Define and Design 2016, Week Seventeen


LanternAsia at Norfolk Botanical Gardens, This dragon is the length of a football field.


Made of silk

April 22

Creativity: writing, android photography

Gratitude: the rain, just enough to quench the thirst of our spring blooms

Joy: Dinner with hubby at our neighborhood Italian restaurant, pizza and wine…and gelato

Awareness: Feet cushioned in the plush grass, wind in my hair, grey clouds blocking the sun, thunder rolling, and the first few rain drops soaking into my skin.


This display is made with over a million china plates, cups, saucers, and spoons tied together with fishing line, no glue!


April 23

Creativity: sewing

Gratitude: made a new cushion/cover for the window seat…sort of looks like something I might have made in 7th grade home economics class, but the dog says it’s quite comfortable.  I’d forgotten what a pain it is to sew a zipper in thick upholstery fabric. The fabric and foam were on clearance because the store is going out of business. (The sale part is gratitude, the store going out of business is not.)

Joy: Met up with girlfriends to go to the Norfolk Botanical LaternAsia show…long line on the road and were only taken pre-bought tickets. It’s all good, we went back to my friend’s house and drank wine; lots of fun!

Awareness: The great thing about a group of women is we are self-entertaining. There is never a void in conversation. We can laugh and talk about anything. Everyone has something to bring to the table. A group where everyone is comfortable to be themselves, shares interests and wisdom, and has fun together is a good group.


April 24

Creativity: Does yard and house work count as creativity? Oh wait, photography! Yes, took loads of pics at the exhibit, and night photography was a definite experiment for me.

Gratitude: Slept in until 9:00 am, don’t remember when we’ve done that! Who knows how late we would have slept in if I hadn’t been awakened by a text message. We tackled the jungle in the backyard…yay, so delighted to be able to have some backyard fun now. We even got the rugs moved out and prepared for the arrival of the new ones.

Joy: Met up with my girlfriends (We pre-bought our tickets online this time!) and attended the Norfolk Botanical LanernAsia exhibit…Just wow, amazing!

Awareness:  Chasing the moon. Have you ever witnessed the appearing moon when for like a five minute span it is humongous? It was as if God placed a giant tangerine in view but just out of our reach. It shined brilliantly and seemed to be taunting us to catch it if we could, which we tried, by camera that is. We rode around trying to get a clear shot, and as soon as we arrived at a perfect locale it was back to a normal moon, not that we don’t love Luna is her normal radiant glow. After a bit of time giggling and attempting to get the perfect shot (and failing) we dubbed our tribe the Moon Chasers…notice not the Moon Catchers!


This display consists of tiny glass medicine bottles filled with colored water and tied together.


April 25

Creativity: photography, writing

Gratitude: Rugs and a new book arrived today, home cooked “country” meal my mom sent by my son who had gone to visit her over the weekend.

Joy: backyard time with nature, reading time, hot bath with essential oils

Awareness: I’m sitting in the backyard enjoying a glass of wine and listening to the birds sing and a bumblebee flutter about and bore a hole in the picnic table. A gentle breeze caresses my shoulders. The scent of mint takes me back to childhood days and romping near the reservoir. Funny how a scent or sound can transport you to another place and time.


April 26

Creativity: photography

Gratitude: Friendly people. A beautiful (and hot!) sunny day. Therefore, I appreciate air conditioning in the house. Got some business taken care of via telephone, including scheduling my overdue mammogram.  Though it was late by the time I got around to it, I got my grocery shopping completed!

Joy: Dark chocolate with raspberries!  Though I am still weak (this cold has been a doozy!) I managed to get back on the elliptical today, yay! A phone call from a friend.

Awareness: The night is dark. I don’t only feel like the curtain has been dropped, but I’ve been swaddled in its coziness. Surprisingly, I find comfort in this, not only the darkness but the heat…I might not feel like this in a month from now when summer is in full swing, ha.


April 27

Creativity: writing, photography

Gratitude: Morning coffee. Happy toddlers who all seem to be almost over their spring sniffles.

Joy: Music. Another new book!

Awareness: When my body/mind is tired, reading mandates snoozing.


April 28

Creativity: Writing

Gratitude: Family, especially my husband and sons. a good neighborhood watch website and neighbors who keep one another in the know

Joy: We found a home for our old rugs and sofa! The color purple, not the movie or book (Though I think it’s great!) or in reference to Prince (He was a brilliant singer/musician/songwriter.) but the color itself…I’m feeling really wrung out today and the color people does make me feel a bit of needed vibrancy.

Awareness: Stepping into a tuft of grass, blades wrap around my bare feet sending icy chills up my spine. The rain hitting my arms feels almost warm, not at all cold like the wet grass beneath my feet. Everything is grey, as if I could reach out my hand and pull a cloud against my chest.


Hope you enjoyed the beautiful colors as much as I did!

12 thoughts on “Define and Design 2016, Week Seventeen

  1. Suzi, I’m simply blown away by your lovely photos! The colors and detail are amazing — I can’t fathom how much patience must be required to set displays like them up. Sounds as if you’ve had another lovely week — glad to hear you’re feeling on the mend, too!

    • I can’t image the work to get this going, and to think it travels all over the place! They extended the stay here I think three times because it was so popular.

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