Define and Design 2016, Week Nine

Mother's Day weekend 2012 028

February 26

Creativity: writing and drawing

Gratitude: Even though my day didn’t go quite as planned I still accomplished what I needed

Joy: dinner and drinks out with DirtMan and Oldest

Awareness: At ten months old she decides she is ready. She steadies herself and lets go of the chair. She carefully places one foot in front of the other with her arms stretched in front of her…one, two…all the way to seven step and then she steps onto a toy and tumbles to the carpet. She crawls to the book case and pulls up. She looks around and lets go. One step..tumble. Pulls back up…seven steps…she falls. Over and over she does this all afternoon. She doesn’t give up. She’s my little hero. I think there’s a lesson in this for me.

February 27

Creativity: watched some applique videos

Gratitude: lots accomplished early in the morning

Joy: a day with my friend at the quilt show

Awareness: Tired, stiff bones seem much heavier than normal.

February 28

Creativity: Photography

Gratitude: started cleaning up the yard debris and made a small dent in the mess, delivery pizza

Joy: a beach hike and nice weather, 70 degrees!

Awareness: I could taste, smell, and feel the sea salt in the air as the waves crashed upon the shore. The wind whipped across the water, tangled my hair, and tugged at my shirt. White caps rode the surf, bubbles clinging to sand until either the sea called them back or the grit ate them.  Seagulls quickly scouted to see if the sea had sent treats. The sun looked down in admiration.

February 29

Creativity: drawing

Gratitude: was able to get in two of three needed errands at the end of the day

Joy: 75 degrees and sitting in my backyard swing listening to birds, squirrels, dogs, and playful children.

Awareness: Some days I have to remind myself to breathe…I know it’s automatic, but purposeful breathing helps maintain my inner peace while chaos ensues around me. I can only control my own actions/reactions and there I times I forget this.

March 1

Creativity: writing and quilting

Gratitude: morning walk, did my civic duty of voting

Joy: an hour of early morning quiet time, surprise text from goddaughter saying “I love you so much”

Awareness: Walking in the brisk morning air while a cloak of darkness still lingered and most of the world was fast asleep, the cardinals serenaded the hope of morning and the sparrows’ shrill call joined the invitation.

March 2

Creativity: crazy quilt videos

Gratitude: light at the end of the tunnel…a long hard day is over…and I’m still somewhat sane, ha!

Joy: Love. When all else fails there is love.

Awareness: Everything comes down to choices…usually between acting and reacting. There are times all I can do is breathe. Today was one of those day.

March 3

Creativity: working on design for art quilt panel series, drawing, and writing

Gratitude: My mother was only slightly bruised and banged when she took a tumble, less serious than the last fall.

Joy: The abundance of back yard feathered friends, lots of cardinals and robins.  Found something I’d been looking for all week…I’d apparently tucked it away in a “safe place”, ha!

Awareness:  Air traffic is unusually active tonight. And loud. Sounds like a gigantic vacuum cleaner sweeping through the sky over my house. I almost miss the sounds of the boulevard traffic. Even though the whooshing is loud, it’s a soothing lullaby…or maybe, I’m just really tired.


18 thoughts on “Define and Design 2016, Week Nine

  1. I love this week’s “Awareness” sections! Especially the description of the wee one trying to get her walking legs going! Such determination, such persistence! We ALL can take a lesson from her — don’t quit!

    Glad your mom is okay. Falls can be catastrophic for older folks, so she needs to be careful.

    • I am grateful she wasn’t hurt badly. Two weeks ago she sprained her ankle, and a couple of other falls have caused some damage. The problem is each time she fell it took her around an hour to get up. She has one of those emergency pins, but she doesn’t want to bother anyone…oh my!

  2. After the ups and downs of the past two years I too am enjoying (or trying most days to enjoy) a peaceful uneventful life. Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us.

  3. I love your opening photo of the cardinal on the feeder and your awareness moment of your granddaughter gaining the confidence to walk without support. If only she recognized what a milestone that is…I’m sure in her mind it was just the obvious next thing to do.

    • That was a lucky shot through the window. I tend to scare them when I’m outside with my camera. I have to even be careful through the window because if they detect movement they take off. The little girl is someone I babysit. So far, no grandchildren…I do hope for the blessing of them someday; for now I enjoy the company of other peoples sweet little ones!

  4. it’s about 42 degrees here, there is a slight frost on the grass still at 10am at the morning, but the sun is up and the sky is blue. My dad took a bad fall recently too, it’s all worry and they don’t always see it the same as we do – my general practitioner called our generation the ‘sandwich’ generation. Sandwiched between children and aging parents and she said more and more people in their middle years are finding this to be so. I hope your mother continues to be well and hopefully the sunshine will bring you respite too.

    • It is the sandwich generation. We live 4 hours from my mom and 5 from the nursing home where my MIL lives. We used to get to see them every other weekend, but as of late it’s about every three weeks. Hard being so far away.

      • I live about 2 hours away, but my sisters live closer and call by most days, but they are stubborn and it’s as if we are now the parents and they are the children.

  5. Susan,
    Your awareness vignettes are rich with imagery. I think each one could be a potential start for an essay.
    I am grateful to hear your mom is ok after her fall. xo

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