Absent, but Present

“Participate in your dreams today. There are unlimited opportunities available with this new day. Take action on those wonderful dreams you've had in your mind for so long. Remember, success is something you experience when you act accordingly.”  ― Steve Maraboli, Unapologetically You: Reflections on Life and the Human Experience

“Participate in your dreams today. There are unlimited opportunities available with this new day. Take action on those wonderful dreams you’ve had in your mind for so long. Remember, success is something you experience when you act accordingly.” ― Steve Maraboli, Unapologetically You: Reflections on Life and the Human Experience

Absent, but present. Yes, that’s where I’ve been. It’s where I am.

  1. I signed up for a creative challenge which led to a second one. Both have now become groups of supporters and inspiration. Needless to say, while I could have focused on one project or form of creativity, I chose to stretch my boundaries.
  2. I joined a book club. This is not only an interesting group to discuss books and be led to literature I wouldn’t normally choose but is enlightening as a writer.
  3. I searched out a new writer’s group, and ended up joining it because I loved it! It is everything I’ve been looking for. These guys are not only supportive and inspiring (just like my creative groups) but interesting and fun.
  4. I started my long awaited creative dream-a stained glass class! It’s not as easy as it looks, but I am enjoying learning. I look forward to my first created project.
  5. I am writing, working on a project, offline not online. With a shift in my priorities, I don’t find myself online nearly as often.
  6. I’m still into photography. I haven’t had as many photo opportunities these days. And we all know even when I do, I dislike post processing.
  7. I’ve even thrown in a few sewing projects.
  8. I’ve been traveling at least every other weekend to spend time with family and friends.
  9. I’ve been creating in the kitchen…I even claim the occasional flop!
  10. How could I forget reading? I’ve read some really great books which include Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert.

The bottom line is I’ve been living creatively. That to me is fulfillment. Success of my creations is of less importance than the act of creating. I consider the fact I create on a daily basis to be success in itself.

52 thoughts on “Absent, but Present

    • Yes! It’s really the only way to live. I think we often forget how much creativity goes into everyday living. I think most people tend to only think of it when it’s done for fun, but when we make it a way of like it’s rewarding. Just the process of repurposing home objects is fun, “inventful”, and rewarding.

    • So many creative interests has often been my downfall. I am a jack of all trades, master of none. I’m trying to appreciates all my interests without feeling I have to stick to just one. I just watched this great video talk by Elizabeth Gilbert on the importance of following curiosity rather than passion. I think I have more curiosity than passion since I can’t seem to focus or narrow my interests to one subject, so why not enjoy them all?

      • I’m going to find the Elizabeth Gilbert video and watch it. The concept of curiosity rather than passion is probably defining me also. I don’t know why I haven’t had that AHA moment. After all, my blog is called Just Curious! LOL
        Like you, I have many interests. I still have teens at home, so my time is still somewhat limited, but I manage to dabble in solitary activities, as well as many with friends.
        Thanks for writing this post and expressing the joy that comes from just DOING!

      • I hope the video speaks to you as it did to me. Now, that we’re empty nesters I find my time has opened up. I’m now just beginning to explore my creative options. I’ve always piddled in one thing or another, but I love stretching my view. Perhaps I will find myself narrowing my focus at some point but for now I’m just enjoying the opportunity of choice!

  1. Suzi, thanks so much for this update. When I don’t see my online buddies posting regularly, I tend to fret over their well-being! Wow, you’ve certainly been busy! I suspect ALL of us should unplug now and then, if nothing else than to remind ourselves that there really IS a world out there, to nurture our own talents and interests, and to remember what life was like before the Internet, ha! Congrats on taking control of the madness and turning it into a productive, creative experience!

    • I’ve been hesitant to post, and figured I’d explain my absence. I admit I almost deleted my blog, but decided to stay with my motto of just posting when I have something to say rather than just posting to say something. I’m not getting around to reading every blog post, but I still take a few hours now and then to catch up with my online peeps!

  2. I often think of myself as not doing much, when i am out with a camera, or sat writing, reading or even knitting, but i love your perspective – it’s me, living creatively!

    • I can be creative online, but I’m working on an offline writing project which takes much time and energy…and I want to do all my other stuff, too! I’m going to keep my blog for now and post when the urge hits. 🙂

  3. Brilliant Suzi .. so good to see you within the Flow of creativity.. That is so where I am too.. we never stop creating.. Keep on being in your Present. for it really is the BEST PRESENT you could give yourself.. 🙂

    Thank you so so much for stopping by, I created my waistcoat.. Just the buttons to purchase for it.. 🙂 and I too have been reading more and focusing on my art.. 🙂 along with gardening, cooking, and Granny time.. 🙂

    Sending you lots of love, Keep enjoying all the things you are now doing.. 🙂 its obviously what you are meant to be doing. xxx Hugs Sue ❤ ❤

    • This month is “Long Man” by Amy Greene, very poetic writing, a literary novel. Last month was “My Real Children” by Jo Walton…did not like at all nor did the majority of the club. Not sure what next month’s pick is. The criteria is it must be either written by a woman or the story has to be about a woman; it’s all about women’s voices. Each month a different member picks the book and then facilitates the discussion.

  4. Hellooo there Suzi!

    I am slowly making my way back to blogging, so I wanted to stop by and say Hi and also catch up with your latest post. Yes, it sounds like you are living presently and creatively. That’s AWESOME! *applause* And don’t you just love Elizabeth Gilbert?

    Have a super week, my friend!


    P.S. LOVE the photograph!

  5. LOL! Sounds like you’ve been working hard on growing new brain cells! Keeping busy with new activities is the best way to stay off growing old (mentally)! You go, girl! ❤

  6. Our priorities change. I’ve too find myself concentrating on other things. In turn, I’ve not been online nearly as much neither. Best of luck with your new project, Susan. I love that feeling of working on something new!

  7. Let the creative juices flow! I know you’ll be outstanding at everything you do. A request: please stay close to your camera. You do that oh so well. AND Merry Christmas — Visit me to get my Christmas Card for my blogging buddies.

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