Instant Gratification or Fulfillment?

It is not in the pursuit of happiness that we find fulfillment, it is in the happiness of pursuit ~Denis Waitley



I’ve been thinking lately. Dangerous territory, huh? How often do I choose instant gratification instead of long-term fulfillment? In reflection I see I do it much less than in my past. I used to chase happiness while thinking things would fill that void. I now know those type of jollies are fleeting. Today I am happy in simply being. Finding contentment in nature and connection with others may seem simple, but love, peace, compassion, and abiding joy soothe souls. That to me is long term fulfillment.


It is of little significance how I get where I’m going or even where I end up. I find what I encounter along the way touches my life in deeper ways.


Life is budding everywhere. You are flowering as well.

I hope today you encounter simple beauty soothing to your soul.

I hope you take in vast blue sky and stretch of life, whether lush and green or concrete and steel, and know this is where you are supposed to be at this minute.

I hope you hear the robins sing and crickets chirp.

I hope you smell the sweet fragrance of spring hyacinths.

I hope you feel the silkiness of flower petals upon your skin or the soft bristle of a fallen feather. I hope you experience a gentle breeze that fills your lungs with life.

Wherever your journey takes you today, I hope you taste the sweetness of life.

Within the heartbeats around you, I hope today your life speaks to you.

I ask you…Instant gratification or long-term fulfillment?

44 thoughts on “Instant Gratification or Fulfillment?

  1. What a glorious post! I allow myself to get mired down, forgetting to look up. As time passes, I can only hope my wisdom grows. Nature for me is like food, a sustenance that is unending and much needed. Today is, of course, filled with distracting things but in that time, I shall remember your words. xx

  2. Beautiful post, Suzie! I believe our hyperconnected lives are create individuals who are addicted to instant gratification. As for me, I’d rather unplug and wallow in long-term fulfillment.

  3. Both. For me, finding contentment in nature, laughing with friends, and savoring a good meal are forms of instant gratification that provide long term fulfillment when strung together like pearls.

  4. Hi Suzi…hope in itself is enough for fulfilment as it glows with long term happiness. Love all those thoughts full of hope, a very poetic rendering!
    We all seek instant gratification in the hope of long term fulfilment, I guess it is a developmental trait!?
    Thanks for sharing the quote in the beginning that sums up the journey of happy life.

  5. Great post, Suzi! I suspect there’s room in our lives for both instant gratification AND long-term fulfillment. After all, catching the scent of flowers or something wonderful baking is instantly gratifying, whereas knowing we have the sense of smell can provide us with a lifetime of joy! Happy weekend, my friend (is that a Camellia?? It’s splendid!!)

  6. I’m working on giving in less often to the impulses that give instant gratification without the long term fulfillment, and am recognizing that a great deal of the long term fulfillment comes with instant gratification.

  7. FAB post, Suzi!

    ” I find what I encounter along the way touches my life in deeper ways.”

    Amen, and me too! It’s the ‘journey’, not the final destination, in which I find long-term fulfillment.

    Gorgeous photographs! Love the bicycles! Also, that flower is stunning!

    Have a glorious weekend, my friend!

    P.S. I just noticed your new avatar. Love your new haircut!

  8. Beautiful Post and wishes sent our way Suzie.. Thank you.. Today I sat back in nature also all be it in the greenhouse pricking out seedlings.. 🙂
    But I had a wonderful walk on Tuesday with my Granddaughter and saw lots of natures delights…. Gifts which are priceless..
    Love sent to you and yours for a Wonderful Weekend xxx Sue x ❤

  9. Love this post, Suzi. It’s one of the great side effects of getting older; we suddenly give ourselves permission to feel joy at all the little things around us. No need for comparison or permission from anybody. That’s worth some crow’s feet.

  10. A little bit of both.
    Sometimes I just feel like baking chocolate cake, which is not always instant gratification, but sometimes when I feel like just eating it and I can pull it out of the freezer, leftover from the last time I just felt like baking? That’s definitely instant gratification.

    • I love the points you bring out, Becky! Chocolate cake is ALWAYS a winner! Just enjoyed a great weekend in the mountains, and took my mother to the Barrel House 🙂

  11. Very good post as I find important to think about. I love my time daily in the nature, while I walk with my dog. To see and explore all the new, as I did not see yesterday or because the Spring show more new today.

  12. I was warned by friends, “I just don’t see a city girl like you being happy in the country.” Interesting because we absolutely love it out here. There is much to explore for the fulfillment you describe above.

    • It’s funny how well meaning friends really think they know us deep down…I guess they expect us to feel as they do. Just spent a beautiful mountain weekend, and so didn’t want to come back to the city. We are planning to retire to the country, but haven’t set a definite time limit on our plans.

  13. Oh, the things we discover if we’d only slow down and really enjoy our surroundings! It’s hard keep the end goal n focus when there are so many tempting things for instant gratification in the “now.”. Beautiful words and photos. I really love the one with the two bikes.

    • This slowing down thing has been wonderful for me. When I can’t keep up with what I’d like to I don’t allow myself to be swallowed by guilt. I take a deep breath and realize I am happy and let myself slide. Thanks.

  14. What a lovely post and such intriguing question…life has so many dimensions and facets that we keep witnessing with awe and wander with every passage of time. At different stage of life we look at things differently, and perspective of life changes as start facing new things in life. Life is in small things, every moment in our day today life, we can derive lot of pleasure and joy provided we look at life differently, long terms fulfillment are rare and far in between, these small things stimulate us to take up the big things in life.

    • Exactly! These small daily steps we take can lead us to fulfillment. Every choice we make can be one of peace or one of strife. We each hold within us the key to our own fulfillment. Of course, we all choose moments of instant gratification, and even those can be sources of contentment. I strongly believe life is about finding the extraordinary in the ordinary. Thank you so much for taking time to comment on my blog.

      • I fully agree, life is about finding the extraordinary in the ordinary. Though all joy may not be available in the instant gratification and it perhaps may not always be a good idea to expect instant gratification…
        The choice we make matters and it is not an easy proposition, but life many times put us into those test where we are forced to take a decision which we may not like it but we also may get surprised by the results…
        My pleasure and you have a lovely blog and I am enjoying your posts…

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