Define and Design 2016, Week Nineteen


Weeds or flowers?

May 6

Creativity: Android photography, art coloring book

Gratitude: Though a trip had to be cancelled due to a work emergency for hubby, we spent a Friday night relaxing, reading, and watching youtube videos.

Joy: Delivery of unexpected flowers from Youngest, and Oldest assembled the chair he bought me, and a surprise eight strand Earth bracelet from my sister…early Happy Mother’s Day to me.

Awareness: That moment when you realize you’re being led by your ego rather than your heart and you pull yourself back in to reassess and step back out in truth.


May 7

Creativity: Android photography and gardening

Gratitude: A husband who is capable and willing to repair almost anything in or around our house. Watching the birds in my yard: The juvenile female cardinal eats from the feeder while below a grey catbird feasts on a worm.

Joy: My first visit to The Fresh Market! Texts and video chats with my sons.

Awareness: The sun and clouds tussle for control…a few rain drops and a little warmth. However, the singing birds and romping squirrels have no problem sharing the tree branches.


May 8

Creativity: Android photography and building a bird bath (broke the glass bowl so I decided to place a slab of soapstone on the frame and place a pottery bowl on top, turned out quite pretty!)

Gratitude: a quiet day of all the things I wanted… a bit of creativity, a bit of writing, some reading, watching movies, enjoying the flowers and birds in my yard

Joy: Breakfast out with the hubby and dinner cooked by him…flowers, cards, texts, calls, and gifts; appreciation of my role in their lives from my hubby and sons and some others)

Awareness: It’s the simplest of words and gestures that usually are most heartfelt, offered and received.


May 9

Creativity: Writing

Gratitude: Dinner cooked ahead, only had to reheat. A friend sent me a photo of us and our other girlfriends from way back in the day, a blast from the past! Catching up with Youngest via phone.

Joy: Book Club!

Awareness: The more I know, the less I know; I will always be a work in progress.


May 10

Creativity: Mind mapping

Gratitude: Morning rain, now I don’t have to water the flowers I planted on Saturday.

Joy: Planning a reunion with friends from the past.

Awareness: The house doesn’t moan and groan of her aging ailments. The overhead fan whispers with each whirl of cool air brushing against my arms. Cool sheets drape my body. My breath, deep and content, snuggles into the softness of sleep.


May 11

Creativity: Writing, playing with color pencils

Gratitude: A late start to my morning…I love unexpected unstructured time!

Joy: Perfect timing of finding a reference book on my Kindle I’d forgotten. The view from my studio window…hanging baskets of ruby, magenta, and coral blooms.

Awareness: The silver lady drifted across the yard and through the pines pulling her sweat-drenched skirts behind her. House wrens flew through her ghostly image. Proof of her existence…tear-stained cobblestone.


May 12

Creativity: Writing/Outlining a project

Gratitude: Working from home

Joy: Yogi Kombucha tea, it’s the little things, folks! I really don’t know if this is beneficial or not but it tastes good. Besides, hot tea is soothing…and the inspirational tags attached to a Yogi tea bag is nice. I generally prefer loose tea, but if I use a bag tea I choose Yogi brand…why? Taste and inspiration; again it’s the little things, folks!

Awareness: The sloshing of running water muffles the whooshing of the plane flying over the house. There are times I hardly hear these things. There are days all noises are magnified which don’t necessarily bother me, but today I am hypersensitive to sound.

16 thoughts on “Define and Design 2016, Week Nineteen

  1. I love it when Nature takes over and does the watering for us 🙂 had one or two days like that here at the beginning of the week.. And great to see the birds feeding love watching ours too.. We have a resident Black bird.. he nested twice in our garden.. this year he’s chosen a neighbours but he gets his food here.. And he brought his two fledglings to see us too as he fed them.. 🙂 Lovely to see .. Have a wonderful weekend.. Loved reading again about your week.. Love and Hugs Sue ❤ xxx

  2. Every time i read these snippets of your life, I think what a great idea! Inspiring!
    I came across another blog who was doing something similar, but using different focus to you.

  3. I can so appreciate hyperactivity to sounds, Suzi, as occasionally that comes over me, too. I can remember when Domer was little and chatting on and on about nothing in particular, and I’d have to tell him to be quiet just for a minute or two, “so Mommy’s ears can rest!” Lovely week you’ve had — yes, hot tea solves most ills!!

    • Oh yes, I do have those days. I’ve been fighting a migraine for four five days (allergy related I think) so I’ve really been sensitive to sound and scent. Hoping to kick it out soon…don’t enjoy lingering unwanted visitors, ha!

  4. Seems like an important week of learning lessons. I often say the same, the more I live, the less I know. Thanks, Susan, for this glimmer into your life. I love how you’ve approached the year with these vignettes.

  5. A couple references to your hubby. He’s willing and able to repair things around the house, and he cooks dinner on Mother’s Day. You’re a lucky woman.
    Our farmer’s market is open now for the season. I missed it last week. Maybe this Saturday I’ll go. It’s always a pleasure.

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