Finding Your Groove

“The state of self-realization, as we call it, is not attaining something new or reaching some goal which is far away, but simply being that which you always are and which you always have been.” — Sri Ramana Maharshi

The Jazz Man

Do you ever find yourself so absorbed in something you lose track of time? It’s as if the rest of the world has disappeared and you are one with your focus. We do this with work and play. Even daydreaming. Creativity draws us in and swallows us. We lose ourselves within ourselves when we tap into the flow. Whether we are singing, painting, playing music, or writing we reach a part of ourselves we know by instinct to be truth. While in the zone, no one can touch us.

When fixated on art, we enter a realm of collective separateness. We are uniquely touched whether we are the creator or the inspired, and at the same time we share the holiness of the experience with those likewise heartened.

Have you ever watched someone perform/share his gift? He transforms into the gift. As a witness you are a recipient of the gift.  It is one of the most beautiful moments I’ve witnessed. What a beautiful and magical moment to see someone living out his destiny.

If you listen intently while someone is speaking of his passion, you will hear the life in his voice and feel the love in his vibration. You know that person was born to teach, create, perform surgery, or whatever. They move with a rhythm that makes you want to dance with them.  Above all you remember them long after your encounter.

I have met many such people as entertainers like musicians and storytellers. I know chefs, business owners, doctors, and teachers who live their dreams.

Have you ever met such a person? How was your life affected?

Where do you lose yourself? Between the lines you write? Within the words of your song? The strokes of your paintbrush? Amid the stitches of fiber? When your hands are digging in the dirt? Funny isn’t it that it streams from your heart to your fingers and then to the world? Have you found your groove? Tell me your story.

29 thoughts on “Finding Your Groove

  1. Family history. I have been researching my own family for over 30 years and have come across some interesting characters in my time. I always intend to spend just an hour or so, but the or so, usually ends up being several hours and then …well then, i have always to come back at some point and do some more. Also i don’t understand why other’s do not feel the same way!?!

      • i have some stories and thankfully other people give me their stories too. Joseph Pratt was accused of murder in 1810, but was found not guilty by the judge because there was insufficient proof that he had actually drowned the other man in question. The story goes; the other man had stolen a sheep belonging to Joseph after it wandered onto his land and refused to give it back. Both Joseph and the other man, whose name i cannot remember right now, ended up in the nearest inn one night, getting very drunk. Later that night a fight broke out and Joseph ended up dunking the man in the village pond over and over again, but no one was sure that he actually drowned him as it appears that he was still alive after Joseph had left him in the pond. But everyone was very drunk and not even Joseph could say for definite.

  2. Lately I find I lose myself digging in the dirt. I didn’t give some of my perennial beds the proper attention last spring, so I feel I’m playing catch up this spring. I’ve ripped out two and have one more to go.

  3. Beautiful words, Suzi. It’s great to find our groove and go with the flow.

    Time stops and the world falls away when I am fully absorbed in the NOW ~ it happens most often when painting and writing, but also when cooking, biking, sewing, crafting, walking, meditating. reading . . . as long as I don’t allow thoughts to pull me into the future or back to the past.

  4. I’ve witnessed a few artists lose themselves, so much so, they forget that they are playing for audience. Two that stand out – Chris Martin of Coldplay and Tori Amos. In live performance, their love of music and singing is undeniable.

    I tend to lose myself writing, reading or pursing activities that center on the written word.

  5. “We are uniquely touched whether we are the creator or the inspired, and at the same time we share the holiness of the experience with those likewise heartened.”

    I love how you expressed that, Suzi! And that’s exactly how I felt when I was in rehearsal (and performing) for a play in the theater. The experience was almost holy/spiritual as everyone came together; sharing their talent. The creative energy was AMAZING!

    I tend to feel this now whenever I’m taking photographs.

    FAB post, my friend! And please tell Dirtman, stellar photograph!


    • Isn’t photography great? When I’m out with my camera it’s as if I’m always looking for a subject or a unique angle…or words associated with what I’m looking at or rolling through my head!

    • I love digging in the dirt, whether it’s planting flowers or collecting rocks. However, weeding the flower gardens are at the bottom of my list, probably because my back and knees are screaming, ha!

  6. Grooving and flowing …. seems like most of my days are like that now. I love to learn, experience and share with others, whether its in my blog, coaching others or teaching yoga.
    It took my 50 years to get into it … but it’s sure worth it 🙂

  7. Ah, Suzi, such thought-provoking words here today! I’m in my groove when I’m creating (writing, playing music, beading, most particularly) and when I’m actively involved in something outside (playing golf or tennis). It’s a wonderful feeling to know — without the shadow of a doubt — that THIS is where you’re meant to be, THIS is where you feel most alive!! The lucky people, I think, are those who can make a living at something they LOVE!!

  8. For me it is the music of my choice. I can spend hours listening to my favorite tunes. Solitude has never bothered me just because I can immerse in whatever work I take up…time just flies!

  9. I love it when I’m in the groove when I’m writing a story. The characters take over and write the story themselves. I can hardly keep up with their dialogues. I feel that way when I’m drumming. I play the bodhran, and when I play some slip jigs or reels on Spotify and play my drum along, the time slips away, too. Great post, Suzicate.

    • I just love it when that happens!
      You have me intrigued about playing the bodhran…I admit curiosity got the best of me and I googled it…sounds like fun. I’ve always found drumming soothing; not that I have a real drum, but I bang the tabletop etc…enough to drive others nuts, ha! I’m not very musically inclined though I love music. My dream is to someday take ukulele lessons.

  10. Suzie, such a lovely post.. Yes when one is in one’s groove we get lost for time then seems not to exist.. For me I loose time in the garden and when I am painting.. I just got lost here too within your beautiful words.. xxxx ❤

  11. This post made me smile. I have seen people who are entranced in their art, most recently it was a piano player. It is mesmerizing to watch. I lose time doing lots of things, usually writing and reading are the culprits… talking with friends is another, haha.

  12. I love the perspective of this shot. The crispness of the musician against the soft blur of the background is especially nice. I’ve always been fascinated with street musicians.

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