In Tune With Life

“When you’re in tune in with life you will find yourself doing everything at the right time. All you have to do to get into tune is take time to go into the silence to find your direct contact with Me. This is why those times of peace and stillness are so vitally important for you, far more important than you realize. A musical instrument, when it is out of tune, creates discord; you, when you are out of tune, do the same. A musical instrument has to be kept in tune; you, too, have to keep yourself in tune, and you cannot do it unless you take time to be still. It cannot be done when you are rushing around anymore than a musical instrument can be tuned while it is being played. It is in the silence that the notes can be heard and be readjusted. It is in the silence that you can hear My voice, and I can tell you what to do.” ~ Eileen Caddy


One of the things I enjoy most about my home is the abundance of wildlife in my yard, especially the cardinals. We have several sets that hang out in our yard. Yes, they usually travel in pairs, probably because they mate for life. Anyway, they tended to hang out in the Rose of Sharon tree in our back yard.

We had to remove the tree last year as it had become diseased. I feared my lovely red bird friends would stop visiting. They took up on other tree branches, and began to visit the front yard more often. This got me thinking about life, disease, focus, and change. It requires being in tune to be “whole healthy”.  Are you physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually well balanced? Are there particular areas you tend to neglect? Do you focus on one area more than the others? How do you know when one has slipped?

I am as guilty as anyone else in allowing areas of my life to slip out of balance. Fortunately, I usually notice something is awry and follow my intuition in restoring equilibrium. Last night I felt more tired than usual. My food had not been digesting well which led to a bit of discomfort. In response I took a probiotic which in the past has resulted in this same scenario.  In general I have to keep small amounts of food on my stomach throughout the day to curtail that off feeling. Everything I ate resulted in nausea followed by dizziness. My intention here is not to whine as I’m actually going somewhere with this. I ended up going to bed early. Very early, like seven thirty. I woke up this morning feeling great, well rested and stomach mostly back to normal. Apparently, the first thing my body needed was rest. However, the indigestion issues signal a few changes in diet for me…

It all comes down to awareness of components of self. I need and desire balance. I am willing to step out of my comfort zone to focus on my areas of need. Now, what does this have to do with the cardinals in my yard?  They stretched their wings…so can I. How about you? Are you will to work on any diseased areas of your life?


21 thoughts on “In Tune With Life

    • I love cardinal, so pretty!
      Feeling so much better. My niece is a nutritionist, and she gave me many pointers to take into consideration to get these issues under way. I feel better already!

  1. When I’m feeling “off kilter,” the first thing I focus on is getting a Good Night’s Sleep. Often that restores the balance. Glad that did the trick for you.

    I’m focusing on simplifying eating habits at the moment ~ shopping, preparation, and eating. After a bit too much indulging over the holidays, I’m looking forward to smaller meals and better balance.

    And loved that quote at the outset ~ in stillness, we find ourselves waiting.

    • It’s amazing what sleep can do, not to mention getting more nutritionally sound.
      I indulged way too much as well, Nancy. Time to get back to better eating habits.
      That is a great quote…google sometimes leads me to some wise words!

  2. I am a work in progress, constantly.
    I find indigestion is a sign of not enough sleep, not enough water or a sign in general that I’m off kilter. The first thing I reach for at the first sign of indigestion is my water bottle.

  3. Suzi, I love that quote in using the analogy of a musical instrument….

    “A musical instrument, when it is out of tune, creates discord; you, when you are out of tune, do the same. ”

    And you’re right, it all comes down to “awareness.” I can always tell when I’m out of tune because my thoughts go haywire; focusing only on the problem, not the solution. And it’s only after taking the time (through mediation or even sitting in the park to realign myself with “light”, do I feel in tuned again. Nature has such a way of doing that for me.

    Love the photograph of the cardinal!


    • Thanks so much.
      I clicked on the link and it took me to the Thursday’s poetry parking lot. Is this you, Jingle?
      Yes, I’m still writing. My poetry, mostly all haiku and photography, is on my other site.

  4. Yes our body is very good at telling us when there is something wrong, but we need to take the time to listen and then to do something about it. Glad you are feeling better.

  5. Our bodies usually tell us what we need….if we will stop and listen. Mine usually tells me to sleep! But I don’t listen. Love the cardinal shot. We haven’t had as many this year at our feeders.

  6. Listening and having the awareness to make a change is important in trying to discover what makes you feel balanced. Over the years, I’ve learned balance is different things for different people. Finding what doesn’t work for you is just as important as determining what keeps you whole.

  7. Balance is a challenge. Something I constantly have to work on. I love my yard and the “wild life”, too. We have had a lot of birds lately. I put peanuts out for squirrels and lately I have been certain to step on a handful or two to create “little bird” food. The blue jays and squirrels have no problem cracking the shells, but some of the birds have such little beaks. So I’ve been helping them out and they have been showing up in full force! Plus, right now, our Christmas tree is out there and they are enjoying it. They hop in and out and all around the branches. Glad your body just (primarily) needed rest!

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