Define and Design 2016, Week Twenty-eight


What you leave behind is not what is engraved in stone monuments, but what is woven into the lives of others. ~Pericles

July 8

Creativity: Designed and sewed a project (a headband that can be extended into a scarf/cap to cover the top and back of head). I tweaked it a bit after I finished it, but otherwise it’s still cute and functional. After I alter my pattern I plan to make some more as it’s perfect for protecting my hair from the sun or wind.

Gratitude: a funny birthday card from my brother, my ability to sew, my kindle, inspiration

Joy: marriage of a sweet couple, Did I mention in the last few days that my amaryllis bloomed a second time this summer? An awesome birthday celebration at our favorite restaurant which is nestled back in our neighborhood, a bottle of 2006 Twomey Merlot-a gift from Oldest.

Awareness: How much I enjoy the company of my family and how much we miss Youngest now that he lives so far away from home…my heart was full last night yet it ached a little; make sense?

July 9

Creativity: creating craft ideas for the preschoolers and shopping for supplies for them

Gratitude: Witnessing the beauty of people we’ve known their entire lives grow up to be responsible productive citizens…watching them make a positive impact on this world

Joy: Celebrating love and marriage with friends, seeing old friends and making new ones

Awareness: Treated myself to a mani and pedi and yet found it difficult to relax…why do I feel guilty for taking time for myself? It’s not that I was needed by anyone or to do anything; I just kept thinking about what I could be doing, kind of like sometimes when I meditate.

July 10

Creativity: Playing with fabrics

Gratitude: breakfast out (Hair of the Dog) with DirtMan and Oldest, sure was missing Youngest today though.Backyard swing and birds. Visits from people I love.  Feeling incredibly loved and blessed. Another wonderful year of life.

Joy: A phone call from Youngest and others, A birthday song from my mom…now I know where I inherited my singing ability, bwahaha!, a precious birthday song video from my Goddaughter along with a text and phone call and a call from her brother, many birthday texts and messages, homemade biscotti. My friend’s daughter made me the most incredible gift ever; she overlayed the cover of a book (Jazz by Toni Morrison) with her own artwork, incredibly detailed scenes of the book…I am so touched and in awe. Froyo and a fabulous dinner by the hubby.

Awareness: “Because you are loved” words inscribed on the artwork done for me…doing for other because we love them; there is no greater gift.

July 11

Creativity: Writing

Gratitude: Love, life, happiness, good health!

Joy: Book club! New books! Fun in the Sun! Family!

Awareness:  The spark and flitter of lightening bugs and the distant call of a hoot owl ushers in the city’s dusk with a certain country charm. I’m so glad I live off the beaten municipal path where lots of trees and wildlife thrive.

July 12

Creativity: art project with the kiddos, writing, reading books about writing, threw together a homemade gourmet dinner at the last minute, yay me!

Gratitude: a short visit time with a friend, texts with my sister

Joy: Lightening bugs and hoot owls!

Awareness: We are told many things in life we automatically believe. Things of truth are innate, like love, compassion, honesty, self-responsibility, nurturing. Even fight or flight. Perhaps the honesty, self-responsibility are debatable…I tend to think they are primal unless taught otherwise. What do you think?

July 13

Creativity: writing, androidphotography

Gratitude: being appreciated, family dinners, a good book

Joy: an invitation for a private tour and photo session (more on this next week), finding something I looked for all last week, and yes, it was right where I kept looking but somehow missed it, ha! Knowing I’ve passed my bargain shopper genes down to my kids!

Awareness: Acceptance of situations out of your control is much easier on your health than fighting it.

July 14

Creativity: writing, androidphotography

Gratitude: a good night’s sleep and waking up well rested, movie time with the hubby

Joy: A bit of early morning and early afternoon time to myself, phone call from my sister, my amaryllis has yet another bloom!

Awareness: In the heat of the day, a female cardinal and a house finch eat from the feeder while a hoot owl hides in the pine limbs and softly calls their names.

9 thoughts on “Define and Design 2016, Week Twenty-eight

  1. Was this your birthday week, Suzi? Happy Happy B-day and many many more! Sounds like you had a wonderful week, with lots of creativity, rest, and socialization. Probably just the right combination, huh?!

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