Define and Design 2016,Week Twelve

Life sways, tangles, and straightens…and repeats itself. It’s called living.


March 18

Creativity: Writing

Gratitude: comfort of home

Joy: Dinner out with the hubby and drinks with friends while listening to a great band.

Awareness: The wind chimes gently pinged with the melody of distant church bells.

March 19

Creativity: Art Quilting (entertaining color values, cutting, and sewing)

Gratitude: An entire day to do absolutely anything I wanted

Joy: Fabric shopping for an art panel, watching “The Prince of Tides” with the hubby

Awareness: Colors of Spring: Branches draped in lace, scarlet splattered across treetops, trees dipped in lavender paint. On the ground I spotted little Martians wearing yellow bonnets marching through the yard. They were surrounding ladies dressed in brilliant blue gowns and others in lilac, fuchsia, and pearl. The wind was whipping at their heels and heads, but the spring gala was decorated and in full swing.

March 20

Creativity: writing, art quilting (applique, drawing, sewing, and embroidery)

Gratitude: coffee already made when I got up, drizzling weather and good books waiting to be read

Joy: watching  videos with the hubby that were produced by a good friend

Awareness: Funny (but not really) how when one decides to monitor eating habits and cut back, the mind takes over and wants so much more! I quieted my mind and allowed myself to feel the sensations of my body…not really hungry, just a mind demanding control of my body and senses…

March 21

Creativity: writing, art panel

Gratitude: Amazon Prime…orders delivered to my door, bliss! Earplugs, bliss again! And watermelon.

Joy: Free motion machine stitching isn’t for sissies! Now, how is that a joy? It gives me appreciation for hand embroidery which I love, and tells me I need lots of practice which gives me a challenge. This panel might end up most interesting, ha! Free motion stitching is exhilarating, I’ll give it that. It’s been many years since I’ve played with it.

Awareness: I’m reminded today of those tiny ideas that nag and nudge at you…you know, the ones that are persistent little buggers. They continue to gnaw at you because your soul is trying to tell you something. I think it’s telling me it will continue to pester me no matter how much I ignore it so I might as well get on with it!

March 22

Creativity: Hand embroidery and beading

Gratitude: No broken bones, took a hard fall and landed on my hip and elbow…don’t ask, have no idea how it happened

Joy: An unexpected note from a friend who hadn’t heard from me recently.

Awareness: On the sofa reading and it’s still light outside…I so welcome the longer daylight. I notice how once again I am hearing lawn mowers mixed with pinging of wind chimes and chirping of birds. I look outside to see a grey mesh spread across the blue sky. A pink contrail runs through it. A soft layer of tangerine rests behind the lower tree branches as the sun says goodbye.

March 23

Creativity: drawing

Gratitude: easy return for wrong item shipped to me…they pick up, yay!

Joy: a short visit with a friend

Awareness: Today has been stressful. I leaned back in my chair and let it melt away as I closed my eyes and listened to the hums of life around me…my computer, the fridge, airplanes, motor traffic, my breath; the highs and lows, the gruff and shrill…the melody of life is a beautiful thing. I needed a reminder.

March 24

Creativity: designing a quilt, baking homemade strawberry cupcakes with homemade icing, writing

Gratitude:  Convenience of city life…being able to get where I need in a matter of minutes, this is not to say I don’t enjoy fleeing  to the country for a weekend of pure simplicity.

Joy: quiet time on the backyard swing with a glass of wine at the end of a work day

Awareness: Early Morning Cotton Candy Sky: The trees blended with the sky into a charcoal blanket. An amber illumination rose from behind the tree trunks radiating the many outstretched arms and finger reaching for the heavens.  A layer of rose pushed the amber higher. Below pink petals the blue sky peeped through before another tier of blush made an appearance. For a few minutes the limbs against the sky appeared to be fingers swiping a taste of cotton candy. In case you don’t know, cotton candy is my oldest all time indulgence…

8 thoughts on “Define and Design 2016,Week Twelve

  1. Glad your fall didn’t interfere with your late week wine time!
    Or your baking of strawberry cupcakes.

    We baked some brownies this week (without adding eggs to the batter) ~> YUMMY!
    I also made a loaf of garlic rosemary bread to share with two of my nieces ~> a hit!

    • Ha, the fall was just the beginning of the day! Brownies, yum! Rosemary bread is the best! And sharing is even better. I have a kneedless french bread recipe I add rosemary to and it’s wonderful. Hope you have a fabulous weekend!

  2. I love how your awareness acknowledges joy and anger. The descriptions of nature are so exquisite, Susan. They sound like wonderful settings for fiction pieces. Thanks for sharing these weekly insights.

  3. Suzi, it sounds as if you’ve had another lovely week (minus the fall, of course!). Glad you didn’t hurt yourself seriously. Isn’t it odd how FAST things like that happen??

  4. I hope you have recovered from your fall Suzi.. Ouch.. I know how that feels.. I went full pelt on my chin about a year ago now.. thought I had broke my jaw.. I looked like I had had a right hook from Mike Tyson at the time.. And one minute I was walking the next the pavement was in my face lol..
    Know also when you set your diet dial to omit something how those cravings keep on salivating 🙂
    Sending Lots of thoughts your way as you enjoy your crafts and live in Gratitude.. Hope you had a wonderful Easter.. Love and Blessings Sue xxx

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