Define and Design 2016, Week Eight


February 19

Creativity:  drawing

Gratitude: Cuddling with fur babies

Joy: fun time out for dinner and drinks with DirtMan and Oldest

Awareness: Music. Where would we be without it? Even the smallest of tots respond to it. A baby is crying and stops mid scream to smile as she starts swaying her body to the beat of background music. I have no instruction or experience with any musical instrument (except the recorder, haha!), I can’t carry a tune, and I trip over my own feet when I dance…but oh my, I love to sing and dance…when I’m alone, of course!

February 20

Creativity: macro photography

Gratitude: A day to myself, a trip to Trader Joe’s, a walk around the neighborhood

Joy: cooking homemade spaghetti and meatballs…one of my favorite things to make

Awareness: Never seems to amaze me how nature (fresh air, sunshine, a bit of greenery, and wildlife) can lift me out of a melancholy mood.

February 21

Creativity: Writing

Gratitude: Reading time! DNA, nuff said!

Joy: Multiply conversations with my brother and one of my sisters…perhaps, I should just say family.

Awareness: How I can smell rain long before it arrives… How do I describe this scent? I really don’t know how to say it…an earthy moist air that I distinctly associate with oncoming rain. Ok, I’m standing outside and the air feels thick, slightly damp, smells close to lined dried clothing, and the birds, oh the birds, how that chitter and fly about and the squirrels scatter about as they eat pine cone seeds and acorns. The grey sky looks and feels as if I can almost reach up and grab a chunk of it. And I think the clouds most certainly taste like creek water, not a fresh flowing mountain spring, but a rivulet which stands a bit more as it circles and tops rocks and takes in the flavor of tree roots intruding upon its banks.

February 22

Creativity: doodle art and writing

Gratitude: an unexpected lighter day

Joy: finally started reading this month’s book club selection

Awareness: I am content to be in silence among only the breath and heartbeat of love. I hear nothing else.  I feel total satisfaction as I snuggle into myself and listen.

February 23

Creativity: writing

Gratitude: another light day which allowed some writing time

Joy: creating art from mistakes!

Awareness: In art there are no mistakes! Today I am noticing the beauty of mistakes, mainly the lesson. Specifically, it’s a perspective thing. What one would view as an utter photographical error can actually be a life lesson, not necessarily in photography but in living, how we approach our work or play…even how we view ourselves. Photography not only shows us what we see in detail, but it puts what we miss right in front of us.

February 24

Creativity: writing

Gratitude: After tornado warnings most of the afternoon, we found ourselves safe and sound

Joy: A much quieter evening than day, reading time

Awareness: The scent of roses overwhelmed me as I was sitting at my desk. No roses in the house. I walked outside, and the scent was even stronger (no roses outside either), even stronger than browsing in the rose garden at Botanical Gardens. The only time I’ve ever smelled the depth of this scent was on my grandmother as she wore rose perfume. I sniffed my blouse and hands, weirdly roses wafted from them as well.

February 25

Creativity: Unless you count daydreaming and a note here or there I have zilch…migraine messed me up

Gratitude: Thankful by late afternoon my migraine had lessened to a manageable headache, and I was finally able to eat. Also grateful we suffered no significant damage from fallen limbs from the high winds.

Joy: A writing reference book I ordered arrived

Awareness: After tornados in surround areas yesterday, we still had high winds today. At times, it was difficult to differentiate the pounding on the roof from the pounding of my head. The swirling winds sounded like howling ghosts one minute and a motorboats cutting through a wake the next. The cacophony of pings, rings, and dings kept the dog at the window. A few times the sound of rolling pine cones on the roof sounded more like a fat squirrel dive bombing and losing his footage and tumbling down. Small limbs smacked and cracked against the house while a couple of larger ones crashed with a heavy thud to the sodden ground. Amid this, the rustling of the dried Japanese Silver Leaf grass (which we didn’t trim down this fall) fought for its place among the melodies of all the wind chimes.


16 thoughts on “Define and Design 2016, Week Eight

  1. Babies + Music = Perfect together and so much fun to watch.
    Glad the tornadoes missed you. Crazy weather this week.

    Do you think your grandmother paid you a visit with wafting rose scent swirling around?

  2. This was lovely to read… Somehow you dropped off my reader. This keeps happening and I never know it. I know it’s a problem with WP but still irritating. Anyway I was fascinated by the scent of rose see on your hands. Why would that have happened?

    Reading about the winds, the tornado warnings, freaks me out. Plain old wind scares me and I’ve never experienced anything like what you have there. My son, who lived in Texas while finishing his doctorate said you DO get used to it but his kids never have.

    Anyway a lovely read… And I’m glad I discovered you didn’t drop off the radar. Maybe your grandmother DID visit you!

  3. Glad you’re all safe after those horrific storms! We had the snowy, blizzard end, which was pretty beastly. “Snuggle into myself” is a beautiful phrase and a comfy place to rest! Hmm, I’m just fascinated by the scent of roses hanging around you — I suspect it was a precursor to your migraine the next day.

    • Thank you. Am happy we are safe, but praying for those who lost life and property.
      Days with migraines really stink; glad that’s over, too! I’ve had a bit of sinus congestion which might have triggered it, not sure.

  4. Your description of the sounds of pending tornadoes makes me understand the cause of your migraine. How stressful your week has been. Maybe the scent of roses was a signal to calm down or that someone was looking out for you. Hopefully you have a happy, less stressful week 9.

  5. Love the photo share.. and I could almost smell the rain.. ( though if I am honest here.. the UK has had enough of its fair share, I am pleased you got a little too 😉 )
    Nice to have time to cuddle fur babies 🙂 too.. And I am pleased the Tornadoes were not over head..
    Sending you Love and Hugs Suzi… ❤ Have a Fun filled week with Creativity and Gratitude surrounding you and I loved your description of the pine-cones falling 🙂 Love and warm hugs. xxx Sue

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