Define and Design 2016, Week Twenty-nine

Boredom is the feeling that everything is a waste of time; serenity, that nothing is. ~Thomas Szasz


The Quarry Gardens, Schuyler, Va

July 15

Creativity: writing

Gratitude: the ability to say no to prevent being taken advantage

Joy: the stimulating scent of rosemary as water is poured on the bush, moon over the river, trains in the night

Awareness: As the road we were traveling blended into the dusk, flickers of neon yellow began to swoop over the car and darted around each side; a small joy of night driving on a country road.

July 16

Creativity: cut my sister’s hair (I don’t know why I always forget to include hair cutting/styling as a creative endeavor)

Gratitude: visiting with family, traveling familiar roads with DirtMan

Joy: farmer’s market, lunch out with hubby, winding mountain roads, lush green forests and fields

Awareness: The energy of love (the rising high spirits, the warmth and richness, the sensation of completion; isn’t it a wonderful feeling?

July 17

Creativity: photography

Gratitude: gathering of family and friends, my mother fell again and fortunately only suffered a bump to her head (not that it was nothing but it could have been worse)

Joy: private tour/short hike and photography session of the quarry gardens, wee hour morning call of whippoorwill , hummingbirds, water reflections, seeing my stained glass hung in someone else’s home (same wonderful feeling as seeing a quilt I made across someone’s sofa or one of my books on the table)

Awareness: the gentle melancholy that pulls at one’s heart and settles in the stomach when parting with loved ones…

July 18

Creativity: Writing

Gratitude: My mom had sent dinner home with me yesterday so I only had to heat it in the oven…oh the joy of comfort food!

Joy: a glass of wine and reading time, watermelon

Awareness: No matter how much evil there is in the world there is much more goodness. No matter how grim things might seem, I try to remember love conquers all.

July 19

Creativity: Writing, photography

Gratitude: Safe arrival of family members return to Georgia. Decided to cut my hair myself; when I had my hair cut the stylist said my hair wouldn’t do what I asked. Newsflash: It is doing exactly what I wanted now that I cut it myself!

Joy: A telephone call from a voice I needed desperately to hear. The first bloom on the Crepe Myrtle we planted last year

Awareness: In case you didn’t know or might need to know…gel nail polish doesn’t come off with nail polish remover. I had a manicure for my birthday and the nail technician told me she was going to use gel polish because it will last a long time. Why yes it does; now I know ‘firsthand’ (pun intended)!

July 20

Creativity: Writing, photography

Gratitude: My sister is doing well after surgery, had a kidney removed. I guess I need to back up here. Remember my sister was hit by a car while driving her Vespa? Well, the ER scans showed renal cancer. The accident became a blessing in disguise as she probably wouldn’t have found out about the cancer as soon.

Joy: Conversations with both of my sons. There are days I miss their childish chatter of yesteryear, but I’m enjoying these adult discussions. I skipped Writer’s Group and feasted on an ice cream cone!

Awareness: When I over concern myself with “fixing” something, it falls apart…and when I leave it alone it takes care of itself. Remember the potted flowers the squirrels tore up? All of the plant and blooms were completely ripped out. I gave up trying to salvage it and sat the pot on the side of the house a few weeks ago. I had forgotten about it and went to scoop some compost out of the bin (the pot was on top) and WOW; it is now filled with beautiful leaves, blooms will be next!

July 21

Creativity: Writing

Gratitude: market fresh peaches, communication with family and friends this week

Joy: Talked to my sister and my mom. My sister went home less than 24 hours after having her kidney removal…she is doing splendid! I have been listening to hymns today. I’ve always been moved deeply by both the music and lyrics; I feel it on a soul level. The strange thing is I wasn’t brought up in the church, but I’ve always gotten chills and been moved to tears when listening; hard to explain.

Awareness: I look around me and I look within me, and I know without a shadow of doubt I am deeply blessed: I see the beauty of the world in nature and in people. I feel love tugging and touching my heart. I hear the beauty of the world in voices, in music, in nature. I smell the perfume of flowers, the aroma of food, rain, dew, mud, the world around me. I taste the richness of life. I am able to live life through not only my heart and head but through my senses; and in all its simplicity and wonder what a beautiful life it is.

19 thoughts on “Define and Design 2016, Week Twenty-nine

  1. So glad to hear Peggy’s surgery went well. The Presence of God doesn’t require church walls to show up. Enjoy communing with Him as the music puts you in tune with a heavenly choir.

  2. Loved your quote this week:

    Boredom is the feeling that everything is a waste of time; serenity, that nothing is. ~Thomas Szasz

    These days, I lean toward serenity.

  3. I always enjoy perusing your observations and awareness in a week. From the little things (that are big in the end), the humorous and the poignant, written succinctly and so well. I had to look up with renal cancer was and appreciated the back story – she did, indeed, have a fortuitous accident – a guardian angel intervening on her behalf.

  4. What a busy week you’ve had, Suzi! That much activity can be a strain to someone who appreciates serenity, but it sounds as if you’ve managed to carve out some of that, too. Glad your sis’s surgery went well…and that your mom’s fall wasn’t worse. Creativity shows up in LOTS of forms, and certainly cutting hair is one of them. Have a splendid weekend!

  5. Sending my thoughts out to your sister Suzi for her speedy recovery after surgery.. and yes it appears that accident was indeed a blessing in disguise.. I hope she soon heals..
    Loved the photo image and the reflections in the water..
    And ditto, I cut my hubbies hair this morning, a job I have been doing for 41 years 🙂 so I must be doing something right LOL.. Yet I need to go to the hairdressers, 😉 haha.
    I smiled at your fixing something, then leaving it alone and it will sort its self.. Great about the blooms for next year.
    Yes we have lots to be grateful for Suzi
    I love farmers markets, though this time of year all we need do is go to the allotments..
    Loved catching up with your week..
    Me I have been chilling, turned off and tuned of the media and modems for a while.. I needed to get clear of all that is being pumped through our technical devices right now..

    Love and Hugs and enjoy your weekend Suzi..
    Love Sue ❤

  6. Thanks Healing is going better than anticipated!
    Made a pact with myself not to go anywhere today but to enjoy the comforts of home and sink into some serious writing…maybe pop up a bit for some other creative endeavors or bird watching. Thanks for stopping by. Blessings to you!

  7. I’m heading to the farmer’s market for fresh peaches. Thank you for reminding me about the sweet things in life! Sending wishes for your sister’s speedy recovery….

  8. Yummy! If you’ve never grilled one and topped a salad with it, try it; absolutely divine! Even without grilling it, it adds a delightful flavor to a vegetable salad.

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