Define and Design 2016, Week Eleven

Azalea Bloom

Week Eleven

March 11

Creativity: daydreaming was the extent of my creativity today

Gratitude: I was able to rest in bed all day and heal (Yes, I got that nasty virus!)

Joy: a neighbor who brought me saltines and bananas…the only thing I could keep in my body

Awareness: Amazed how heavy my legs grew at the increased necessity of my rising from bed…incredibly surprised at the noise in my neighborhood during the day. In noise I mean the business of life; the singing cardinals, foraging squirrels, barking dogs, laughter of playing children, and hum of vehicles on the street. I suppose the noise of the day inside my house usually has me unaware of the average day noise outside. It was a rare daytime occurrence for my house to be quieter than my yard.

March 12

Creativity: I did a bit of preplanning some future projects

Gratitude: I felt half alive after getting a hot shower

Joy: I was able to eat and contain a bowl of chicken noodle soup

Awareness: While being sick the dog has been excessively vigilant of neighborhood activity and has kept her eye on me, and the cat has been a constant companion for snuggles. I think animals sense when their family is off balance and tries in their own way to do their part to comfort or restore familiarity.

March 13

Creativity: Writing

Gratitude: another day of peace and rest

Joy: Reading “The Prince of Tides”. This is thoroughly enjoyable. I usually don’t enjoy books that interrupt story with beautiful prose (poetic writing), but the story is enthralling and writing style places you in the setting and makes you love the South Carolina marshes as much as the characters. Most books like this I’d classify as literary novels, but not this one; while it is character driven it has many story lines covering many years. I’ve never seen the movie, but I want to now. Not to be disappointed but to see how all of it could actually be included or to see what was chosen to be excluded as I find all of the links necessary at this time.

Awareness: Listening to the rain playing music on the roof. It started suddenly, hard and fast and slowed for a while and sped up again. The song ended and started again in reverse order, or so it seemed. With closed eyes I allowed the melody to wash over my soul, absorbing it like the parched ground outside my door.

March 14

Creativity: Writing and art quilting

Gratitude: Pleased I was able to ride the elliptical today, even if it took me almost ten minutes to do two miles. At least, it’s a start. And I am able to eat today. I’ve missed real food!

Joy: Book club(we have lots of laughs in that group) and purchasing the new Flow magazine and a few other art mags

Awareness: The gardener’s grey cloak hangs over the neighborhood as the hungry robins peck at the damp ground in search for breakfast worms. The air pulses with the chirps and tweets of birdsong while a lone cardinal, bright as a begonia, flits between the gate post and the tallest limb of my neighbor’s overgrown hedge and sings a welcome to the day. A mourning dove in her taupe suite and rotund vest of pearls sits a spell on the gate while she assesses the yard activities. A squirrel, tail puffed out like a parachute, glides from pine to pine. Amethysts and opals rest upon the garden’s emeralds while searching for their friend, the sun.

March 15

Creativity: Writing and perusing art magazines

Gratitude: Ability to throw a quick dinner together

Joy: Running into an old friend and picking up where we left off

Awareness: Feather in the Bush – It was stretched across a leaf on the Azalea as if it was sunbathing. The tiny tendrils fluttered like dandelion fluff while the brown feather tip held together, strong as an otter’s tail. In case you’re wondering, it appears to be an owl feather.

Feather in the bush

March 16

Creativity: Writing

Gratitude: Television sitcom reruns…pulled my back out this am so not able to do much

Joy: unable to attend writing group due to back injury I found the joy in a purring feline who felt it her duty to stretch across me as a vibrating heating pad

Awareness: Rising of Dawn on a Foggy Morning – A dark curtain suspended in the air; no separation of heaven and earth. Slowly silver ghosts floated through the thick trunks of the tall pines and created the appearance of large chalk-smudged finger paths down a colossal black board.

March 17

Creativity: writing

Gratitude: Ibuprofen, with it I’m functional

Joy: My neighborhood…a terrific yearly St. Paddy’s Day party but I don’t feel like going…I can still enjoy the music of the band and bagpiper and laughter of frolicking party goers.

Awareness: Crows caw in the distance. There must be a dozen different bird calls and songs dancing through the sunny air. I’m writing with an open window by my desk, and I smile. I look out the window hoping to see some cardinals. With all the chatter going on I’m surprised not to spy a single bird. It’s like a bird city in the trees!

21 thoughts on “Define and Design 2016, Week Eleven

  1. First you pissed off your stomach and it revolted . . .
    Then you pissed off your back and it benched you . . .

    Hope you and ALL your body parts have a more amicable week this week. Happy St. Paddy’s Day!

    • Ha, I hate pissing my body off! All seems to be getting better now.
      Didn’t go to the St. Paddy party in the neighborhood but opened my windows and enjoyed the band and the bagpipe player. It was a great band until about 8:30, didn’t sound so hot after they got drunk, ha!

  2. Oh, Suzi, I was so hoping you wouldn’t get that nasty virus! And just when it appears you were on the mend, you hurt your back. Nature must be telling you to slow down and rest, you know. I can empathize with back issues, though, because I’ve been fighting some for more than a year now — it’s not easy, and it really cuts down on the things we want to accomplish, huh?! Mend soon, friend!

  3. I was really hoping not to get it, but at least I’m feeling much better…and ibuprofen seems to have eased my back. I pull it a few times a year…probably should have had that disc surgery, but I think I’d rather put up with this a few times a year than go through agony for a longer period of time.

  4. I can’t believe it is already week 11, but I guess it makes sense that tomorrow is the first day of spring. I am glad your loyal pets looked out for you when you were not feeling well. I think it is amazing how they can tell something is not right and see it as their duty to comfort you. Hopefully, all that is behind you for week 12.

  5. Hope you are feeling better! This was my favorite line of this whole post: “With closed eyes I allowed the melody to wash over my soul, absorbing it like the parched ground outside my door” ❤

  6. It’s amazing how our feline friends know we are in need of healing.. Hope you are much better now Suzi.. And I loved The Prince of Tides.. 🙂 your Spring is so much further forward.. 🙂 Beautiful photo’s .. Thank you for sharing your creative week with Joy and Awareness and Gratitude..
    Have another fabulous week..
    Love Sue xx

  7. I hope you are completely on the mend now, Susan. You’ve had a rough go of it. I’ve never read the Prince of Tides – you’ve convinced me to check it out. Thanks!

  8. Between the virus and your back, you have really weathered a storm! And you are still nurturing your creativeness and enjoying a good book and a rain storm symphony. May you be “up and at ’em” again soon.

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