborn moments, ha!) of raising sons, but I must say my heart is full knowing they are living the dreams they’ve pursued and aspiring to higher visions for themselves.

Awareness: Holding Space: I’ve been thinking a lot about this, how we hold a space in our heart for those we love, how we lift them in light whether they need us to or not, how we are always there for them. There were times in my life when things went wrong, terribly wrong and there was no one there for me. But God was always there, always holding me and carrying me. And I held Him and carried Him in my heart always. My heart wept, and He listened. When I listened I received messages and synchronicities, the angels at work and play. So yes, I hold a space for those I love. And always, I hold a space for God as He has always held one for me, even when I felt most undeserving.

20 thoughts on “Define and Design 2006, Week Thirty-one

    • That is awesome! I want to learn to do that. I’ve been looking for a mind mapping app compatible to my Fire tablet, but I might just learn how to do it on one of the Office programs. However, I haven’t had much success in learning how to teach myself some of the other programs…I need human tech intervention, ha!

    • This intrigued me so I went into Excel and figured out I can use it to mind map…I was going to purchase a mind mapping app but you’ve saved me from spending the money on it since this program will do it for free. Thank you, Beverly!

  1. So much to love about this post, Suzi! De-cluttering frees the physical and spiritual self; watching sons pursue their dreams fills a mom with pride; snuggling with a beloved pet on a rainy (or any other kind!) of day brings peace. And realizing the ever-wonderful presence of God — even when we don’t think we deserve it — confirms His Love and Joy in His creation. Well done!

  2. Don’t you just love those silent pauses of togetherness 🙂 and I could almost smell that spaghetti sauce wafting through the PC 🙂
    And nothing nicer than a cat upon your knee and a good book to read. How often did I do that.. Sigh..
    What wonderful news too about your sister Suzi.. Big smiles about that. 🙂
    Love your alter.. And I also love the Willow Tree Angels. And have too many 🙂
    My eyes are filled with salty tears as I read your last paragraph Suzi.. I give thanks daily for his invisible strength..

    Love and Blessings dear Suzi.. Enjoy a wonderful weekend and another Fun and Loved packed week my friend
    Sue ❤

  3. Those silent togetherness times are wonderful. Funny how when we were younger we felt we had to talk all the time and silence was awkward. Now it seems like completeness.
    Those Willow Tree Angels were all gifts from friends. I love them. I started to collect them myself, but figured I’d have way more than needed and wouldn’t mean as much to me as the sentiment behind the gifts.
    Love and blessings to you, dear Sue.

    • Yes I know what you mean about the sentiment about the gifts of Willow Tree Angels.. I have one to mark the birth of my granddaughter which is special.. Only just seeing your return comment, either it didn’t appear in my notifications or I missed it.. ( I have noticed if I do not log in to Wp for a few days not all the responses stay in the notifications )
      Wishing you a super weekend.. Love Sue xx

  4. I love the opening quote by John Milton. Thanks for sharing. Also, I hope you like “H is for Hawk.” I had the chance to hear her speak and she is a delightful and introspective writer.

  5. You’re welcome. Along with my book club, we had mixed emotions with “H”. We loved her lyrical writing, and the journey with the hawk, but we really thought it could have done without the switching back and forth about White. We never really understood her obsession with him/his relationship with his hawk…at least not to the point of deserving half her memoir.

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