Define and Design 2016, Week Twenty-three


Like life, this Yucca is filled with sharp edges. However, if you focus on those you’ll miss both the beauty and the sweetness. The aroma of life,let it fill your lungs and sustain you.

Creativity: Writing

Gratitude: Our maiden trip with Pearl, the new car. (We let go of the Oyster and got a Pearl! Naming our cars? Yes, we are silly like that!) We made it safely to the mountains…traveled through torrential downpours where we could hardly see in front of us. At least I couldn’t so it’s a good thing I wasn’t driving.

Joy: A mountain weekend with DirtMan, the sound of tree frogs in the night.

Awareness: No matter the clouds, the sky still sparkled with scattered stars…now that is just one delight of country life.

June 4

Creativity: Photography

Gratitude: Again, reaching our destination safely. We were traveling over a mountain during another storm; torrential downpours, lightening, flooding, mudslides…mowing (five hours of it) was completed before the storms hit.

Joy: Early morning porch sounds of the creek bubbling at the edge of the field, a train whistle in the distance, and the birds singing. Dinner and drinks out with the hubby after visiting the MIL.  A beautiful lightening show throughout our passage of the mountain …the black sky changes from black to blue to white in seconds, and the streaks and flashes add a bit of pizzazz.

Awareness: When the banks fill and water carves a new route…never underestimate the power of water…it will cut through what it must to move, and it will take out whatever it must to get where it wants to go.

June 5

Creativity: Photography

Gratitude: Waterproof boots, Indian Pipe (Monotropa uniflora, also called ghost plant) was everywhere we hiked along the creek. This was my dad’s favorite plant and we were walking the land he walked all of his life. I felt as if he was walking in spirit along with us. Hiking and photographing the family homestead and property with DirtMan….and we didn’t come across any snakes, yay!

Joy: Breakfast out with my mom and DirtMan. A rainbow after traveling through a downpour. Porch sitting, enjoying nature and cloud watching with my mom, especially delightful was hearing a Bobwhite in the mix of birds. Rusty horse shoes hanging on the side of the weathered barn and workshop.

Awareness: Most breathtaking-watching the early morning fog lift from the mountain range. Beneath the rising ghosts peaks of blue and green emerge.

June 6

Creativity: Writing

Gratitude: work day ending early

Joy: First two blooms on my gardenia bush

Awareness: I am the captain of my ship. I often make up excuses to myself why I’m not doing something when in reality I am the only one who can do the things I can and need to do. It is not up to anyone else to complete my goals or fulfill my dreams.

June 7

Creativity: Nothing specific, at least not in the “arts”. However, I did read some reference material on the craft of writing.

Gratitude: managed to run some errands after work

Joy: Cuddle time with the fur babies

Awareness: I had forgotten to take my amaryllis out of the shed in early spring. Last week, I took it out and it already had a bud on the stalk but only an edge of a leaf was visible. Today it has a beautiful triple bloom…however no leaves yet. How often are we lacking one thing in particular and think the rest of our assets aren’t enough to carry us through? Remember you are beautiful. Remember you are enough, just as you are!

June 8

Creativity: Baking biscotti

Gratitude: the end of a rough workday

Joy: Sunshine! Visiting with some friends I haven’t seen for quite a while

Awareness: A cool, brisk breezes brushes against my skin, sweeping across my soul and lifting me up, up, up…

June 9

Creativity: stain glass (foiling), writing

Gratitude: early morning accomplishments, a lighter workday than yesterday

Joy: The pursuit of dreams (mine and others)

Awareness: There are things we learn in life we forget, or perhaps we simply lose technique. After a few attempts it all comes back, kind of like riding a bike.

17 thoughts on “Define and Design 2016, Week Twenty-three

    • Pearl handled beautifully, though I wan’t the driver, ha! Perhaps it was DirtMan’s mad road skills and good eye sight. Hope your weekend is fabulous! Hoping to get to see my Goddaughter this weekend; she always puts a smile on my face.

  1. I really don’t like driving through torrential rains, especially if it’s nighttime. Glad you arrived safely to your destination. Love the image of your dad walking in spirit with you — having Daddy leave so soon is always going to hurt, but I’m glad he’s no longer in pain. Happy weekend to you and yours, Suzi!

  2. What a wonderful discriptive set of Gratitudes and Joy Dear Suzi. Nothing quite like an adventure as you travel through storms.. I am delighted you were safely dilivered to your destination.. Nature is hard to beat when she puts on her lightning show..
    After a week of beautiful Sun here, we had a storm yesterday and it hasn’t stopped raining since. Very muddly and warm out, that the mist rose .
    Which is why I am using the rainy day to catch up with you..
    Hope you enjoy your weekend my friend.. We make the most of each day 🙂 Love to you
    Sue ❤

    • I love watching the lightening shows. Crazy weather the past three weeks, went from cold and rainy to hot and rainy and now just HOT! Hope your weekend is fabulous. Kicked out all the work today, so tomorrow is relaxation time. 🙂 ❤

  3. What a wonderful thing to walk the land your Dad walked all his life. My Dad was afraid of lightning storms and willed his fear to me, so the height of the storm is when I feel that overriding closeness to him.

    • I enjoy walking the land, and usually do at least part of it every time I go back…over 200 acres so I have lots of places to choose. Perhaps your dad has his arm around you comforting you during those storms.

  4. This is such an uplifting post. Goes to show that creativity, gratitude, joy and awareness are things we can all experience in life. We tend to refer to these things as the ” little things” or the “simple things,” but in reality they are the important things.. 🙂

    • I only wish we had as much free time as we did a few summers ago…between the hubby’s job and aging parents, it doesn’t leave any time for canoeing or the kind of hiking we used to do. However, we need work to survive, and we do value the time we have with our loved ones. I just want a week to get away and enjoy the sunshine!

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