“Falling” Short or Tall


Dreams are squashed at the pumpkin patch beauty pageant. It’s a tough lesson to learn not everyone gets to be a jack-o-lantern.


…And some learn to stand tall in spite of it all.

23 thoughts on ““Falling” Short or Tall

  1. We’ve got fields of pumpkins here, too, and I’ve always found them delightful. This is my favorite time of year anyway, what with cooler temps, back to school, my birthday, flannel, corduroy, and pumpkins. I love pumpkin pie — so does my Dallas! Sad some of those field pumpkins fail to make the grade!

  2. A small town in southwest Missouri is known for its apple orchards. Each fall there is applefest. Of course there is Miss Apple Fest crowned each year. In honor of the older beauties in the small town each year a Ms. Overripe is crowned. also. Your squashed pumpkin brought back those memories!

  3. I love the comparison of the two pumpkins. We have a pumpkin patch in our front yard. So far we have 3 that made it through the vandalism or rotting stages. This weekend we hope to move them to the front entrance in preparation for carving in a few weeks. But you are right, some never make it for various reasons so the ones who do should be proudly displayed.

    • Vandalism? That sounds distressful. I used to love the days when the kids and their dad carved pumpkins. These days we don’t display pumpkins, but I am overwhelmed with nostalgia with every pumpkin patch we encounter, ahh…

  4. Beautiful analogy.. wonderful photos, and what a beautiful field full of them 🙂 and like we humans, not all are destined to go to the ball 🙂 Love and smiles.. dear Suzi.. and wishing you a wonderful October .. xxx

  5. I sort of thought of the Charlie Brown Christmas tree that was so pitiful, yet Charlie saw potential in it that transformed it into something beautiful. No, we’re not all destined to place in the pumpkin beauty pageant, but we all have potential to be beautiful.

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