Amidst Treasure

“Watch with glittering eyes the whole world around you, because the greatest secrets are always hidden in the most unlikely places. Those who don’t believe in the magic will never find it!” — Roald Dahl

Crabtree Falls bridge B&W


There are times we seem to be stuck in a rut. We forget how precious life is. We take people for granted. We lack appreciation for all we have and are able to do. Lately, I’ve been absent from my blog, but I’ve been totally present in life.

These days I am doing little writing. I am busy traveling to visit with loved ones. I’m exploring the neighborhood and beyond, taking in the colors and scents of spring…my spirit is enjoying this, but my allergies disagree, ha! Still taking some photos with my new camera, but not getting any better with post processing, probably because that part of photography is too much like work rather than fun. I’ve made some quilts. I’ve gone on a few outings with friends. Surprisingly enough, I’ve actually been to gatherings AND have lots of fun! (Of course, I did have to go home and have some down time afterward…)

I suppose it sounds like I am indeed in a rut, not doing many new things. When I do things with new eyes or refreshed enthusiasm I find many gems along the way.

Here’s wishing you the opportunity to get out and enjoy this lovely spring day. I hope your spirit is refreshed and your allergies not irritated. And remember when you’re just enjoying yourself and not looking for treasure you’re most likely to find it. Tell me what you’ve been up to.


33 thoughts on “Amidst Treasure

  1. Speaking of allergies! They don’t trouble me much here in VA, but I was a wreck in Arizona last week. The palo verde trees were in bloom and my eyes and nose were running like mad. Actually we all were messes. Who knew you could have allergies out there? Enjoy your Easter weekend, Suzi. Hope it’s a happy one.

    • And I thought Arizona was where everyone went to escape allergies!
      Happy Easter! Ours will not be typical with a family dinner like past years. With our kids living so far away, we’ve opted to hike and eat lunch on the trail! Maybe we’ll see the Easter Bunny!

    • Getting out and about. Spent yesterday at the beach but I didn’t take a single photo…maybe I’ll get some pictures today when we hike…checking out a new nearby park with trails.
      Thank you…it’s a fun and easy cut for the summer though I’m not sure I’ll ever let it grow back out!

  2. It’s a happy thing to find new things to waken our senses. I’ve been luxuriating in my quiet time at home, happy to have taken a trip, and happy to be back in my space.

  3. Looking fine as well as doing fine! Enjoy this time of appreciation and contentment 🙂
    I am heading to Scotland tomorrow to see my mum and family. I’m looking forward to the richness of love and laughter, fresh air and solid ground 🙂

  4. Hi Suzi,
    I am glad you are having a nice change, we all need it to get out of the ‘rut’ and rejuvenate. Sometimes new ideas about people and places enrich our mind. Looking forward to your sharing of those ‘gems’!

  5. Blogging has a way of pulling on out of their present life. I’m happy to hear you’ve been totally present, Suzi.
    Spring has a way of pulling me out of my rut. I love your new haircut and the photo of the bridge. 🙂

    • Romped on the beach yesterday and planning to hit some wood trails today…oh, the fresh air!
      Thank you. I’m liking the short cut. The bridge is at Crabtree Falls in Virginia…exquisite water falls there.

  6. Brava, Suzi! Glad to hear that you’re being totally present and engaged in doing all sorts of things! It doesn’t seem like you’re in a rut at all, you’re just living in the moment and doing what you feel. That’s awesome!

    Isn’t it something how when the seasons change, we often seem to go through changes ourselves?

    “Still taking some photos with my new camera.” Can’t wait to see your photographs! I just got a new camera (today) and can’t wait to get out there and take pictures!

    And speaking of pictures, please tell Dirtman I said, “FANTASTIC photograph!”

    Have a great weekend, my friend. And Happy Easter to you and your family!

    • Happy Easter to you, Ron!
      I will pass on the compliment.
      Went to the beach yesterday but did not take a single photograph…hope to take some today on the trail!

    • We do have colorful seasons in VA and NC, however you might experience the hot thing all over again; all I can say is be happy you don’t have hot flashes!

  7. I’m getting a little better with the post processing, but only what I have to do in order to share particular pictures.
    Allergies are killing me, but I embrace them as a sign of spring. Here’s to doing!

    • I’ve been shooting in raw, so I have to convert anything I want to post on my blog which is a pain in the butt.
      The allergies are worth the arrival of spring…YAY, no more snow for awhile!

  8. Spring has a way of drawing us out of our ruts! We just returned from 12 days in California getting reacquainted with several relatives. Having worked in the computer graphics industry for a good part of my career, I enjoy the post editing where I can do it like I want it! No rules and no boundaries! Wishing you the best of spring.

  9. I’ve found lots of relief by taking Allegra, EVERY DAY!! Of course, we haven’t really hit spring allergy season here in Illinois yet (though the trees and mold have been beastly for weeks on end!!)

    Love your new ‘do, Suzi, and totally agree — changing up one’s routine is an ideal way to develop new perspective, learn to relax, and focus on the things that bring us peace and joy. Here’s to Spring, here’s to Easter!!

    • I don’t get any relief from Allegra, but Zyrtec works for me…As long as I have spring I can forgive the allergies!
      Happy Easter! We’ve spent many Easters at church, egg hunts, and family dinners. With our adult children (and no grandchildren) living so far away, we’ve opted to hit the trails with a packed lunch for a change of pace!

  10. It’s good to have a change of pace. When you get back to writing, you’ll enjoy it more,especially after seeing the world with glittering eyes.

    I just got back from the gym–which was actually very nice since I’ve been putting it off. Something new: I finally bought a smart phone, so now I’m learning how to use it. Tomorrow after church, my sister and I are going for a walk and then out to an early dinner.

  11. This doesn’t sound to be in a rut to me LOL.. as you have been exploring nature and embracing crafts and loved ones…
    Seems we have both had the urge to be creative me as you saw with knitting, and painting.. reading and just BEing.. Isnt that what being ‘Present’ means.. to enjoy the Moment..

    Enjoy your moments of Spring.. I loved the magical bridge.. Keep creating more Magic in your life Suzie.. and know nothing can irritate you!.. 🙂 Love Sue ❤ xxxx

    • Creating is so fulfilling for me. It’s like a scratch to an inner itch!
      It’s a beautiful world when one takes the time to look at it and live in it.
      Blessings to you.

  12. That is an awesome bridge shot! …absent from my blog, but I’ve been totally present in life is a statement I can relate to! Life is so full these days! I was looking at some Dahl quotes the other day. Love the one you chose for this post!

  13. It sounds like you are having a good time and filling your life with worthwhile things to do. Sometimes it is nice to shift our priorities so we can experience life a little differently.

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