Refine and Design 2016, Week Thirteen

March 25

Creativity: Writing

Gratitude: Saddened to hear of Earl Hamner’s death yesterday, but grateful to have known him and shared a hometown, a birthday (though 40 years apart), and a love of simplicity, and the Blue Ridge Mountains. And a love of words. In case you don’t know who he was, he was the creator of the television series The Waltons, among other series, and a wonderful writer.

Joy: A short but sweet surprise visit from my godchildren

Awareness: The trees gently sway their bodies and wave their fingers to the clouds saying, “Come on, we’re thirsty.” The grey clouds move over the cotton puffs and across the expanse of denim sky as if they are slowly reaching out to the beckoning limbs while deciding if they care to share. And then the sun pops out as if to say the joke is on them. Perhaps it will rain in the sunshine and give us a rainbow.


March 26

Creativity: writing, photography, lots of macro

Gratitude: The Scenic Route

Joy: Hike along the Pedlar river to Panther Falls

Awareness: I sit on a large rock above the falls. An eddy forms a cluster of ever expanding foam that drifts along a gorge in a boulder. The water waves and ripples as it rolls over, around, and beneath rocks and limbs. The river hums, whistles, sloshes, and roars. I close my eyes and listen to her sing her way home.


March 27

Creativity: photography, lots of macro

Gratitude: my husband taking care of some things for my mother

Joy: Laughing with my sister and mother, coming back in town to a manicured lawn courtesy of Oldest

Awareness: Beautiful Flowering and Budding Trees of Spring – Whites, lavender, purple, pink, scarlet, yellow, and various shades of green applaud us as we drive by. Redbuds are adorned in a million tiny amethysts while the red oak is dressed in rubies. A huge red oak appeared to be cloaked in tiny scarlet birds lifting their wings to flight. Bradford pears danced in sweaters of snow while the apple and cherry trees wore lacy pink layers. All the trees in their various shades of green buds rose to wave their jeweled fingers at all who passed their way.

March 28

Creativity: writing

Gratitude: a light day

Joy: Not getting bonked in the head by any flying pinecones while in the backyard…love windy days

Awareness: As enjoyable as it is to open a window to feel the breeze and listen to the singing birds, it comes with a price…a coat of yellow pollen throughout the room, a bit of sneezing, and building of a headache…oh, how I wish I didn’t have allergies because dusting is worth the ambiance of nature, but a headache isn’t.

March 29

Creativity: writing

Gratitude: finally had time to start this month’s book club selection “Euphoria” by Lily King

Joy: phone call with Youngest

Awareness: The lone crow strutted up and down the road pecking in last night’s rain. The early sun glossed brightly against his back, feathers shining an iridescent blue. He straightened his neck and tilted his head back as he swallowed and followed with a caw caw both front and back as if to ward off anyone cutting in on his buffet.

March 30

Creativity: drawing

Gratitude: Feeling healthy and energetic, managed to get in a good workout

Joy: Got off work two and a half hours early which enabled me to shop for a wedding and birthday gift and do my grocery shopping. This means I’ve freed my Saturday morning!

Awareness: The aroma of coffee permeates the air as I watch the steam rise from my mug. The rings on the shower curtain scrape against the rod. Feet thud across the floor above me as the birds chirp in the still dark morning. I pop a fresh raspberry in my mouth and the sweetness fills my soul. It is a blessed morning.

March 31

Creativity: writing

Gratitude: arrival of another squirrel buster bird feeder…no they don’t keep out the squirrels completely but I don’t have to refill daily

Joy: The cool rush of stepping barefoot into the early morning dew-soaked grass

Awareness: Breakfast Berries: My tongue pushes the raspberry against the roof of my mouth and the melody spreads. Blackberries squirt as the tiny seeds pop between my teeth, adding more sweet notes to the chorus. Strawberries break up with a tartness to liven up the ensemble. Fruit in the morning is incredibly refreshing.

15 thoughts on “Refine and Design 2016, Week Thirteen

  1. Your Redbuds are already in bloom? Oh, how pretty those little trees are, standing out in a barren grove with their lavender dresses on! I know what you mean about the pollen, too. That’s why I’m taking Allegra to keep the sneezing under control. I can almost hear the rushing of that water, just by looking at your photo — lovely capture!

  2. It’s been a while since I have been on here to respond. I missed the passing of Earl Hamner, too. I am truly saddened. I once posted on my site the importance of The Waltons on my life, a writer living and growing up in a world where the people didn’t necessarily understand the mind of writer. John Boy Walton and all the other creations of Earl Hamner in that setting had a profound effect on my life. That was the subject of my post all those years ago.

    I was pleased to find through your response to the post that Earl Hamner was indeed writing about your hometown and surroundings.


    • When I was very small Earl was my next door neighbor. I knew his mother well, used to do her hair. His brother Jim played at my wedding. It’s a small town, but not a mountain at all. Nelson County is a lovely place, and I enjoy going back. Earl made great contribution to society. You may not know this but he wrote many episodes of the Twilight Zone, and created Falcon Crest among other things. Thanks for your response. Sorry, I only get on here once a week these days.

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