Define and Design 2016, Week Three

“Walk as if you are kissing the Earth with your feet.”  ~Thích Nhất Hạnh, Peace Is Every Step: The Path of Mindfulness in Everyday Life


January 15

Creativity: writing and design

Gratitude: light traffic in horrendous rain

Joy: A hug from my mama

Awareness: Most people think it’s really dark out in the middle of nowhere, and so it is in the deep woods, but in a clearing it’s as light as the city…the Milky Way stretches overhead, a layer of gauze twists and turns stringing celestial diamonds, shimmering upon the treetops and spreading a blanket of light over the fields.


January 16

Creativity: Photography

Gratitude: a warm coat and gloves in blistering wind

Joy: The seat warmers in my car after standing on top of Raven’s Roost, and a home cooked meal waiting for me later.

Awareness: As we were riding on a bitter day the sun hung across the valleys while the mountains remained dark, creating a canvas of shadow and light. As we drove along the parkway we were delighted to see the beauty of natural ice sculptures where springs and runoffs hardened along the rocky crags.


January 17

Creativity: Photography and studio set up

Gratitude: a husband and son willing to move heavy objects

Joy: Hot chocolate. Home, always good to be back home.

Awareness: Heaven shook a giant powder puff, coating the leaves and outlining the limbs of trees.


January 18

Creativity: Design and studio set up

Gratitude: lunch with Oldest, time to rest after a full day of errands

Joy: the completion of my home office and studio

Awareness: Some moments the drone of airplanes overhead competes with the hum of my computer…inside or out I ask myself…I look at the temperature (brrrr) and continue to peck at the keys.


January 19

Creativity: collage

Gratitude: books, a home office and studio

Joy: Sunshine peeking through my windows, a call from a friend and from my niece, knowing  I made and gave the perfect gift and it was much appreciated

Awareness: The cardinal hit the window like a clump of red mud. No sooner had I heard the thump did I see his wings shake. Undeterred my little songbird flew to the pyracantha bush, perhaps to blend in with the berries while he recovered. How often have I mingled with those of likeness until I filled my vessel of courage to stretch my wings?


January 20

Creativity: collage

Gratitude: the ways in which my writing group shares their expertise to help one another, encouragement for those who need it and accolades for all levels of success…all share the joy

Joy: Oldest was offered (and accepted) his dream job

Awareness: There are often times we think we are not getting what we want when in retrospect (after we reach our goals) we realize the things that happened in the meantime were lessons we needed to learn to appreciate or fully utilize the very thing we were waiting on.


January 21

Creativity: art journal, writing

Gratitude: electricity

Joy: visitation of my muse

Awareness: How often I ignore the whisper of my muse simply because I’m lazy…no matter how active my muse is it does not benefit me unless I am willing to take on the work. And yes, fear is an awful intimidator. I will continue to remind myself that faith is stronger.

15 thoughts on “Define and Design 2016, Week Three

  1. I am so enjoying these diary type entries as your gratitude spills out throughout each day.. 🙂 and ooooh love that Hot chocolate and Home… Yes always good to be back..

    Have a Fabulously Gratifying weekend with lots of Joy and Creativity thrown in.. Love and Blessings Sue ❤ xxx

  2. Congrats to your son on his dream job — such a relief for mamas when their babies are safely launched! And congrats to you, Suzi, for such a wonderful week, Yes, perfect love casts out fear — toss that grumpy internal editor out with the trash and follow your Muse! Oh, and stay safe and warm in the blizzard howling outside!

    • I am especially happy for him as he embarks on this new journey as he took a year and half living in the country looking after my mom, just weren’t good career opportunities there for him though it was a good experience for him.
      Yes, I have to speak a bit roughly at that critic sometimes.
      It’s cold outside, but we only got a bit of snow…for now, supposed to come back tomorrow night.

  3. So much to be grateful for: light traffic, a warm coat, electricity, writing friends, a new office and studio, and a husband and son willing to move heavy furniture. You remind us to be aware of all our blessings. I like the image of coming upon a clearing and looking up at the Milky Way. When we lived in the South Pacific, there was no light pollution, and the southern sky was amazingly bright.

  4. Remember when Youngest moved to Indiana his room became the cats? Well, I’ve now taken over it! I had been using Oldest’s room for stained glass, but moved it all out when he came back. We took the bed out of the other room and I moved in a table and my craft cabinet and even my elliptical! Now, I have my own little sanctuary for writing and art! I thought about taking over DirtMan’s mancave but really didn’t want a room with carpet, not to mention it’s a little cold next to the garage. The wood floors make much easier cleanup, not that I”m messy, lol!

  5. Wonderful observations, Susan. I spotted my first cardinal yesterday while on a run. There is nothing like an unexpected good surprise to help cultivate gratitude.

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