The Magic Is Back!

The appearance of things change according to the emotions, and thus we see magic and beauty in them, while the magic and beauty are really in ourselves. ~Kahlil Gibran

2015 Snow


As a child and later as a parent and from the mountains to the sea, snow days held uncontainable delight, energy, and possibility. The anticipation was as magical as the first flakes that melted upon our hot outstretched tongues.

Snow was in the forecast Monday, but I headed out into the bitter wind to meet a friend for lunch. When I left the restaurant I found myself in an extremely long drive through line at Starbucks…and then the magic began. First a few huge flakes drifted by then several small ones splattered across the windshield. When I got home, I grabbed my cups and walked to a neighbor/friend’s house to share some hot chocolate and spend some time together. By the time I left the ground had begun to shift from a dull winter green to a bright blanket of hope.

Most of the night I watched the white softness transform our street. Early the next morning I listened to the tings of ice hitting the tree branches and admired the tall pines glistening beneath a sun whose rays didn’t seem to touch us with warmth. While I’d dreamed of the productivity of an extra day off, I admit I did none of those things. Nor did I go play in the snow or even help with the shoveling. I curled up under a fuzzy blanket for most of the day. I removed myself long enough to make a pot of homemade vegetable beef soup and later to make some awesome homemade hot chocolate. I didn’t read. I didn’t write. I didn’t clean house. I didn’t work on taxes. I did absolutely nothing, and it was wonderful. In fact, it was magical to me because I seldom do absolutely nothing without tagging a bit of guilt upon myself.

We ended up getting about five inches of snow covered with a thick layer of ice. This city is not prepared for snow so it all but shut down. Others might have ventured out, but not us. We had power and food, so we were good.

Last night we watched a movie we missed when it came out several years ago, “Hachi”. I found myself with a knot in my throat and tears pouring down my face. I was a snotty mess. There’s something about dogs (animals, babies, or old people) that hit a deep level in me. This was a beautiful and emotional tale. At any rate, needed or not, I got a good cry.

Did you get a snow day where you live? If you did, what did you do?

Wylie 2015 Snow

45 thoughts on “The Magic Is Back!

  1. Watermelon margs and naps. That’s what we did yesterday. Today, I went down to city hall with my gardening partner and we picked a new community plot for the year, then Edie joined me for my favorite yoga class (which also made me NOT the youngest woman in the room!). There’s more snow in the forecast here for this evening and temps not expected to get above the teens for the next few days, so I suspect we’ll be having a few more snow days.

    • Sounds like a great snow day!
      Looks like your area got hammered again. My mom got a total of about 17 inches, lost power, and pipes froze…things are coming back to normal now.

      • We got about 7 inches before it turned to ice. Edie stepped outside this morning and declared it almost hot out there – it’s 35 degrees. Downright tropical.

      • You guys must have about twenty inches on the ground now with more in tomorrow’s forecast. Yes, I’m sort of over it, but it’s been relaxing at least.

      • I think it’s melted to just a few inches with a nice icy top layer. Yesterday’s rain, while dreary, did help melt at least some of the snow.

  2. A day doing nothing is good for the soul. The movie Hachi did the same thing to me, but any movie where an animal has a problem does that to me. The dog on Downton Abbey has cancer and I’m certain tears will fall when he goes.

  3. Suzi, I loved the way you expressed your thoughts and feelings in this post. BEAUTIFUL!

    “I did absolutely nothing, and it was wonderful.”

    Isn’t it wonderful to do absolutely nothing except be?

    We got snow on Sunday night, which carried over into Monday. We didn’t get a lot, but enough to get me all excited like a little kid. And like you, we had HUGE flakes, almost like confetti falling from the sky 🙂

    I’ve only seen trailers for the movie, Hachi, but would like to watch it. And yeah, it looks like a tearjerker. Plus, I enjoy any movie with Richard Gere.

    Great photographs!

  4. We had a ice day, Suzi and it was wonderful. Like yourself, I had big plans of a productive day at home, but instead, I relaxed too. I even took a nap, something I haven’t done in more than twenty years. Thanks for sharing your lovely day. 🙂

  5. Hi Suzi,

    I love that quote in the beginning of this post, it matches your thoughts and emotions so well articulated! Yes, the magic can only be felt if we stop and linger in the moment, if we forget all that humdrum of life for a while and immerse ourselves in those moments, which bring the joy and the exhilaration…the moments which “flash upon the inward eye and become a bliss of solitude” as Wordsworth had carried in his eye.

    I could savor all those moments through your beautiful words. Thanks for sharing.

  6. The magic and the beauty were inside you. Hot chocolate is the perfect accompaniment to a day at home doing nothing.

    No snow here on the West Coast. We have no excuse for a lazy day at home.

    • The snow is beautiful, but I admit it gets old quickly. No one likes to be “stuck” at home for too long, ha!
      It is certainly hot chocolate weather. I hadn’t had any since last winter and I’ve had it three times this week, must be the snow!

  7. Wylie looks like she’s enjoying the snow, too! We’ve been in the Deep Freeze for a long time now, punctuated by bits of snow off and on. It’s frankly becoming tiresome for me — I’m more than ready for spring flowers, sunshine, and warmth! I enjoyed your take on a snow day, though I’m in the camp that would flog myself over “wasting” an entire 24 hours, ha!!

  8. I love the imagery in your piece, Susan. Doing nothing is sometimes necessary. It gives us a chance to experience stillness. Unfortunately, no snow days in the desert. 😦

  9. Our snow as been and gone and hopefully it will stay gone. I don’t like snow. I don’t think i ever have and i am grateful when it leaves. But it looks very pretty though the window.

  10. No snow in Round Rock just a few icicles about an inch long on our patio railings. But the beauty of you writing took me back to the snowfalls in Missouri. I love the pristine beauty of a fresh snowfall. And now thanks to your beautiful writing I am having the snowfall in my mind. Blessings today , Suzicate.

  11. There is something magical about snowfall. Sharing hot chocolate with a neighbor sounds like a relaxing way to spend it. We had a good amount on new year’s eve, but not much since then. No snow days (which disappoints my kids) but there is a chance of snow later in the week.

    • It was a great day. Remind your kids that those here have to make up all these snow days and who knows how long this last snow will increase their school year!

  12. Suzi, this was also a magical write up.. How beautifully descriptive your writing is.. and Yes snow holds within it the power to cleanse and rejuvenates us as it lays its whiteness over everything.. Hot Chocolate sounded nice… and I see your four-legged loving playing in the snow too..

    Have a wonderful restful week.. and keep warm and stay safe.. Hugs and Blessings your way Suzi..
    Love Sue xxx

    • It is cleansing and rejuvenating. We’ve had even more snow since then. I’ve gotten out a bit and enjoyed it though I will surely welcome some warmer weather.

    • I’m sorry, I can’t help but laugh. Yeah, I’m a little over winter as well…that is after we’ve had yet another snow. However, I did shovel this one and actually enjoyed it; not sure I’ve ever said that before! It was good exercise though I’d rather be paddling down a creek with sunshine on my back!

  13. If one isn’t required to go anywhere in particular, watching the snow fall can be so relaxing. We all need moments like these to really stop and appreciate all of life’s unexpected gifts..

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