The Path

“Not I, nor anyone else can travel that road for you. You must travel it by yourself. It is not far. It is within reach. Perhaps you have been on it since you were born, and did not know.  Perhaps it is everywhere – on water and land.”  ― Walt Whitman, Leaves of Grass


“I see my path, but I don’t know where it leads. Not knowing where I’m going is what inspires me to travel it.” – Rosalia de Castr


There are times we fumble and fall, and there are times we stumble and stall.

There are days we fail and days we sail.

Whether someone picks us up or we get up on our own, the lesson is there to learn.

No matter how much we plan or what we think we know we can never be certain of the path’s destination.

I get excited about life and take off too quickly, many times not watching where I’m going, and I end up stubbing my toes or shins. My habit was to scream or whine a bit as I shook it off. I’ve started recognizing the pain for what it is, simply a wave of discomfort. Knowing it is temporary, I allow it to move through me and release from my body. The weird thing is when I do this it seems to be over much quicker. I’m trying to learn to use this same technique when I feel guilty for things I have or have not done or said. Ruminating does not change the past, but it can hold us prisoner to the offense.

Life is a path of constant change. We’re not always happy for the direction it takes. And sometimes, it’s not really about us. People we love encounter changes neither they nor we can control, and we feel as if we are traversing an obstacle course in the dark. These are the times we rely on faith to get us where we are going. When answers evade us, love steps up and leads the way.

Life requires a bit of athletic prowess. The path will always contain roots, sticks, and stones. It requires scuttling, jumping, kicking and pushing, scooting under and over, and even walking farther to get around obstacles. (I’ve even been known to run a time or two without being chased!)

Since there is no solid map of this path, the best resource for navigation is the heart.

23 thoughts on “The Path

  1. That Walt Whitman quote reminds me of: “No one saves us but ourselves. No one can and no one may. We ourselves must walk the path.” ~ The Buddha

    I have had the same experience ~> Pain gets my attention. If I just allow it to be, it doesn’t stick around for long.

    • Physical pain gets my attention, but emotional pain sometimes sneaks up on me. It shows up and invades often before I recognize it for what it is. When I am aware of it I am able to examine it for what it is and why I’m feeling it, and those are the times I feel I learn the most about myself. Often times admitting I allow things to happen is the most humbling lesson of all.

  2. Suzi, I LOVE this post!!!!!

    “No matter how much we plan or what we think we know we can never be certain of the path’s destination. Life is a path of constant change. Since there is no solid map of this path, the best resource for navigation is the heart.”

    Amen. A-MEN!

    And I adore that first quote from Walt Whitman!

    Thanks for sharing, my friend!

  3. This is really DEEP, Suzi. I, too, have a tendency to start off gang-busters, then fail to see the thing through to completion (perhaps that’s why I enjoy beading jewelry so much — a project is “complete-able” in one sitting, usually!). You’ve made excellent points, and I especially resonate with “These are the times we rely on faith to get us where we are going. When answers evade us, love steps up and leads the way.” Happy almost-New Year!

    • I fail to complete much of what I start. Hopefully, I can make some positive changes this year…and that in itself may change my direction! Happy almost New Year to you, Debbie!

    • Change has always been difficult to me as I’ve always liked the security of familiarity and schedules…now, I’m beginning to view change with an air of excitement rather than apprehension.

  4. Hi Suzi,
    Yes, we have to travel alone! Whenever we face the roadblocks, we wonder why is life so tough, why do we have to face a new challenge everyday, why can’t it be smooth sailing?
    Nobody answers our questions. We have to figure out the answers.
    Sometimes a light within us enlightens us but many times we end up into darker tunnels, fighting the obscure paths to comprehend our desires and goals.
    Some disappointments, some frustrations and disillusionments become a part of our journey but it has its moments of exhilaration, which keeps us going.

  5. I may not always be able to chose the path i have to walk, but i am grateful for friends who take the time to walk with me and help me over the tricky bits and rub my bruises better when i stumble. x

  6. Being one, always having been one, who embraces the unknown destination, I love the familiarity of the thoughts in this post. Going with what is. Figuring it out as we go. Yes and yes. That’s how we stumble into a new year, isn’t it? It’s how we move through each and every day, really. We may THINK we’re in control, but really, we’re just bumbling (hopefully merrily) along. Happy New Year!

    • It really is how we move through each day even if we think otherwise! I learned long ago I’m not in control though I’ve always liked to think I was. I’m just getting used to this exciting feeling of stepping into the unknown.

  7. I love the sentiments you describe about the unknown. So much is uncertain, but at the same time so much of it is ours. We always have the ability to massage our reactions. Important musing. Thank you.

  8. I’ve had many false starts and wrong turns. And I’ve done my share of whimpering and whining as I dust myself off to try again. Great advice to follow the heart. Hope you had a happy start to the new year!

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