The Little Rocket That Couldn’t

DirtMan and I hustled to the oceanfront in hopes of getting some great photos of the Antares rocket launch. Though launch was at Wallops Island, we knew we could get a glimpse from Virginia Beach.  He chose the 13th street locale so we could include the pier in our shots. We quickly set up with only a few minutes to spare. We heard a loud boom and assumed it was some Navy training since they were flying in the vicinity. We waited until the ten minute window was over, assuming the launch had been cancelled again. A passerby informed us of the epic fail, telling us of the explosion upon launch. At least, it was a beautiful evening to be at the beach…the air was warm with a slight breeze, salty scent of the ocean…








24 thoughts on “The Little Rocket That Couldn’t

  1. Well, at least you two enjoyed your outing, even if you didn’t get the shots you were hoping for! I love being beach side — the water and waves, the sand and salty smells, all seem to complete me.

  2. That’s the first thing I asked my husband “was anyone in that rocket?!” Whew, thankfully no.

    My Aunt sold her house on Smith Mountain Lake and bought a house on the Rappahannock river – have you heard of that river?

  3. Very pretty pictures. I was so happy to see reports saying “unmanned” rocket. I was glad no one was in it. Then I was sad. Such a sad waste _ $200 MILLION in supplies up in flames. The article I read said that they don’t even know the dollar figure for the damage of everything else (launch pad, etc.). But the 5000+ lbs of cargo had the $200 MIL price tag. And what about the people needing those supplies? Such a bummer the whole thing.

  4. GORGEOUS photographs, Suzi! That one of the boat out in the ocean is STUNNING! And so is the one of the moon!

    I love going to beach around this time of the year because it’s not crowded, so you can really enjoy the peace and serenity.

    Thanks for sharing, my friend!

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