Define and Design 2016, Week Twenty-one

May 20

Creativity: Writing

Gratitude: The sun is back! I am able to find all of my files (thus far) since installing Windows10.

Joy: Phone call with my sister and a catch up phone call with a girlfriend. Dinner out at a neighborhood café with the hubby and Oldest and saw neighborhood friends. After dinner a trip by Starbucks. The hubby and I checked out cars at several dealerships.

Awareness: No matter how exhausted one feels, if you throw in something fun, something you’re passionate about, the energy soars. Funny how we always manage enough stamina to do what we really want and put off what doesn’t interest us.

May 21

Creativity: Scrapbooking

Gratitude: Finally able to get my overdue mammogram done. Another great trip to The Fresh Market. Also was able to get clearance foam to make a travel dog bed for Wylie.

Joy: Car research and test drives despite the rain. We’ve narrowed it down to two makes. Hot chocolate and massage chair while waiting at dealership. Wine time and fun night with my Moon Chasers Tribe!

Awareness: Driving out of the neighborhood I watched a Great Blue Heron shake the rain from his wings and inch toward a Raven. The raven continued pecking at the ground while the heron continued to flutter about as if he was trying to infringe on the raven’s territory. The raven kept pecking at the ground, not at all intimidated by the size of the heron.

May 22

Creativity: Writing

Gratitude: Detailed the interior of our car before the rain ran us inside. Now we only have to do the exterior before putting it up for sale.

Joy: Crème brulee. A hot bath.  Watched a John Muir documentary with the hubby. We made a decision on a car, and the dealer located exactly what we want; just have to wait for it to arrive. It’s been a long time since I’ve had a new car. I’ve had mine fourteen years and it’s a 1999. I’ve loved my Subaru so we decided to purchase another one, different model. They work well for us with all of the traveling we do to the mountains.

Awareness: They say if you go to wash your car it will surely rain the next day…might be true but I can attest that rain surely does not wash a car, not enough “elbow grease” involved! Trust me, I was surely hoping the rain would do the job!

May 23

Creativity: Groomed the dog. Made a travel dog bed for Wylie.

Gratitude: The rain stopped by noon….yay, sun I’ve missed you!

Joy: A delightful homemade card from a wonderful friend. And then a phone call with her!

Awareness: When we find ourselves in uncomfortable situations we must endure, if we accept the situation for what it is we become willing participants, discomfort can come from resistance…humans and animals alike. (me-mammogram, Wylie-grooming)

May 24

Creativity: Throwing together an impromptu dinner, yeah I’m claiming that as creativity!  Android photography. Collecting and filing natural health and home recipes

Gratitude: I made it home safely…those of you who know me know I have a small radius I drive, and I avoid the interstate at all costs. (It’s not the interstate I despise driving but the on and off ramps send me into a panic.) Any way, I had to transport my new car home as we purchased it in another city. I chose a route with limited interstate driving, however due to the crazy traffic I might as well have stayed on the interstate as I’d gotten on and off anyway.

Joy: A joint text with both my sons…adore their sense of humor! Loving all the bells and whistles of a new car. Started reading a new book, The Snow Child by Eowyn Ivey

Awareness: Stress is exhausting. Now that I maintain a certain level of inner peace I find the things that would have sent me into a panic attack or highly upset me more or less tax me, deplete my energy.

May 25

Creativity: Planting my herb garden

Gratitude: Even though the squirrels  dug up portions of the flowers in my hanging baskets and pots, I still have some colorful blooms. I’m not sure what’s up with those stinkers, they’ve never done this before. Perhaps, they’re telling me they are tired of trying to raid the squirrel-proof bird feeders.

Joy: Backyard time with the birds. Wonderful phone chat with Youngest.

Awareness: The days are longer, but when the light fades our neighborhood disappears into the night quickly…at least, it so appears from inside the house. I go outside and all that blended comes into view. Light, darkness, shadows, vision; it can all be deceiving.

May 26

Creativity: Writing

Gratitude: Reading time

Joy: Another snail mail card that made my day! Two in one week, yay me!

Awareness: My dog has been watching too much television; obviously she has seen those Subaru dog commercials: We decided to take Wylie on her inaugural ride…we opened the doors and back hatch and she jumped into the driver’s seat!

14 thoughts on “Define and Design 2016, Week Twenty-one

  1. Congrats on the new car, Suzi — Subaru commercials are awesome! And what a lovely week you’ve had, busy with creative projects, interesting activities, and that all-necessary down time. Enjoy the holiday weekend!

  2. Good for you ~ picking out the car, buying the car, and . . . . driving it home! Sounds like a good week with a nice mix of activities.

    Have a nice L~O~N~G weekend.

    • I think so too, but figured some might think it’s cheating. Bottom line is we lead creative lives, but people tend to think of creativity only in the sense of a finished project rather than day to day living.

    • Thanks. I’m enjoying it. I absolutely loved my old car, too. I think the only car I’ve had that I didn’t like was my very first one as a teenager that I wasn’t allowed to pick out myself, but I actually paid for, and it was a big time lemon!

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