Define and Design 2016, Week Twenty-two

birdhouse looking out

Sometimes we appreciate the beauty of life more through glimpses rather than the big picture.

May 27

Creativity: Writing

Gratitude: faith, life, love, communication, connection, acceptance, support…how these play in my relationships

Joy: Didn’t feel like going out for dinner so we ordered in, reading

Awareness: How important it is to be there for others when you are needed, even if it’s only listening. Sometimes your voice might just be what someone else needs to hear.

May 28

Creativity: Stain glass design, cutting pattern and glass

Gratitude: not being on a time crunch and being able to take it easy as well as mowing the grass, doing laundry, and cleaning house

Joy: Mini trip (last rendezvous’ with the old Suby) to North Carolina, glimpses of barns, river, fields and sunset, sweet hellos from the three little girls from next door

Awareness: Early morning quiet time outside with a cup of coffee, except nature is not so quiet…though I can’t complain of singing cardinals and tohwees, chirping sparrows, scrambling squirrels, or rustling grasses. There’s something soothing about starting the day with nature’s noise.

May 29

Creativity: Grinding stain glass

Gratitude: Sold the old Suby

Joy: Breakfast out and movie time with DirtMan, visiting with some people I hadn’t seen in a long time, sprinkles and sun at the same time…no rainbow though

Awareness: The illusion of time.

May 30

Creativity: Quilting, writing

Gratitude: appreciation of those who secured our freedom, a day off making it a long weekend

Joy: Completion of a project, dinner cooked by DirtMan

Awareness: Often small (to humans) things affect animals on a deeper level. I bathed my dog (who was not thrilled) to find the cat lay beside her, sniff her, and promptly retreat under the bed for several hours. Did she think I was going to bathe her, too?

May 31

Creativity: Writing

Gratitude: a smooth transition in my work day, essential oils, phone call with a friend

Joy: The buyers picked up my old Suby today, and it went to a wonderful family. First rate service from our dealership…a piece of paper was overlooked that I signed but hubby didn’t and instead of us having to drive to dealership city to take care of it, someone stopped by our house last night to do it.

Awareness: Watching joy pass from a little girl to a dog and back. I let Wylie out to the back yard and I could hear the squeals of delight of the little girl next door. She was all smiles as she leaned over the side gate to pet Wylie. Wagging tail, Wylie bounced up and down in exuberance. She leaned over and hugged Wylie as well as she could through a chain link fence. This sweetness lasted until Wylie heard her dogs in their backyard and she had to visit them through the back fence.

June 1

Creativity: Writing

Gratitude: The internet for its multiple uses: business transactions, writing, information, recipes, tutorials, social media, email, music, reading, photos, videos

Joy: Visit with some friends

Awareness: Darkness fell over the room so quickly I felt I’d been swallowed by the night. Not the usual eye adjustment where I could see outlines and shadows.

June 2

Creativity: Writing

Gratitude: Because I had Monday off I’ve been ahead of myself all week…so nice not to be chasing myself around!

Joy: The hoot owl is back in the neighborhood! I hadn’t heard him for a long time, love listening to him call.

Awareness: I’m sitting beneath the air-conditioning duct wearing a bulky sweater and thick socks and drinking a cup of hot herbal tea. Only a fifty-something woman can appreciate the irony and necessity of this situation.

15 thoughts on “Define and Design 2016, Week Twenty-two

  1. Glad your transition from one transmission to another went well. Bye, Suby.

    We keep our A/C set to 81 during the day (lower at night). If I have to even think about wearing socks and a sweater in the middle of the summer, I go check the thermostat.

    • Yes, Goodbye Oyster and Hello Pearl…love the new Suby, too!
      We keep ours set as well; I was having a hot flash so I sat under the airflow, then I got too cold! (The trials and tribulations of menopause, ha!)

      • Gotcha. I thought someone else foisted the cold temps on you.

        My FIL liked to set the A/C for “sub zero” ~> everyone else had to bundle up in the middle of summer. Nuts! Agreeing to “Not Do That” was part of BFF’s pre-nup agreement.

  2. Love hoot owls! Every so often, deep into the night, I hear one outside my bedroom window. Most people might be frightened at its call, but like you, I find it comforting.

    Glad the transition to a new vehicle went well. So often, that sort of thing can be a source of stress. Sounds as if you’ve had a lovely week, Suzi!

  3. The cat probably didn’t recognize Wylie because the smell was wrong. Nature noise is so much better than people noise, although sometimes when my window is open and nature wakes before the sun is up, I question that.

    • My husband said she probably didn’t like her unfamiliar scent. I also question nature when the birds start at 5:30 on a weekend. I’m up during the week so I enjoy it; guess birds don’t sleep in on weekends, ha.

    • I like dabbling around a bit when it comes to creativity. I go through spells where I spend more time on one thing than others and then I go onto something new. I’m an ADD creative!

  4. I am about to go out and buy a garden chair, something portable. Although I have a shared garden here, it only seems to be that uses it at all and I love eating breakfast outside and sitting outside in the evenings.

  5. I’m in awe of how you can come up with these wonderful entries! I love the perspective of the photo today. It really drives home the point of quote. xo

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