Define and Design 2016, Week Thirty


Truth is a deep kindness that teaches us to be content in our everyday life and share with the people the same happiness.~ Khalil Gibran

July 22

Creativity: Writing

Gratitude: A light and short work day, accomplished things that needed to be done, short trip to the park, reading time

Joy: Dinner at home (doesn’t happen often on a Friday night) early bedtime

Awareness: The sun, a giant glowing grapefruit, stretched the pink, purple, and yellow tiers of her evening gown across the sky and surrounded us in her warmth of dusk.

July 23

Creativity: Writing, reading reference books, creating essential oil blends for the home

Gratitude: Answered prayers, early morning lounge time, housework done, reading and writing time, mowed grass in 98 degrees and didn’t feel sick…yay! Replaced the bulb in the Himalayan salt lamp in my studio

Joy: Sushi and sake with the hubs

Awareness: A mixture of earthy, spicy, and floral scents fill the air and envelope my soul. I am filled with both warmth and wonder; comfortable and observant, creativity flows like the river of life.

July 24

Creativity: Writing

Gratitude: Reading, writing, and reflecting time; I love stumbling across a gem of a book in a simple Facebook post…I wish I could give credit to whom it’s due but I can’t remember. Anyway, the book is “How the Light Gets in: Writing as a Spiritual Practice” by Pat Schneider After note: This is not so much a reference on spiritual writing but on the author’s practice. However, in reading it I did find myself more in touch so to speak.

Joy: DirtMan surprised me by serving me breakfast in bed

Awareness: Backstory. How important is it? Love is unconditional. Is that truth or a lie? I say it’s both…Here we go (these are hypothetical): A woman cuts you off in the parking lot. A teenager is screaming obscenities at people passing by. The woman just found out her child has cancer. The boy’s parents are getting divorced and he is being sent to live in another state, leaving behind his friends, his school, all he’s ever known for 15 years. Before you knew the backstory would you have scoffed or reacted negatively? After hearing the backstory did your attitude change, did you want to give them a hug? How did your answer change from when I first asked about the importance of backstory or said love was truth and a lie? Note: I have no idea why I put this in awareness or even why backstory and love are on my mind today. It was just something that popped in made head and made me think, and we all know I like to get people to think and reflect.

July 25

Creativity: Writing, photography, painting

Gratitude: A busy but pleasant work day

Joy: Post Op report for my sister is they got ALL the cancer, yay!

Awareness: There are many holy moments in life. Some are rooted in religion, others celebratory. And then there are those sacred unexplained times when one feels the presence; the beautiful, miraculous flow of life.

July 26

Creativity: Writing, photography

Gratitude: cantata of birds, cicadas, and tree frogs

Joy: Some days when the air quality is just so I can hear the church bells around the corner toasting their crystal goblets to life…today was one of those days. The hubby thought he was going to have to work late but he didn’t.

Awareness: Life continuously fluxes between ego and spirit. One drives us and the other rides us. Truth is we are the driver and the rider, a character and a soul pushing through the storms of existence.

July 27

Creativity: Writing

Gratitude: My hairdryer died so I had to get another one, and it’s AWESOME!

Joy: Dinner with the family, talking with loved ones (whether in person via telephone or text…it’s the communication and intent that’s important), cardinals on the fence

Awareness: There are times I am in awe when I think of when I worked full time, was raising children, taking care of a house, and chauffeuring children to events along with my own activities and I still had energy left over…now my days and nights are not filled with activities but I find myself exhausted. I guess it is part of life’s aging process.

July 28

Creativity: Writing

Gratitude: waking up to a wet world due to a much needed overnight shower, a light day, three concerns for three different loved ones resulted positively (these can also be placed in the joy section!)

Joy: A peanut butter and jam sandwich…I haven’t had one of those in ages.  And I’ve never had elderberry jam. (Bought this at a farmer’s market, and find it a delightful treat.) Now I remember why kids love this old standby meal.

Awareness: My house is snuggled beneath a canopy of trees. The trees gently sway beneath a cover of puffy clouds. We are surrounded with beauty and comfort which protects or nurtures us in some way yet has the ability to cause us harm.

21 thoughts on “Define and Design 2016, Week Thirty

  1. Sometimes the Old has to ‘die’ out to be replaced by the New.. Happy your happy with your new hair dryer 🙂 and oh those aroma’s from your creating essential oil blends, I can just imagine..
    And yes Back stories are all important Suzi.. I often tell people not to judge on appearances.. We never know the background of what drove a young man or woman to become drug addicts or as to why they turn to crime.. Often Anger is born through the lack of Love..
    And we who were nurtured when younger are the Lucky ones..

    Wishing you a delightful Weekend Suzi.. Enjoy all your creative talents my friend Love Sue xx ❤

  2. I will return to read more… This caught me falling into my own darkness thus I pondered a bit more deeply. My gratitude to you…. Your offerings here were like a sprinkling of soft spring rain in the dry desert hell. xx

    • I have a feeling I will make more pb&j sandwiches on our little excursions!
      Hope you’re having a great weekend. Lots of rain and thunderstorms here, but still good.

  3. What GOOD news about your sister, Suzi — I love it when prayers are answered as we hope! Sounds like you’ve had another busy week, too. Let’s not call it “aging” — let’s just say we’re slowing down a bit to smell the roses!!

  4. So much is familiar in what you say about having time now to become exhausted over doing less. And I love the part about the nurturing care of nature and other such lovely things like trees that can also offer potential harm.

  5. As I was reading this: “Joy: Some days when the air quality is just so I can hear the church bells around the corner toasting their crystal goblets to life…” the wind chime in my patio rang softly. It has a beautiful tone. I wonder if I would have heard it if I hadn’t been reading your post. My writing friends gave me the chimes when my mother died. They suggested that it would be a way to remember her each time I heard them. Thank you to you and my friends and the wind chime.

    • Beautiful! Whether this brought your attention to it or not, at least you probably had lovely memories of your mother running through your head. I think that was such a thoughtful gift from your friends. I have chimes in both the front and back yards. I also have a grandfather clock that chimes; fortunately, I can silence those as I can’t sleep with them ringing every fifteen minutes….but oh, how I enjoy them some days, just not every day.

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