Heart Vision

“And now here is my secret, a very simple secret; it is only with the heart that one can see rightly, what is essential is invisible to the eye.” — Antoine de Saint-Exupery

flower field and lake

I used to think I was a peace keeper, and perhaps I am in some ways. However, I find myself wanting to be a fixer. Instead of accepting people and situations as is, I tend to want to repair with words, hugs, whatever is necessary. I introduce new perspectives and possibilities. Sometimes it works out for the best and other times I realize I should have left well enough alone. I’m not talking about big drama, just gentle nudges when I really could have walked away. I think my problem is as an observer I see opportunities of growth I don’t think should be wasted. Is it better to remain a silent observer and allow others to discover things in their own way and time? Or is a catalyst needed to promote needed changes?

I’ve found myself slipping in exercise routines and healthy eating habits. It didn’t just happen overnight. It’s been in the working for the past few years. DirtMan and I have spent many weekends traveling in and out of town tending to family business. We haven’t made time to hike, bike, or canoe like we used to. In doing so we didn’t take up alternate exercise regimes, and we grabbed food on the go at times.

It seems my word “focus” has not been used on what I intended, but has shifted me to personal health; physical, emotional, and spiritual. The one thing I need in my life is balance.

I’ve found by cutting bread from my diet, my fibromyalgia symptoms have disappeared…yay, me! I’m thinking I had gluten intolerance and didn’t know it. I was prompted to do this due to stomach issues, but has helped in other ways such as weight loss. I’m eating many more fresh fruits and vegetables and stopped using most prepackaged foods. I’m making time for exercise. I took a bible study with a friend. I don’t pressure myself to produce but follow my creative urges wherever they lead. Letting go of the stress I put on myself was a great relief.  I feel better physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Oh wow, could it be I’m finding balance?

I think we each intuitively know what we need even if we refuse to acknowledge it. When we act on it, however small, it fills us with personal power and purpose…and we all know peace is all about balance. Invisible as it may appear to us at times, I think the heart’s goal is really joy. And yes, love…always love…

“Love is a force more formidable than any other. It is invisible – it cannot be seen or measured, yet it is powerful enough to transform you in a moment, and offer you more joy than any material possession could.” ~Barbara de Angelis

35 thoughts on “Heart Vision

  1. I have often found myself trying to be – what? A balancer? When someone comments about some instance, I often come up with an alternative, or a reason why – I’m not sure how to explain this. A friend recently made a comment about how he feels about people from other countries with beliefs contrary to his coming here and “trying to take over”. Without thinking, my comment was that the Indians probably felt the same way about the white man way back in the day. This is not the way to win a popularity contest.

  2. It sounds like you’ve definitely found a balance, Suzi. Good for you! I’m happy to hear your fibromyalgia symptoms have subsided. I need to follow your lead and not put so much pressure on myself to produce. Thanks for the reminder.

  3. First, GORGEOUS photograph, Suzi!

    “I think we each intuitively know what we need even if we refuse to acknowledge it. When we act on it, however small, it fills us with personal power and purpose…and we all know peace is all about balance.”

    You’re absolutely right, it’s all about finding balance. And I think we do intuitively know what we need, but it’s just a matter of listening and then acting on it. Isn’t it something how if we even make one step forward, all the rest follows.

    Glad to hear your finding balance and feeling so well, my friend 🙂


    P.S. love both quotes!

  4. ‘Opportunities of growth shouldn’t be wasted.’…love that observation, which lies at the heart of growth and which forms an essential part of our life experiences. This post is a big nudge for all those who procrastinate and look for excuses to accomplish even little acts of finding the right footholds!
    Thanks for the reminders, Suzi.

  5. Something about the way you write makes me feel peaceful.

    You ask: “Is it better to remain a silent observer and allow others to discover things in their own way and time? Or is a catalyst needed to promote needed changes?” I think we never know. We can make gentle suggestions and provide opportunities, but people tend to make changes when they’re ready. And as you say, “we each intuitively know what we need.”

    Congratulations on having the self-discipline to make the changes in your diet that have made you feel better.

  6. You’re the second person I know who has fibro. Glad your change in diet has resulted in some benefits!

    Suzi, this is a lovely post (and the photo is stunning!). Balance really is key, and in our busy world, it’s often hard to find. And keep! “Joy” is one of those things we all want and need. while each of us finds it in different places, it’s available if we’ll only keep our eyes open for it. Happy Valentine’s weekend to you and yours!

  7. I have heard that about bread. The theory is that our bodies haven’t changed since creation and when we were created, we didn’t eat wheat. It wasn’t grown. We lived off what they could hunt and what was in the ground. It makes sense. Good to know it helped you! Our heart is a true guide and won’t take us down the wrong path. If only, we took its direction more often! Sounds like you are doing well with that. Congrats. 🙂

  8. Good for you on self-diagnosing and realizing you need to cut our gluten! I’m sure that will make a lot of difference. I absolutely love the photo. The blues and lavenders are so calming. Think I’ll just stare at it the rest of the afternoon! Hope you have a wonderful weekend and Happy Heart Day to you and yours.

    • Actually, my niece is a holistic practitioner and suggested I give up bread due to my stomach issues. After giving it up, I decided to cut gluten completely from my diet…and what a wonderful difference it is making.
      I love that photo. The hubby took it when he moved our youngest out to the Chicago area.
      I wish you and yours a lovely Heart Day as well!

  9. Amazing post Suzie.. and overcoming the symptoms of Fibro is not easy.. being a former sufferer in constant pain and fatigue..
    Isn’t it strange how we who know often slip away from our path.. I neglected my meditation exercises for a time straight after retiring from my job in August of last year.. One that I have now got back into..

    My own stomach has been giving me problems too, and I can not tell you how wide I smiled as only this week I bought gluten free bread.. in a bid to see if I can help heal the symptoms… Plus I have put myself on Green smoothies, nuts for protein and eating lots more fruit. Although I have always eaten fresh veggies and fruit..

    And imagine my smile getting broader as I nod in agreement of wanting to help others with words and Hugs.. I am what everyone knows as a huge Huger LOL.. in fact I can squeeze people to death! LOL.. 😀

    Many thanks…. We have much in common.. 🙂 Blessings Sue

  10. “It is only with the heart that one can see rightly.” This is such an interesting concept and one which I believe firmly. Have you ever noticed how when you grow to love a person, they suddenly become so beautiful? Good for you in changing your diet and reaping the rewards. I’m doing the same – at least in amount consumed – and am picking up my steps. It is the best stress reliever of all to get out and move.

    • Yes! Love makes everything and everyone more beautiful!
      I am feeling so much better. Picking up my steps is almost an obsession! Decided to invest in an exercise bike/eliptical trainer to take up the slack, ha!

  11. Loved the post. Finding balance is so difficult. Things that create that delicate position are so dynamic that as we achieve it, we often need a seriously adjustment. Balance is so desirable and in such flux. My human read your post and commented that being a “fixer” was a great, and often unrecognized, effort. As Norman Maclean wrote in “A River Runs Through It,” Often those who need what we have to give are unwilling to accept it. (not exact) The art and reward is in continuing to try.

  12. I have a bread addiction, if there is such a thing. With IBS (tmi?) issues eating salad and fresh fruits are, oh, my, a bit of a gamble. Yes, I had to look up an alternative to crap shoot : ) Good for you on the improved habits!

  13. I love that you found what works for you, Susan. Balance can mean different things for people and sometimes half the battle is trying to define what is best for you.

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