Define and Design 2016, Week Sixteen

Dandelion Wishes

Sunny days are made for backyard wishes.

April 15

Creativity: writing, drawing, android photography

Gratitude: It has been five years since my brother died. Instead of allowing sorrow to take over my day, I will rejoice for the years with him and the impact he had on my life.

Joy: I weighed in today, and I’m eight pounds down. The fact I feel better and my clothes fit comfortably is enough…but what can I say except admit I like the numbers going down. While I’ve cut out processed foods for the most part, if I really want something like a cupcake I indulge myself rather than eating around it.

Awareness: The farther away from the city, the less traffic. The closer to the mountains, the more relaxed we became….how great it is to get away on occasion.

April 16

Creativity: writing

Gratitude: Taking lunch to my MIL at the nursing home, and seeing some upgrades having taken place there.

Joy: Driving along country roads…very little traffic and everyone waves at you…beautiful blooms along the roadway…and then a beer at our favorite hometown brewery

Awareness: The shifting of emotions. I am always sad after leaving the nursing home. Spending time with the residents can be both heartbreaking and heartwarming. We tend to absorb ourselves in nature when able after leaving. We traveled through some of our old haunts. I didn’t quite notice the sadness melting away, but suddenly felt my heart was full.

April 17

Creativity: cooking dinner for loved ones and mowing (believe it or not but when mowing several acres one can get a bit creative in the process)

Gratitude: splintered sheds, rusty hinges, clay dirt, babbling creeks, dense woods, soapstone and quartz rocks…visiting my roots. Bumping into hometown friends from childhood.

Joy: Taking my mom out to breakfast. I am not particularly fond of breakfast and don’t especially like to go out for it. However, it is my mom’s favorite meal and she loves going out for it, specifically to a particular truck stop diner. The happiness she showed in us taking her was enough in itself. We rode around a bit afterwards and visited the area in which she was raised. Watching a Great Crested Flycatcher dart in and out of a nest she’d built in a piece of rolled tin stuck in the shed rafter…she was tending to her eggs but also scoping out a few snacks!

Awareness: Riding the lawn mower and taking in the beauty before me. The spring green buds stretched into the cobalt sky. Pink “fairy wings” (maple seeds) floated through the sunny day. Robins stood erect listening for earthworms and dipping their beaks into the grass only when a score was certain. A lone yellow finch hung to a scraggly tree limb watching.

April 18

Creativity: writing, drawing

Gratitude: Time enough to zip out after dinner and attempt to find a rug, a no go in finding one we want but we tried. Able to catch up on laundry and even grocery shop.

Joy: Dinner prepared by my mother that I only had to reheat in the oven…she makes the best beef stew I’ve ever had!

Awareness: Seeing or hearing words that are so true: “If it looks good, you’ll see it. If it sounds good, you’ll hear it. If it’s marketed right, you’ll buy it. But if it’s true, you’ll feel it” From the song, “My Oedipus Complex” by Kid Rock

April 19

Creativity: Android photography #nothingisordinary

Gratitude: finally finding and ordering a rug online, and it should even arrive (I hope!) the same day as  the sofa

Joy: Sitting outside on the swing watching and listening to nature while sipping on a glass of Pinot Grigio, usually not much of a white wine drinker but this beautiful sunny weather called for it!

Awareness: The balance of a squirrel-how he can climb the thinnest twigs and not flip off but manage to jump onto the fence line and run it like a tightrope, mating calls between the male and female cardinals-songs of love, how the oak leaves glisten in the sunlight and the pines wag their spindly fingers back and forth, the grace of a yellow monarch butterfly wings in flight, how time seems to stand still but passes so quickly while absorbed in nature, the woodsy-almost camphor scent of rosemary, the peppery apple aroma of Carolina Spice, the fragile lavender buds of lilac, the gentle rustle of Japanese Silver Leaf grass, whispers and crackles of tiny bird feet upon dried leaves, pings of falling pine cones…I love my backyard!

April 20

Creativity: writing, making a dandelion salve

Gratitude: a neighbor who allowed me to pick all his dandelions…surprisingly, we only had one in the front yard, probably because they’d all gone to seed, ha!

Joy: shopping for fabrics for a quilt, success on my first dandelion salve, an early bedtime

Awareness: When I listen to the needs of my body and spirit rather than ignoring the obvious signs my body appreciates it by healing quicker.

April 21

Creativity: writing

Gratitude: news of a successful surgery for a little boy

Joy: A lunch time filled with warm fuzzies: a cuddly cat, a warm blanket, a good book, and a cup of hot herbal tea

Awareness:  Today would have been my father’s 86th birthday. He was a man who respected the earth and taught me to do the same. What we give to the earth is returned to us. I was led to two books today, and can’t think of any greater way of honoring him this day than indulging in them. This is a quote from one of them: It is the energy behind the method that heals. In our culture we tend to be “addicted” to methods, forgetting that ultimately being a vessel of love is the greatest form of healing. By Sandra Ingerman, Walking In The Light: The Everyday Empowerment Of A Shamanic Life

8 thoughts on “Define and Design 2016, Week Sixteen

    • Let’s hope I’ve kept it off…had a bug this week and I swear as rotten as I feel I’m starving, ha! (And not riding the elliptical because energy is low…can’t wait to feel energized enough to get back in the groove.)

  1. Suzi, I admire you for not letting the sad spots of this week get you down! Perhaps we remember our loved ones best when we do something positive to honor them, rather than mope around feeling sorry for ourselves. After all, they’re in a better place, with no more tears or pain!
    Congrats on the weight loss, scoring a new rug, and listening to your body. There’s healing all around us and sometimes, we need to allow our wonderfully mysterious bodies to heal themselves.

    • Depression could easily creep up on me if I allowed it, Having them in my life was a gift, so that is where I choose to focus.
      The weight loss might have to start over…I am starving this week. First time I’ve ever been so hungry while sick, crazy!
      Now that the rug is due to arrive when the sofa comes, we hit another snag; the furniture store called and now said the sofa won’t be here until the first week of May, ugh! Oh well, time to regroup and get some other things done rather than be annoyed.

  2. I love that you aren’t partaking in sorrow to commemorate your brother’s passing, but choosing to remember joyous moments.

    Love that cutting out processed foods has worked so well for you, Susan. Keep it up!

  3. ‘m learning more and more much of life centers on how I choose to deal with things not within my control.
    I’m surprised how much better my body feels without the processed foods because I really didn’t eat that many. However, I’ve been sick this week and have turned to quick easy foods, and strangely I can’t seem to get enough to eat’ perhaps that is processed food in a nutshell!

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