Define and Design 2016, Week Eighteen

Night pics 005

While night sometimes fades familiarity like a dream, morning lights our lives back to fluency.

April 29

Creativity:  writing

Gratitude: Rainy…ordered dinner in

Joy:  a fuzzy blanket and a glass of wine

Awareness: Some stories end and initiate beginnings of new stories. These life experiences are for learning and character building. As painful as they can be, they are necessary. Every day starts as a clean slate. There are times I am overwhelmed with good feelings when I see people I love act instead of react and choose respect and responsibility.

April 30

Creativity: adult coloring books for the artist!

Gratitude: After running errands and cleaning house I had the rest of the day and night to read a great book, perfect for rainy weather!

Joy: cotton candy, feeling appreciated

Awareness:  No matter where we spread our wings, we carry a bit of our roots with us.

May 1

Creativity: Quilting, machine embroidery writing

Gratitude: DirtMan and Oldest delivered our old sofa to its new home. We got a few other errands taken care of today.

Joy: The sun came back out this afternoon after days of rain, and we’re headed into four more days of rain. I don’t mind the rain but I do enjoy the sun peeking through as well.

Awareness:  Sparkling stars in the daylight or is it diamonds in the sky? It is the glitter of the setting sun breaking through the tiny gaps of the pine boughs.

May 2

Creativity: Quilting

Gratitude: Things generally work themselves out or fall into place on their own accord.

Joy:  Some backyard relaxation time with the hubby before dinner. The first bloom in my iris garden!

Awareness: How good it feels for the soul when the body just breathes while the mind is at ease.

May 3

Creativity: Quilting

Gratitude: The new sofa and throw pillows arrived, and at the exact same time as that delivery another unexpected one arrived at my door…Oldest bought me a nice chair for my studio, a Mother’s Day gift!

Joy: Purchasing college graduation and Mother’s day gifts! Being able to do unexpected things for others.

Awareness: I used to make many life goals and often found myself disappointed, anxious, and frustrated. I find myself making few goals these days, yet I am content…

May 4

Creativity: Quilting, sewing a table skirt

Gratitude: Able to get some business work accomplished over lunch time.

Joy: Got a short visit with a friend, and a great phone call with another one

Awareness: Darkness crept over the neighborhood with a slow grace. The trees became shadows and houses lit like a model Christmas village. Time seemed to stand still in the quiet embrace of nightfall.

May 5

Creativity: Android photography, art coloring book

Gratitude: Had enough time this morning to bake and frost a birthday cake before work!

Joy: My “Cinco de Mayo” baby (Oldest) turned 30 today, and I don’t feel old just incredibly blessed.

Awareness: The Vinca vines and amethyst blossoms swing in the breeze. Three cardinals (two males, one female) sing to their hearts content as they flit about the backyard. Two vultures swarm overhead. The pines wildly swing their arms as if they can’t contain the secrets they’ve heard in the yard.

11 thoughts on “Define and Design 2016, Week Eighteen

  1. Happy birthday to your “little guy” . . . hope he enjoyed the cake you baked this morning BEFORE work. 😀

    One quick fix needed . . . this is week Eighteen. Last week was Seventeen.

    • Thanks. He did enjoy his cake!
      You know I did the same thing last week and had to go back to fix it…apparently I’m a week behind in life these days!

  2. Suzi, this I love: ‘No matter where we spread our wings, we carry a bit of our roots with us.’ So true. Happy Birthday to your son — you look far too young to have a 30-year-old, you know! Sounds like you had a lovely week, and how wonderful to get new furniture! Happy Mother’s Day weekend!

  3. Loved this weeks entry Suzi.. Nothing like curling up with a good book on a rainy day.. Oh and wait until your eldest turns 40… 🙂 and I still only feel that age too 🙂 LOL.. Wonderful activities .. You will have to at some point show us some photo’s of your quilting.. it is something I have only done on a cushion scale.. 🙂

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