Refine and Design 2016, Week Six


February 5

Creativity: Day #5 of Creative Live 28 day challenge, sketching

Gratitude:  a less stressful day than yesterday

Joy: a last minute weekend get away

Awareness: In the darkness, we head from “somewhere” to “nowhere”. A soft glow of peach, gold, and pink float above the tree line, beckoning us ahead.  I look behind to see a fading luminosity of the “somewhere” we left behind. Above us, the Milkyway, a batik blanket scattered with sequins, follows our every move. I snuggle into the long ago familiarity of home.

February 6

Creativity: a spectacular photoshoot

Gratitude: the hubby schooled me in some “how tos” with my camera

Joy: a chance meet up with Youngest’s childhood best friend…we were leaving an eatery and he was arriving, this was some 300 miles from where we live!  a bit of a hike along the gorgeous Maury river in Goshen

Awareness: We watch the river, a trail of loose peridot stones, tumble through the mountains. The Maury sings a song of happiness as it skirts around and over boulders and laps upon the banks. The brown and barren oaks and maples join their pine friends dressed in gowns of green to watch her majesty as she travels on.


February 7

Creativity: writing and baking

Gratitude: arrived back home from our trip earlier enough to grocery shop. Being able to remember when disappointing things happen it could very possibly be a deterrent to what could have been.

Joy: The hubby ordered me a macro lens so I can say bye bye to the extension tubes.

Awareness: On our return trip the pale blue clouded sky exploded into the brightest tones of red, orange, yellow, pink, and purple. Winter’s scraggly treetops floated in a sea of flames. The fire glow lit our rear mirrors until night threw her shawl across the sky and stamped the embers to coal.

February 8

Creativity: drawing

Gratitude: dropped my ring off at the jewelers to have the lost diamond replaced and was told it would not be a charge

Joy: book club, Flow journals

Awareness: Sharing a comfortable silence. It’s as if hearts beat the same rhythm and you share the same breath. For the time being you are one.

I ran across this quote today…think about it. I have, and if you reflect and dwell on it a bit you will see the profundity of its simplicity. “All that truly matters in the end is that you loved.” ~Regina Brett, American Writer

February 9

Creativity: writing, drawing challenge doodles and shapes

Gratitude: hot homemade soup on a cold day

Joy: A fabulous work day! And realizing I’m off on Monday!

Awareness: My muse often visits while I’m riding the elliptical…I wonder if my muse trying to sabotage my exercise plan. I think it is more likely when my mind empties it opens to receive what is being sent my way. I think this because I also get ideas when vacuuming or wake up from sleep with words rolling through my brain. Does this happen to you?

February 10

Creativity: blind self- portrait – this was a really cool experiment…the rules are you cannot look at the paper and you can’t lift your pencil once you start drawing…I lifted my hand for the hair and outlining face…but still I loved doing this. It’s as fragmented as I sometimes feel. Try it and let me know what you think.

blind self portrait

Gratitude:  Having a personal library/research center at my fingertips via internet.

Joy: a relaxing evening without technology

Awareness: In paying attention to “why” I am feeling the way I am at times I better understand my own needs and drives. By allowing myself to feel what I feel instead of stifling my emotions I am able to quickly regain my peace if I’ve lost it. I think an even steady breath attributes to it as well. Ever noticed a small angry child hold his breath, turn red, and shake? As adults we can’t get away with tantrums. Not sure how much good it would do anyway except to scare people away and lose friends. If I control my breath, not hold it, my anger or frustration dissipates quickly. Or perhaps, it’s simply I’ve developed a bit of patience with my age…or due to the practice of being with small children daily.

February 11

Creativity: watched an art webinar, read about writing; some days I’d rather study craft than practice it

Gratitude: husband vacuuming

Joy: baby hugs

Awareness: We know the people we enjoy being around and those we don’t. We know how we feel around them. Have you thought about the energy people carry with them and how that energy melds or clashes with yours? Have you thought about the effect your energy has on others? What about your pets? Lately, in group settings, I’ve practiced not only listening but processing the energy around me. In doing this, I’m cognizant of the vibes I am sending as well.



18 thoughts on “Refine and Design 2016, Week Six

  1. Your self-portrait is so cool . . . but I think you look a bit more “put together” than that! 😛

    Also cool about the chance meet up 300 miles from home. And the no charge at the jeweler’s.

    A similar thought to your quote: What if seekers need only ask: How well do I love?

    • I first shared the seeker thought on SLTW in 2010 . . . but I’m not sure whether (or from where) I borrowed it. But it is an easy test to apply to almost any circumstance.

      I also meant to comment on your appreciation of being ON and OFF the internet ~ 2/10. I feel the same.

  2. The same thing happens to me, too — my Muse seems to have an uncanny knack for showing up when I’m otherwise occupied, whether it be when I’m walking, bathing, or just about to drift to sleep! Gee, talk about lousy timing, ha! Sounds like you’ve had another lovely week, Suzi — how fortunate there won’t be a charge on your ring’s repair!

  3. My muse appears when I run or connect with nature. It occurs as I am living in my life – I’ve learned it is just as important to experience as it is to harness my writing. They fuel one another.

  4. I”’m riding the elliptical” What county fair has such a ride? Those rides are so insanely terrifying , if I go to the fair the only ride I go on is the one in the car to and from the event. The only riding I ever did ride was to ride out a Miami hurricane.

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