Define and Design 2016, Week Twenty-seven

“Love and compassion are necessities, not luxuries. Without them, humanity cannot survive.” ~ Dalai Lama XIV, The Art of Happiness


July 1

Creativity: Writing, reading a mosaic project book

Gratitude: Today I like my haircut…guess it had to grow on me, ha! Five loads of laundry completed before noon! That means I’ll have time tomorrow for stained glass. Window panes (Ever looked at what can get through the screen but doesn’t manage to make it through the glass into the house? Not a big fan of spiders and other unknown creepy crawlies.)

Joy: My mosaic book arrived today! Outside time with the little ones!

Awareness: The time and effort put into people and projects pay off in friendships, appreciation (yours or someone else’s) of a job well done.

July 2

Creativity: cut stained glass for two projects, shopped for mosaic materials, organized glass and mosaic material in my studio

Gratitude: life, good health, left overs, no schedule, books,

Joy: Scored a $44 blouse for less than $3 including tax!

Awareness: If you just reach out (talk) to the people you run into at random places on a daily basis, you’ll be surprised of common denominators.

July 3

Creativity: grinding glass for two projects

Gratitude: a laid back rainy Sunday

Joy: phone calls from a friend and from goddaughter. My goddaughter got a part (and the only talking part, mind you!) in a commercial. This little girl ( young as she is) is conscious of her fellow man’s plight. The commercial is something about the coal miners in West Virginia where she lives. No matter what you think about fuel and natural resources these are people’s livelihoods. This small child is willing to speak on their behalf, and I am more than proud of her. I’m not really sure of the context of the commercial, but she always pulls for the underdog, wants everyone to have provisions and happiness, a truly empathic child. She is the type of child who will grow up to change the world. She started a toy drive at age three, and does it yearly, so that underprivileged children are able to have Christmas.

Awareness: The Oldest brought home the remaining contents in a keg from a party he and his friends had last night. After a glass of beer, I decided I didn’t want to cook dinner. I ordered pizza so I could laze about like the rest of the crew. Anyway, while waiting for the pizza to arrive I noticed the foam patterns in my glass, how they changed from one “picture” to another as I lifted tilted the glass hitting the foam with the liquid…and how amazing this would be if we could create art in similar ways. Yeah, I’m sure people already do this in one medium (paint) or another. However, it’s not something I’ve tried, and it really has me thinking…

July 4

Creativity: created summer curriculum and schedule for work days

Gratitude: family cook out, got the little kid’s pool ready, reading time, movie at home with the hubby

Joy: Movie (Me Before You, and I enjoyed it as much as the book) with my friend

Awareness: As much as I enjoy being with my hubby who I consider my best friend, I still greatly enjoy and need time with girlfriends.

July 5

Creativity: Fun and imaginative play time with the kids…sorry, that’s all I’ve got today!

Gratitude: Super fun and busy day with the kiddos

Joy: Messages from unexpected people. Finished my book club selection “The Quality of Silence” by Rosamund Lupton

Awareness: Playing is good for the soul! Good sleep follows hard play!

July 6

Creativity: Working on plotting a project

Gratitude: Another day of fun in the sun! Lazy evening time with DirtMan

Joy: Sharing photos and suggestions from some of our hikes to someone who is planning some hiking trips in the area we’ve often tread.

Awareness: I have absolutely no singing or dancing ability, but it sure is fun when the only ones watching are kids who participate! Kids have a way of making you feel young (at least, for a short period of time. You know…before the body catches up!) and alive. Their love is genuine, their curiosity is refreshing, and their enthusiasm is contagious.

July 7

Creativity: writing

Gratitude: a remote desktop, Black-eyed Susans, coneflowers, orange daylilies, puppies, babies, laughter, grocery stores, water, food, family, love, home, books,

Joy: time, sunshine, conversation with sister and Youngest, texts with friends

Awareness: Sometimes your first impression can be wrong (don’t judge a book by its cover!) However, if your gut instinct is still saying something is not what you’re seeing, don’t dismiss it. That deep feeling is often more correct than what we see and hear. (Sometimes strangers too close to your home can make you uneasy…especially if they have no business with you.)

19 thoughts on “Define and Design 2016, Week Twenty-seven

  1. Your goddaughter is so impressive. I’m convinced we come with a propensity to behave and engage in our unique ways with the world. Hooray for her! And I’m going to follow up with the movie/book.

    • She is something else. She regularly volunteers at the soup kitchen/shelter and other agencies. She now has the local Women’s League backing her Christmas drive. She makes the television and newspaper every year. She is quite an inspiration. Her brother volunteers with the SPCA and the soup kitchen. They both have ongoing project collecting and distributing goods to those needed as well as every December they do a good turn every day which involves collecting, filling, and distributing homeless backpacks and making projects for residents at the nursing homes. They are such an inspiration. I think they make a positive impact every day. I adore my godchildren.

  2. I love when I find bargains. Under $3 for a blouse – that is a score! Love that your goddaughter is having success. I can understand why you are proud. Have a good weekend, Susan.

  3. Suzi, I’m concerned about your last “Awareness” paragraph. One can’t be too careful these days, you know! On a happier note, I love that you’re plotting a new project and can hardly wait to hear about it. Have a relaxing, creative weekend!

    • Yesterday a man pulled up in a car and came into my sidevyard and was blowing bubbles…I thought it was some weird man (though I’m not certain he’s not by some other actions) who was trying to get attention of the kiddos I had out in the pool, so I grabbed them and went inside. Ends up he was going next door, still thought his behavior was odd, and wasn’t going to trust him to come through the side gate. He called my dog to the gate and started playing with her. At any rate, I will be watchful if I see him again, something seemed off with him. Not trying to be judgmental, but my gut was on alert.

      • Always listen to your instincts! They might be off once in a while, but better to be safe than sorry, especially with kids around. And no way do I allow people to lean over the fence and try to interact with Dallas. No way!

      • No, I haven’t asked. They are fairly new in my neighborhood, and aren’t quite like neighbors we’ve had in the past…his behavior might seem ok to them.

  4. I think alcohol inks would behave much like beer foam, and it comes in vivid colors. Your goddaughters’ parents must be very proud, justifiably so.

    • Oooh, alcohol inks are sounding even more fun! Eventually, I might just have to give them a try.
      Yes, her parents are very pleased with her compassion and determination.

  5. Wonderful news about the part with your Goddaughter Suzi and I live in a coal mining area, well the mines are now closed and I see the knock on effects of towns as work becomes scarce and the town starts to shut down also. The last mine near us closed this Spring. My Grandfather worked in the coal mines from the age of 14 to his retirement aged 65, and in those early years it was no picnic down there.
    That blouse sounded a real bargain and good to see you still happily crafting dear Suzi..
    Sending love and Hugs as you enjoy your new week of delights dear Suzi..
    I just finished washing a whole lot of strawberries.. now theres a delight.. xxx ❤

  6. Anyway, while waiting for the pizza to arrive I noticed the foam patterns in my glass, how they changed from one “picture” to another as I lifted tilted the glass hitting the foam with the liquid…and how amazing this would be if we could create art in similar ways. LOL! Inspiration can come from many places! Of course, this observation had nothing to do with the beverage intake, right?! 😉 Congrats to your goddaughter, and I like your new “do.”

    • At that point it had nothing to do with the beverage because I’d just started sipping…later when I was really contemplating it perhaps it had something to do with the beverage, ha!

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