A Zenful Kind Of Day

Five Photos, Five Stories #5


One thing I adore about First Landing State Park is the Spanish Moss. I love how this tree is draped with it, and the wind blows her fringed scarf to and fro. It was a warm day with a cool breeze, a perfect day for a hike. The birds seemed to be enjoying it as much as we were. Water, wind, sun, trees, swamp, wildlife… I’d say it was totally “zenful”!

I invite Jill Weatherholt to come play. If you wish to play the rules are that you post a picture a day with a story, fiction or non-fiction, or a poem and nominate one fellow blogger a day to participate.

24 thoughts on “A Zenful Kind Of Day

  1. What a lovely picture, Suzi. I’m honored to be invited to play, but I’ll have to decline for now. This morning in my blog, I mentioned I’ll be taking a little break from WP to meet a July 15th contest deadline. I have to write the entire book by the 15th….yikes! Thank you again for thinking of me. 🙂

    • Thanks. No problem. Awesome for you on the contest. I understand about no distractions! I’ll never get where I want to be if I don’t cut back on some of the blogging and social media…just need to do it!

  2. We have large numbers of cypress swamps that are draped with Spanish Moss near us. Unfortunately, I don’t have a photo to share. These peaceful places have been refuges when I’ve faced trials in my life. They sheltered me from the world, Gave me a place to unclutter my mind. To me, they are nature’s church.

  3. Fabulous photograph, Suzi! And that’s one of the things I truly miss about living in Orlando, Florida – the Spanish moss!

    ” I love how this tree is draped with it, and the wind blows her fringed scarf to and fro.”

    Me too!

    Have a great holiday weekend, my friend!


  4. Oh, I do love Spanish Moss! It’s really a parasite, isn’t it? Still, the “artist” in me just loves the way it flows!! Congrats on meeting the five photos in five days challenge, and have a super holiday weekend!

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