Night Lights And Small Town Charm

Dirt Man and I did a bit of night shooting. Both photos are taken from the Portsmouth boardwalk. The first one shows Norfolk Waterside. The second is a stitch of two shots, Portsmouth shipyard and the boardwalk.



Aside from the photography lesson, I took away these two tidbits: We can often see two perspectives and neither are where we are at the moment. Even when no one notices us, we still shine from the very spot we inhabit.

My camera has an HDR setting. Here are a few shots taken in Smithfield. DirtMan took these…he likes my camera, too!




27 thoughts on “Night Lights And Small Town Charm

    • Me, too. It’s such a quaint little town with these really cool old Victorian homes. This town is the home of Gwaltney, so it’s no surprise it has decorated pig statues; and on this street is the “Sweet Swine of Avon”-a tribute to Shakespeare as they have a chapter in their town.

    • It is fabulous! Not sure if you can see it in this photo, but in the upper right corner there is a pig on the road outside the fence, looks like he’s running away! You should see the decorated pigs throughout the town!

    • Thanks! The mural has lots of tiny bits one would miss at a glance, like the pig running down the road outside the fence on the upper right, and I think a deer on the left side.

  1. Suzi, I LOVE the mural! It awesome!

    And that first photograph of the lights reflected in the water is STUNNING!


    Well done, my friend. WELL done! 🙂

  2. Hasn’t photography come a long way just in the past few years, Suzi?? Domer’s baby photos look faded, grainy, and amateurish now, though they were taken with good cameras for the time. I love your night photos — the reflection on the water is so striking! — and the murals!

  3. I love the glimmers in the night shots. Exquisite. I’ve always had trouble capturing pictures at night so your photos give me some renewed inspiration to try an attempt it again.

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