Define and Design 2016, Week Twenty


May 13

Creativity: Photography

Gratitude: A weekend in the mountains

Joy: being far enough from the city to enjoy a starry sky

Awareness: Silence is sometimes underrated.

May 14

Creativity: Photography

Gratitude: family, fog rising in the valleys and hanging over the meadows, country roads, rain on the river, lush green fields, blooming mountain laurel, seafood dinner, milkshakes, craft beer, and catching up with old friends, a jacket (fortunate I packed one since I packed all the wrong clothes for this weekend’s weather; forecast was way off!)

Joy: Hanging with the hubby on the river property in the rain…just like many times we’ve spent there

Awareness: How beautiful and peaceful it is to listen to the harmony of the river and wind singing their praises.

May 15

Creativity: Made a curtain

Gratitude: family, a husband who takes his time and energy to make sure my mom’s property is maintained, quartz stone, fields of wildflowers, safe travels ,

Joy: texting with one son and phone call from the other, visiting with my mom and sister

Awareness: Many of the things from which I am joyous are the very things that make me sick…allergies to the pollen of the gracious trees and beautiful flowers, and the molds from lingering rain. (Perhaps I should start taking antihistamines again. This is my first time in many years of not taking allergy medication.)

May 16

Creativity: Photography

Gratitude: My five day headache finally vacated the premises!

Joy: Even though I was wiped out I still managed to grocery shop and go by the bank, bumping into a friend, hot chocolate

Awareness: how quickly my body gets out of whack when it hasn’t had proper exercise and diet for a few days

May 17

Creativity: Writing

Gratitude: My talents, was glad some of my abilities was able to benefit Oldest.

Joy: A quiet house, each to his own tasks or joys; mine was reading.

Awareness: Four pairs of house finch flock at the front feeder…they all flutter to it at the same time…feathers fly in all directions except for the two who get a seat at the table. The others bide time on the ground and come from beneath to chase the diners away so they can take a turn at the buffet.

May 18

Creativity: Writing

Gratitude: Moments spent unwinding with the hubby at the end of the day

Joy: Writer’s Group, laughter and informative conversation

Awareness: Synchronicities of hearing the right words at the right time or coming across something that moved me beyond words.

May 19

Creativity: Writing, drawing

Gratitude: Pleasant attitudes of all I encountered today! My husband taught our sons at an early age how to use tools properly, repair automotive problems and fix household appliances…it’s nice to know as adults they are able to do most things for themselves rather than having to hire someone. My life has always been blessed by family pets.

Joy: a sense of humor, laughter and funny conversations with my family

Awareness: The mundane moments of connection during any given day are enough…those are the moments that comprise a fulfilling life for me.

12 thoughts on “Define and Design 2016, Week Twenty

  1. Suzi, I can’t fathom being without my Allegra! I’m confident it’s what makes it possible for me to continue enjoying the great outdoors. Pollen has been awful here (mostly trees and grasses right now), and no way can I stay cooped up indoors when the sun is shining!

    Dirtman was wise to teach your sons how to appreciate and use tools. Domer didn’t have that advantage, but he’s a big believer in Google…and he’s courageous in tackling projects. We did something good with these young’uns, huh?!!

    Happy weekend to you — such a busy week deserves a nice break!

    • Pollen has been horrible even with all the rain we’ve been getting.
      I think we are quite blessed with our young’uns!
      Hope your weekend has been fabulous!

  2. Cheers to silence, quiet and solitude. A weekend in the mountains sound likes the perfect way to explore this trio. Have a good weekend, Susan.

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