Define and Design 2016, Week Fifteen


Claim the ordinary, for it is only a weed if you label it as such,

April 8

Creativity: writing

Gratitude: getting out of the house and not having to cook tonight, reading

Joy: sushi and sake

Awareness: Though I am an introvert, I notice how my spirit soars when I get out, not in the thick of people, just out of my environment where I can watch or converse if I choose…if there’s too much involvement I tend to wear out.

April 9

Creativity: writing

Gratitude: life

Joy: wine and caramel

Awareness: Sometimes choices can be binding or freeing, and what binds one frees another. It’s kind of like beauty; it’s in the eye of the beholder.

April 10

Creativity: coordinating colors and items for a room redo

Gratitude: decluttering…cleaning out cabinets, home life

Joy: buying new furniture

Awareness: While it can be difficult to let go of some things it is necessary to make room for new. It is incredibly refreshing when your space has been decluttered…and there are always more loads to be lightened and places to be cleaned.

April 11

Creativity: Photography

Gratitude: swift actions (recovery and future preventative measures) from our bank as our accounts were hacked and used fraudulently…someone was having a field day with “go fund me” pages

Joy: book club

Awareness: I often forget how enjoyable it is to just get together with a group of women to converse and laugh. I never realize how much I need it until I experience it.

April 12

Creativity: Writing

Gratitude: hot homemade lasagna on a rainy day

Joy: Texting back and forth with my niece whose birthday is today.

Awareness: Being a witness to happiness…laughing children, vibrations of a purring cat, wagging tail of a dog, smiles on faces, warmth in conversations, a sweet sigh, feeling of lightness and increased energy

April 13

Creativity: Writing

Gratitude: shelter, clean water, food, and clothing

Joy: The sound of absolute pleasure from those eating something I’ve cooked…Asiago chicken is divine!

Awareness: They wave their pearled fingers in the wind. The undersides of their arms a shade lighter than their avocado upper arms. They swish to and fro telling a spring story to all who listen. The leaves of the lugustrum are soft and smooth as satin while their blooms carry a slightly bitter, unpleasant scent.

April 14

Creativity: Writing, drawing

Gratitude: a reading list…always a good book waiting to be ordered and enjoyed

Joy: Prismacolor pencils, hot herbal tea

Awareness: A golden light cast tortoise shell designs across the trunks of the tall pines. Behind those trees the same gold spotlighted the boughs of the neighbor’s pines. Good morning Sun.

19 thoughts on “Define and Design 2016, Week Fifteen

  1. How beautifully you remind us that the joys of life are simple and are there for the taking – all we need to do is open our eyes and our hearts.

  2. Sorry about those hackers being “generous” with your money. Glad that bank put a stopper in place to prevent a future recurrence.

    Other than that, sounds like a good week.

  3. You, too, Suzi? Isn’t hacking the worst? Thankfully, my bank account wasn’t involved, but hackers getting into my website and LinkedIn profile were frustrating and aggravating. You have my sympathy.

    De-cluttering is always a good idea. Kind of hard to do in many cases, but oh the feeling of freedom once it’s done! Most of us have far too much “stuff.”

    • It’s a horrible thing. I’ve never understood why people want to take from others instead of working or try to cause them harm.
      I have lots more decluttering to do…that was only one room and still have the desk to go through!

  4. Maybe you are an ambivert, Susan? I find that after long periods of solitude, I crave conversation too. It’s all a balance, I guess! Have a great weekend.

  5. Oh, my. I do recognize the ‘weed’. It was my nemesis in the spring in my old garden. Now, without a garden I can enjoy its beauty. Enjoying this new series of your wisdom.

    • Yes, I’ve made peace with the garden “weeds” and decided to call them tiny jewels and let them be! I just ridded my neighbor of all the dandelions in his yard, ha! He was delighted and curious to what I wanted them for…to make a salve/skin lotion.

  6. It has been ages since I last joined a group of women to just laugh.. I do miss that since retirement as we would gather together… All fall away so quickly as many make excuses not to make dates to meet..
    Loved your week Suzi… Spring is making me all the more grateful as I breathe in the air and enjoy the beauty blooming forth..
    Lovely post.. Have a fabulous weekend.. Enjoy love Sue x

    • It is so easy to stay focused in our own little words, at least for me it is. It was a step outside the box for me to join a couple of groups, and it has been really good for me.

      • I am pleased..I keep threatening to join an art class, then I make an excuse not too LOL I will though perhaps when the darker nights come around again.. 🙂 As there are night school classes I could join.. 🙂 have a lovely weekend Suzi xx

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