Define and Design 2016, Week Ten

Wiggins Spring Road

Week Ten

March 4

Creativity: Baking and designing

Gratitude: I have been seeking direction on which way to head or looking for timing and questioning myself. I love it when the answers fall into place.

Joy: A last minute escape to the mountains

Awareness: As we were driving along the dark curvy roads I found myself leaning into the curves. I commented it being a natural phenomenon or common tendency. The husband says it’s learned, something people who ride motorcycles and ATVs or race do. What say you? Do you do this? I did ride motorcycles when I was younger and still love the feel of air in my face and against my back on an ATV.

owl 1

March 5

Creativity: Photography

Gratitude: timing…got in all we planned for the day and more!

Joy: Being able to celebrate (a day late) with my MIL for her 84th birthday, hiking

Awareness: This day was a gift in many ways, but I will only highlight a few moments of our hike. We were heading to a tower to take sunset pictures. As we headed up the mountain, we began to spot patches of snow here and there throughout the woods before we knew it we reached the height of the mountain with a few inches of snow on the ground…beautiful and untouched by human feet. We veered that way rather than following the people to the tower. As we crossed one meadow to follow a path to another we listened to the calls of a great horned owl, “who who who cooks for you?”  Suddenly a huge wing span (we weren’t sure what bird it belonged to then) flew over us and landed in a nearby tree. It was a barred owl. We stood and watched in awe (and took pictures of course) as he opened and closed his eyes and turned his head around watching whatever he heard and snoozing in between. DirtMan moved within twenty feet of him for some close up photography. The shots are amazing. We couldn’t believe we got so close to him. It was a humbling few minutes. He was gigantic and his speckled wings, ringed eyes, and triangular nose were amazingly beautiful. As we left him we came upon the first spring we had to leap over. We arrived at the headwaters where it ran directly out of the hillside and followed a rocky trail to another creek. As we were walking we heard a rush and looked up to see a dozen or so white tails slicing through the air against the bank of a snowy mountainside…yes, deer! In the meantime, the sky was doing amazing things. Clouds were transforming into magenta and purple against the darkening horizon.  The low light of the sun lit the grasses and tree trunks into a magical wonderland. As we were waylaid with all these natural gifts we didn’t make it to the tower for sunset….and it was so worth the miss.

owl 2

March 6

Creativity: Writing

Gratitude: A day with my mom and sister, lots of laughter

Joy:  Uploading the photos from my camera to find great results with my new lens, better than the last outing

Awareness: The change in attitude of the cat after being away for a few days. Her nonchalant demeanor changes to one of adoration, can’t get enough of me!

March 7

Creativity: Writing

Gratitude: Realized I’d let my CPR and First Aid Certification lapse and was able to enroll in a class for this Saturday.

Joy:  Being able to go to bed early when I am tired.

Awareness: I feel the air travel in and out of my body. I wave my hand in front of my face and I feel the air sweep across my cheek. The air and I and are friends. While I often step outside my box this days. I’ve chosen this moment to step back into the box of my body, this frame in which I exist. I seek the safety of my interior. I glance at the four walls of the box of my house that surrounds me, and I continue to inhale and exhale. There are times all I want to do is breathe and feel safe.

March 8

Creativity: drawing

Gratitude: I am able to work from home, and it is a comfort to me.

Joy: Energy! I have more energy today than I’ve had in over a week…time to dance…even if people are looking, ha!

Awareness: The cat is sitting in the window with the early morning sun filtering, casting her shadow upon the sofa where I am sitting. I watch her shadow puppet show. I glance between the cat and her shadow to realize though her shadow mocks her, I can’t see all of her movements. Therefore, what I think she’s doing and what she’s really doing are not necessarily the same. How often do we think we know what others are up to, or how often are we accused of doing something we aren’t. Perception is an interesting theory.

March 9

Creativity: Writing

Gratitude: I have a hard working husband and both of our sons have his work ethics.

Joy: Reading

Awareness: When I am extremely tired the darkness envelops me like a warm, fuzzy blanket….no thoughts, just simple comfort as I melt into my being.

March 10

Creativity: Concocting essential oil blends to clean hard surfaces and carpet, gentle enough to be used around children and strong enough to kill the vomiting virus (Norovirus?)

Gratitude: After cleaning multiple times (after each vomit case until infected child left and then the next) after they all went home, I deep cleaned my carpet and recleaned all hard surfaces and every single toy, and did multiple loads of hot laundry items…the gratitude is not in the contagious atmosphere but that my house it clean and the disinfecting I needed to do is complete…and now, I’m drinking a glass of wine and praying I don’t come down with it or the other children…don’t want a repeat tomorrow!

Joy: My work day has ended and I’m going to call this an early night.

Awareness: Super clean, well-worn hands shine as nicely as freshly polished cherry furniture.
Sorry, but that’s all I got at this point unless you want me to describe how I feel or things look as I finish this glass of well deserved wine!

Hog Camp Gap

Hope you enjoyed these photographs by DirtMan.

23 thoughts on “Define and Design 2016, Week Ten

  1. Great post! Your photos are gorgeous. But I do feel for you with all that cleaning… Hoping you manage to avoid the worst of it or maybe, fingers crossed, ALL of it! I’m never that lucky but never give up hope either. 😉

  2. Suzi, I can’t sing DirtMan’s praises enough for these beautiful photos of the owl! I love owls — just looking into this one’s face, I find peace overtaking me. What a good week you had, minus the virus and cleanup, of course. Here’s hoping the little ones bounce back soon (and you and yours stay healthy to care for them!)

  3. What a good week you have had – except for the cleaning up after the virus. And the owl photos are lovely. We have a bird called morepork here. It’s call suds just like his name. One morning we found one dead on the patio – not a mark on him but beautiful. I wish I knew how to upload the photo here. He’s quite like your owl. And by the way, the cats of the neighbourhood went nowhere near him while he was lying in state.

  4. All the ups and downs of a thoughtful week. It’s good to have a destination on a hike but often better to pause along the way. Those owl pictures are incredible.

  5. I hope to hike there again…since we go to Lexington often it would sort of be on our route! Maybe next time we’ll catch the sunset at the tower! Though honestly, I’d rather see the owl again!

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